Tuesday, February 28, 2012


As I mentioned last night, Griffin was ill yesterday... and started vomiting last night at dinner time:

 ABOVE:  can anyone tell me WHY kids always manage to vomit all over the floor???   If you feel like you are gunna vomit, why don't ya get up and spew in the loo... or the sink???  
At least after he christened the carpet ( AND my white minky blanket), he used a big bowl.

ABOVE: evidence of a good weekend!  Beach = lots of towels.  Visitors = even more towels.
Yaaaa to getting it all washed and dry though.

Today:  not sure yet... it will depend on how Griffin is feeling when he gets up.  If he is feeling better, it will be off to school for him.  If  not... then another day at home ...   and I won't be going out anywhere.
That's not a bad thing I suppose.

The thing is... I have a $70 loyalty voucher from Strandbags to spend.... and it expires in a few days.  While I am remembering it... I really should use it.  Otherwise I'm bound to forget and then lose the $70.  I have a memory like a sieve right now.  Probably age.  Or just too much on me mind.  I've been thinking I need a notebook and pen hanging around me neck so I can write stuff down when I think of it.... it's that bad sometimes!

Anyone else got that problem?  


So, Griffin will stay home today, he is still feeling seedy.  AND... so am I now.   My tummy hurts and moving around causes waves of nausea to hit.  GREAT.

I got Brylee off to school (Steve dropped her off for me) then I did the sensible thing, and went back to bed!
And I slept.
Until 12.20 in the afternoon!
Hells Bells, I must have needed it.
Got up, had a couple of dry heaves (ever so awful) and now... just taking it easy.  Tummy physically HURTS.

Griffin looks like he's almost over it... I might see if he wants to eat something, that should be the best gauge on how he's feeling.
That kids loves his food!

I've had several people ask me what camera I have.  It's a Panasonic FZ 100.  It does take good photos.... but you have to take HEAPS in succession to get one or two awesome ones!  I am not a very good photographer.... I want to go to a photography class to learn how to use more of my camera's features.  

Griffin and I are feeling a bit better... him much more than me.  I am a lot better than I was this morning though.
We picked Brylee up from school as it was raining cats 'n' dogs again.  Stupid weather,  can't make up it's mind what it's doing.
We had a really good thunderstorm last night... hope we get another one!

I cooked pork chops for dinner.. and I even ate some... not that I really felt like it, but I kept thinking it would be better to throw up SOMETHING than dry heave!

No Weight Watchers tonight, it would be a bit unfair of me to go and pass on this tummy bug.
Even if it does help us lose weight!  NOT the nicest way to do that.

End of Day:  well it hasn't been the best of days, that's for sure!
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:36 AM

    I hope Griffin's illness is short lived. It is weird that they just don't get up - but instead wait to see if it's really gonna happen! lol Aaaah, kids will be kids. Gotta love em!! ...debbie

  2. I have your problem too. I have bought myself a notebook and pen for my handbag and it has come in very very useful.I am older than you but I don't think it is all age related, I think it has a huge amount to do with the amount of stuff we need to remember anyway. After all who else would remember anything!!
    PS Your photography is amazing the beach action shots especially. What camera are you using???

  3. Oh no Chris - hope you aren't getting his bug! - Hope you feel better soon

  4. One time I got the flu and lost 13 lbs. I was so excited! Haha. I lost the remaining weight I was trying to lose. That was so long ago though. It's definitely one way to lose weight. I always throw up in the toilet but kids always do it in the worst places.

  5. Hope you both feel better soon. Can you contact Strandbags and get an extention on the loyalty voucher?

  6. Bugga griffin must be sharing his bugs .. take care chris and it may be your body saying have a rest day :)

  7. Not nice being sick, hope that passes REALLY quickly as its the pits.

    I need one of those notebooks too as I'm forgetting all sorts at the moment. I was given a voucher at christmas for a delish full brunch for two (valued at $45) and completely forgot to use it before the expiry at the end of Jan which I was kicking myself over as I wasted a gift and didn't get to go out to brunch.

  8. ohhh no Chris, hope your're not getting Griffin's illness, it doesn't sound good.

    Take care xx

  9. Put the voucher on the fridge door so you see it and highlight the expiry date

  10. Uh oh. Funny how you always seem to catch the tummy bugs the kids get!

    Hope things get better very quickly. :)

  11. Oh dear sick children sore tummies not a good sign I do hope everyone gets better quick, weather is turning nasty so now we will have days of rain GREAT!

  12. Anonymous12:10 PM

    I am home for the 2nd day with two sick kids. I don't really know what to do with myself and can't be bothered weeding the garden.

  13. Oh dear, that's not good news. There is yet another tummy bug going around down here too.

    I put my things to remember on my phone under Memo's or you can put it in your calender then you get a reminder. Be lost without it. I even put my shopping list in there (but there is only Me.

  14. I hope you dont get the bug! I hate tummy bugs..especially when they go through the household. Great photos.. looks like you have a great camera...

  15. Hate tummy bugs hope you are all feeling better soon :)

  16. Oh Dear I hope you & Griffin get better & no one else gets sick.

    We will remind you every day to use your voucher so you can't forget.

  17. Stomach bugs are the worst. At least they get over with fairly quickly. That doesn't make vomiting any nicer though.

    Even if my kids feel slightly sick they are confronted with a bucket and towel. Floor vomit is disgusting!

  18. Aww you poor thing I hate being sick.
    Those towels reminds me of our DAILY towel load lol
    not sure why but I love folding towels ... I know nutter eh
    Feel better soon

  19. Forgetfullness.. Yep, get that. I write a note if I need to remember something! I also keep a computer diary as well.

    Funny your comment to me about explaining myself. You know what the breast feeding nazis are like... don't want anyone seeing a bottle and going crazy :)

  20. Memory like a sieve... LOL that's me, too! Glad I'm not alone on that one! Hope you both are feeling much better soon! We've had some kind of bug around here, too, that seems to last forever. No fun! :o(

    (I wanted to check and let you know, that no you don't have word verification set on here. Yay!)

  21. OH- the only thing worse than cleaning up puke is cleaning up puke when you are sick... get well soon!

  22. I remember as a kid, that I'd get sick and puke without knowing beforehand it was going to happen. I think all kids are like this. Then we grow up, and lose the wonderful gift of spontaneous power puking.

  23. Hope your all better soon. Glad to see you managed to have a fun time before the sickness hit.

  24. Awww sweetie - get well soon!

  25. i feel your pain. last week my son vomited in the kitchen sink...

    ... while i was doing the dishes...

  26. Poor Griffin. And poor you. So sorry everyone is feeling icky. Hopefully school stuff is all squared away by now. Your selection for "Muppet" is really impressive!! :)


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