Sunday, February 12, 2012


The Lions club up in Helensville (about an hour out of Auckland) hold this local event every year. It involves up to 2,000 red and white (artificial) roses being released into the river and the first 6 that float over the line win a prize.  People 'buy' a numbered rose and the proceeds go towards local charities.

So, this happened yesterday, and thanks to the new owners of the Kaipara Cat, we went !
The Kaipara Cat was the boat responsible for taking the roses out and releasing them.

How did this come about?
Well.  I contacted the owners of the Kaipara Cat some time ago to let them know how much the boat meant to me.  It was the last boat my Dad owned before he died.
Anyway.. yesterday Tony (owner) rang and said we were welcome to come on a Day Trip on the boat next Saturday... and of course I said yes!
Then I told him we would go up that afternoon  for a 'recky' to see how long it would take to get there next Saturday.

Well, when he heard we were going up that day, he invited us to join them to release the roses.  So we did!

We had a really lovely couple of hours on the boat:

ABOVE: the boat on the Kaipara River.... 

 ABOVE: the local Coastguard crew kept an eye on proceedings, and the girls in the kayaks had to gather up all the roses after the event.

ABOVE: leaving the wharf with the roses on board... quite a crowd gathered to watch...

ABOVE:  Two Lions officials releasing the roses into the river...

 ABOVE: they looked really pretty drifting down the river.

 ABOVE: heading back ....

ABOVE: Brylee talking to Tony... it made me a bit sad because if my Dad hadn't died,  he would have been at the helm.  Brylee was born 2 months after my Dad's death, so he never knew her or any of my Grandchildren.

ABOVE: Tony revved it up for a short distance on the river.. it was neat!  The smell of the sea, and the outboard motors really made me feel like I was 'at home'.  I have really missed being out on a fishing boat...

ABOVE: Tony, he's reminds me of my Dad, an old sea dog!  I really liked him.  Can't wait until next weekend when we go FISHING!

OH and... I gave them the 'original' toilet seat that once belonged on the boat.  They loved it!

After we left Helensville we went and had a look at Murawai Beach... and the Gannet Colony... but I am going to save those photos for tomorrow as there is quite a few on here already.

TODAY:  well after the excitement of yesterday I would be happy to do bugger all today!  
I might get Stew to bring down all our photos from the loft so I can go through them and see if I can find more photos of the boat for Tony and Julie (his partner).  They are really keen to know more about the boat's history.

And there is some housework needing to be done... so better pull finger and make a start on the day!


Not a lot of housework is happening!  We are just chilling out today... trying to ignore the housework in fact.
I always find I get more done on my own on Monday!
Been on Facebook a bit more lately, finding old friends.  It has it's uses after all!

so... went down to the mall to look at a new phone.  Mine keeps dying too early... think it's not charging properly.  MY GOD, the choices now!  I just need a phone that I can use as a camera sometimes and make calls and texts on.  Came home confused.  Might just go pre-pay and then I am only paying the bare minimum and am not locked into a fixed term?  dunno.  Too many options.

It has rained on and off all day, but still warm.  
Stoopid summer weather.

End of Day:  I cooked lamb chops in thick mint sauce for dinner... OMG... delicious.  Kids have just gone to bed.... peace at last. 
ON TRACK: yep.... sort of!
nite nite


  1. That's really sweet - glad you had a great time.


  2. How wonderful that you were able to be on your Dad's old boat. It was very sweet of you to give them the toilet seat!

  3. What a special day:-) I loved the fact the kids could be on your dad's boat.

  4. Wow! What a fabulous special day for you and the kids! Am sure the Tony and Julie would really appreciate any old photos of the boat etc and it's history!

  5. How great that you got to get reaquainted with your dad's must have been pretty emotional for you.

  6. Anonymous2:56 PM

    How wonderful that you got a chance to ride on your dad's boat. I'm sure it was a bittersweet ride. That would be hard for anyone. What a nice gift! the original potty seat!! How did you come by to have it? That was sweet of you to give it to them....debbie

  7. What an awesome day. How cool for them to invite you.

  8. She certainly is a beautiful boat. I know one part of you enjoyed it & probably one part of you wished it could be your Dad at the helm -sharing it with you & his great-grandkids. ( I believe that he keeps an eye on you anyway) :-)

    The roses were so pretty - that is a neat event!Brylee seemed to enjoy the trip. Tony really does seem like a sweetie.

  9. Wow what a neat day you had and what a lovely boat glad you had a wonderful day.

  10. This post kind of got to me because my youngest daughter only met her grandfather once when she was 6 months old, he died two weeks later of cancer. We don't even know if he was able to understand who she was. So I can understand how it brought up the emotions. What a great idea the running of the roses is. We have one where I'm born and raised called running of the ducks. Same thing for charity but it's ducks floating down a mountain river. Great post!

  11. Hey Chris,
    I have read your blog for a but I don't think I have commented before.. I have noticed with the newer phones these days that the batteries actually last a lot less than the older style phones which I assume is due to all the extra functions they have.. e.g. my new phone only lasts one day where as my old one used to last several. I'd ask the assistant specifically about battery life and try and get them to find one that has a good battery, pre pay deals have improved a lot lately not as much as a rip off as they used to be and then like u said ur not locked into paying any set amount.



  12. That sure did look like a fun day for y'all. I love being out on a boat, but it's been years!! The smell of the sea is so nice. Glad you got to go and will get to go fishing in it next weekend!!

    FB can be quite addicting!!!

    God Bless~

  13. Anonymous8:26 PM

    It worked out cheaper for me to go on a $49 a month mobile plan than to keep buying $30 recharge vouchers every week! WOMBAT

  14. I like the idea of a Rose Race, and I like the Kayak Girls picking up all the plastic roses.
    I miss my Dad too.

  15. Looks like so much fun. Glad you had a good time.

  16. Wow, that's pretty neat. I've been sailing a couple of times and thought that was a lot of fun.


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