Friday, February 17, 2012


I bought myself some new black tights at the beginning of summer.  I wear them every day under me tops/dresses.  

Remember me saying I couldn't see a difference in me body yet (having lost almost 6 kilos so far this year)?  Well ... maybe I can tell?

ABOVE: this is what you can see on the 'outside'.....

ABOVE:  and, just under the 'surface' layer... the top of my tights now reach up to me armpits!  AND that is going up and OVER me ample boobs too!  lol

So, that is heartening eh?  I must be doing something right at last.
I am soooo looking forward to my next weigh in... cos I am really trying hard this week to be EXCELLENT.

I am avoiding bread/pasta and rice.  Still having a little potato now and then.  And Cakes.  *sniff*  NO CAKES, BISCUITS, CRACKERS, etc.... at all this week.  I can do this.

My biggest problem is still PORTION CONTROL.  It is so easy to serve yourself more than is necessary.  I have to keep remembering to use a SMALLER PLATE ... so I can't put as much on me plate!  
Small steps to a healthier me... but they take time, and I need to remember that.

TODAY:  I have to go out and get FISH BAIT!!! OMG, tomorrow we go fishing!  Now that is something to get excited about...    
the prospect of getting up at 5.30am tomorrow morning is NOT that exciting though.  lol
I am sure it will be worth it... right?
Now... just where the hell do I buy fish bait around here eh?  
dumm dee doo.... off to find out.


So, I've been out, bought a present for Emily's 1st Birthday, picked up me suitcase from repair and got some fish bait!   Ikkkk , forgot how fishy fish smells!  Derrr.  
I got it from the fresh fish shop in Manukau Mall... they gut, scale and fillet it for you for FREE.  Must remember that if I ever want to buy a whole snapper one day!
I hope I got enough... not sure now.

Wrote a list of things I need to remember for tomorrow... I rely on lists all the time!
Now all we have to do is hope it doesn't rain tomorrow... though I think it will still be on if it rains.  It just won't be so ... pleasant.

Looks like the weather forecast man was right about today... we are gunna have thunderstorms!  Thunder has been rippling around my area all afternoon, getting worse too!  Brylee is going to shit herself coming home from school!  She hates thunder.
OH hell... Coco just went nuts ... huge thunder just now.  Maybe I better go and pick the kids up... cos Brylee really is going to be scared.

I picked them up... BOTH had their raincoats on! Well done Griffin and Brylee.
These summer storms are quite something!  For two hours it was dark and gloomy, raining with thunder clashing all around... and now?  Sunshine and stinking hot and humid.

I'm doing a really simple dinner tonight, baked beans on toast with an egg or two.  
Then Stew and I need to sort out exactly what we need to take tomorrow and make sure it's all ready.
I'm rather excited!  I hope I catch a fish or two!
ABOVE:  the storm over Auckland today, it disrupted flights too!

End of Day:  a nice day ... cos I love thunderstorms!
nite nite


  1. Hey Chris! That's great that you are noticing a difference in your clothes...nothing like that to keep your motivation going!

    Getting up at 5:30 is never easy, but I bet you will think it's all worth it when you are having a lot of fun fishing. Hope you catch a big one! :o)



  2. Congratulations Chris!! Good Job!!! I am excited for you!! Hey guess what? You and your two darling little pups have changed my mind on little dogs and I am now, as of today on the waiting list for a little Havanese pup due Feb 29. I just love your little ones and decided to get one of my own!! ...debbie

  3. Woohoo! That is definitely a good sign. Good for you, and keep up the great work! Maybe your new attitude will be catchy. I could lose a few myself. ;o)

  4. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Well done you
    Mary H

  5. O how exciting Chris. I just bet you that tomorrow evening you will be SO POOPED! I know fishing does not "look" like so much work -but when I used to fish with DH -by the time we would get home I would be so tired I could barely wiggle. LOL

    Hope your storm does not cause any damage.

  6. I've only cooked fish a few times. Hardly ever had it growing up either!

    Wow those tights are like a cat suit now haha.

  7. Haha at least in winter you can keep your boobs warm!!! and that is a good sign shivers before too long you will be bale to keep your head warm and sling them around as ear warmers!!!

  8. Loose clothes are the best way of letting you know you're doing well.

    Have a great day fishing tomorrow!!!! You know how I love it. What bait are you using. I use squid. Stays on better and the snapper love it. Weather looks good for tomorrow - hope it stays like that and not to windy. Look forward to hearing about your day.

  9. We are having an identical summer. Feels very tropical with pouring rain every day/afternoon then cloudy with stifling humidity. Over it. Especially getting drenched dragging the kids to school and back, groceries and endless other outings....

  10. Clothes are a better indication of weight than scales any day. Congrats on the loss, chickie! (Wish I could say the same about me.)

  11. PS: I forgot to say - have a lovely time!

  12. Snap! We had the same for tea ... minus the eggs. I decided to preserve my weekend somewhat from chores, by doing the grocery shop on the way home. By the time I got home at 7pm I didn't have the energy to cook a meal - so popped open a can of baked beans to share with hubby.

    Enjoy your fishing trip tomorrow. I hope the sky clears for you and you have a lovely warm sunny day.

  13. My wife eats a cookie and notices a difference in her clothes....

  14. Jane Wogg5:07 AM

    I thought tights were for your legs... not your boobies. How comes? Do they come all the way over your waist and go right up to ya boobies?

  15. Argh, it's so hard for me to understand how much weight you lost because I'm used to going by pounds. However, wanted to let you know that using a smaller plate is the only thing that works for me too! :D

  16. You are doing fantastic Chris. I wish I could say the same about my weight loss efforts...they've stalled again. Keep up the great work! I'm proud of you.


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