Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Masses to do today....

First off we must go and pay for Lacy's storage facility before we can get her stuff out of there this weekend.

Then she needs contents insurance when she moves into the house, so we will go to the AA, they have fair prices.

And power!  The house actually has the power on, but it needs the meter read and Lacy needs to choose a power provider.

After that, I need to buy curtain tracks for the two bedrooms, to hang the two sets of curtains on that I won at auction last night:

 ABOVE:  curtains for Lacy's room...

ABOVE:  curtains for Miss Muppet's room.

I got both sets for $40 all up.  And I have my eye on three matching curtains/blinds for Lacy's lounge/dining room.... hoping like hell I get them as they are really nice.

Lacy has just spent almost an hour trying to get a power company to provided her with power.  *sigh*  It is sorted now, thank goodness.

Now we can go do what we have to this morning....

Righty ho.... storage sorted, pick up all her stuff by sunday night.
Bought two curtain tracks... done.
Bought more towels... done.

Home and watching me latest curtain auction... it's for a roman blind for her lounge and matching curtains for her french doors.
If I miss out on these, I have me eye on another set on Trademe too.

Almost lunch time... going to have a toasted sandwich me thinks....


Wooo hoooo !  I won my latest curtain auction, and Lacy and I have already been out and collected them, and bought another curtain track for the french doors in the lounge.

ABOVE: And there they are.  Big roman blind for the big window in the lounge, and drapes for the french doors.  A bit 'gaudy', but they are really good quality, and the perfect fit for the lounge.  While there seems to be masses of curtains for sale on Trademe, so many of them are the wrong size.  So I feel lucky to have found matching ones for the lounge.

All we need now is one for the dining room, which is an extention of the lounge, so a plain curtain in either blue or lilac is what I'm hunting for now! 

End of Day:  a crazy busy day, but again, we got lots done.  Very happy.
ON TRACK:  nope, too busy means bad food choices.
nite nite.


  1. All gong to plan , mum ?

    My grandson gets the keys to a brand new council house tomorrow , a new build . Happy day for Russell , Stacy and Evie Lea aged 7 months

  2. Curtains look great - gotta love a bargin on Trade Me!
    Enjoy your day - fingers crossed the rain stays away!
    Congrats to Lacy and hope all goes well in her new place

  3. Great curtains! You're very resourceful. Lacy is lucky to have you!

  4. Ack. I wish I had half your energy!!!... I hope Lacy appreciates all you are doing for her. xxx

  5. Well done Chris on the cutains!
    Good luck with last lot!

  6. Well done Chris on the cutains!
    Good luck with last lot!

  7. Anonymous4:07 PM

    On a roll. House looks great. Not sure about the trees at the back blocking the light maybe. Are the carpets ok or do they need a clean?
    Now need to hire a bloody trailer again me thinks
    Beers are on Lacy!!!
    Mary H

  8. Gosh you gals are getting a LOT accomplished!I bet you feel like you are in a "whirl-wind"! Hope Lacy continues with her good health.

    OOO Steve and BEx are going to "hatch" too!!!!!!!!!! How exacting ! Now he will have his own little angel to "wrap-him-around-her little finger! How exciting.

  9. Good to hear the housing situation has sorted it self out. Congrats on all the babies. You are such a busy bee.

  10. Anonymous1:34 AM

    Very happy to hear plans are coming together for Lacy. Sounds like you 2 have been very busy with the utilities and curtains. I like the curtains myself. And lord knows, you love color!! It'll look grreat!! ...debbie

  11. Nice curtains it is all falling into place............... I like the bright colours.


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