Saturday, February 04, 2012


The sun that is.
Cos if it's a nice day we want to go to the beach.. all of us.
Bex isn't a beach baby... but I'm sure she will enjoy a day out with all of us at the beach... picnic... swimming... bla bla bla.

So, here's hoping it's going to be nice and fine.

It would make a change for sure.

This has been one of the most crap summers I can remember!  It has rained almost EVERY other DAY since before Christmas!

I've been out in the sun ONCE.  
I have been swimming ONCE.
And I'm a true water baby.
I love swimming.

So, fingers crossed.

We want to go up to Omaha/Matheson Bay/Goat Island.  Swim with the fish.

ABOVE:  The Kaipara Cat.
Did I ever tell you I found out that my Dad's last fishing boat was now owned by a couple up in Helensville, and they do fishing charters on the Kaipara Harbour?  
Anyway, I have corresponded with them, just to say how nice the boat is looking... and they offered to take us out on the boat sometime.  I declined,  as the charter fees are about $1,000 a day!
Would you believe they have offered to take us out FOR FREE!!!
I have replied with a resounding... OMG YES PLEASE!   Waiting now to see what happens!

Also, they mentioned that they knew lots about what my Dad did to overhaul the boat, including making a 'special' toilet seat for the head.  Only, the seat was not on the boat when they bought it.


 ABOVE:  I HAVE IT!....  I removed it when my Dad died, cos It was something special he had made and felt proud of.

ABOVE:  My Dad set crabs into it!  It's rather 'unique'.   I plan on giving it to them so they can put it back where it belongs.  I know that they will appreciate it very much.

ONWARD... the day awaits.

It ain't shining.
Everyone slept in.
In fact, Steve and Bex are still in bed (10.30)

So... the beach is not going to happen.
We are now thinking of a train trip into town and a ferry over to Devonport.
We shall see...

The trains were not running today, so we drove downtown and caught the ferry over to Devonport and had lunch there:

 ABOVE:  a very nice ship berthed in Auckland...

ABOVE X's 3:  Steve and Bex...

ABOVE: lunch down by the water.... lots of birds.  The pigeons were particularly 'friendly'....

ABOVE:  Steve and Griffin got lots of fun out of the pigeons!  

ABOVE: Bex wasn't so sure about them... they kept slipping on her knees and digging their claws in ...

ABOVE:  The boys having fun.  The lady in the background was taking photos of them too.

ABOVE:  Stew got in on the act too.  Brylee didn't like them at all, so stayed clear.

 ABOVE:  Griffin on the other hand, absolutely LOVED them.

After returning to the city, we drove along the waterfront, took in some nice scenery, then had an ice cream at the Movenpik shop in Mission Bay.

Home now... rather tired!  Hoping the family don't want much for dinner as I sure don't!

End of Day: Stew cooked dinner.  Potato wedges and chicken drumsticks.  Nice.
Steve and Bex have gone to the movies.... quiet night in for us.  How usual.
ON TRACK:  sort of.
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:18 AM

    I bet they never thought the toilet seat would return, I love stories like this. What a kind gesture you are making. Its nice to be nice and I bet you will be so glad when you and your family enjoy their hospitality. Your dad must have had a great sense of humour!
    Chris x

  2. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Thats a treasure! I would be keeping it and putting it on my own toilet, then you can pass it on to one of the kids one day! WOMBAT

  3. Interesting toilet seat, moons ago I had a co worker who claimed he 'got crabs' off a toilet seat. (maybe he had been on your fathers boat) lol. Up until today I always thought his story was a very creative explanation for 'his little problem' but maybe it was true after all. : - )

  4. I love that sentimental stuff. Giving it back to them is such a beautiful sentiment for getting a day on your dad's boat. Win win.

  5. The crabs! That is so great! You are always so great at giving the *perfect* gift! :)

  6. How wonderful of you Chris to give the toilet seat back-it must mean so much to you.
    Love the photos of the guys with the pigeons-you have some really good shots. Looks like you had fun.

  7. Jessica would be shitting a brick if the birds landed on her like that. She has major bird phobia haha.

  8. Anonymous7:32 PM

    Clearly the males in yr family attract the odd bird, lol! Looks like it was a fun family day out. Cheers Glenys

  9. How cool those pigeons and Griffin, Bex looks so happy and smiley Oh it could be her choice in men your son infact! Your dads toilet seat what a hoot!

  10. You do look a lovely close family . Good lookers too .And you are into summer (albeit the odd rainy day.
    It was 11 below here last night . The fish pond had frozon on top of the previous days and was a solid 3" thick. When this happens the fish lose water , it just runs off the top of the ice . I was out there this morning making a hole with hot water so the fish could breathe .

  11. Elaine Paintly4:00 AM

    How odd to save a toilet seat as a 'souvenir'. Makes me cringe slightly to know that I am saving a used toilet seat, even if my dad would have made it, but still, maybe I'm the odd one round here!! Sorry don't mean to offend you or your dad.

  12. O Chris,
    I LOVE that toilet seat! I had a friend who made restaurant tables with that method . It always Amazes me to see how talented people can be. I do hope you get to take a ride on your Dad's boat again.

    Loved the pictures of the pigeons !That is 3 sweet fellows that you have in your life & they are lucky to have you taking care of them -making memories that will never be forgotten.


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