Thursday, February 09, 2012


 ABOVE:  Sienna at playgroup, 'tasting' sand.   I do believe she liked it!   My youngest daughter Kelly used to eat HANDFULS at a time when she was this age... she ate so much in fact that I had to keep her out of the sandpit as she got a sore tummy and passed pure sand balls in her nappy!
Nice.... lol (yeah, she DRANK the paint too!)

ABOVE: I'm a cheeky little imp, and I know it!

ABOVE: every new photo I see of Sienna I marvel at how damn adorable she is.  But, I am biased I know!

Today:  first off I'm meeting up with Lynda and Lynn for morning tea at Lynn's home.  She is on maternity leave, awaiting the arrival of her baby girl in a few weeks, and she's lonely!  Awwwww. lol
After that, I am picking Griffin up and taking him to his Speld lesson.  New time this year, a bit later in the day.

I will not get home again until close to 3pm, so pretty much spending the entire day out and about.

Further to yesterday's rant:  CONTINUITY OF CARE.  When you see a different Doctor almost every time you visit the same clinic, where is the continuity of care? 
EXAMPLE: Stew got really ill many years ago, he saw our 'regular' doctor for his first symptoms, then another doctor in the same practice a couple of times... and it wasn't until he was VERY ILL that the doctors got together and reviewed all his records and realised that he had RHEUMATIC FEVER... and promptly had him hospitalised for over a month!  Then he had to recuperate at home for a few months after that.  

I have seen six different doctors in the same clinic in the past couple of years.  Just saying.  Who the hell is keeping tabs?


Morning tea was lovely, it was ever so nice catching up with fellow bloggers, even though Lyn hardly ever blogs now!
Her new home is JUST GORGEOUS too... we spent a very pleasant 2 hours yakking on her deck .... overlooking some lovely lifestyle blocks.

Lynda:  leaves comments just like she would talk to me face to face, so I cannot get mad with her too often!  lol
We have known each other for years now, and while we have different ideas on many things, we still do manage to get along.  *smiles*

Griffin's speld lesson went well... as it's now only an hour long I did not go into Pukekohe like normal.  No point driving there to spend 15 minutes before having to head back.  So, I did a sudoku in the car instead.

How typical... now that the kids are back at school and Stew back at work, the weather turns FANTASTIC!  So warm and sunny.  Bet it pisses down in the weekend!

I'm feeling a bit 'dozy' today... probably the pills kicking in.  I slept fairly well last night, so here's hoping it is even better tonight.


End of Day:  a good day, looking forward to tonight to see if me pills make me sleep ALL night. That would be awesome.
ON TRACK:  Yep.  
nite nite


  1. Cant you ring up and ask for the same doctor, thats what I do...... makes sense and if you cant then I would be changing doctors....

  2. Nancy UK7:45 AM

    But Chris, I thought you and Lynda weren't friends? What's sup, your getting together with her now? She's always so rude to you!

  3. Ugh Melissa ate sand when she was like 3. So disgusting!

  4. Anonymous8:47 AM

    Enjoy your catch up :)


  5. Hey Nancy - that's not nice!! Chris and I have always been friends, probably why I tell her like it is :)

  6. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Yep not them.
    And don't give me that shit about them being busy They charge a bomb so employ more staff or get better systems.
    When u have had a family occasion to really question the profession (not the local GP) they need a bit of competition in the market to improve their customer service.
    Just saying.

  7. Sienna is cute as she certainly loves the sand, my goddaughter ate so much BEETROOT once she had purple poop and purple wees!! the cloth nappys were purple stained funny as!

  8. Yea i'm wondering the same as Jackie, why don't you ask for the same doctor? I couldn't stand changing doctors like that! It's the one profession where a continued care relationship is vital!
    Sianna [SP?] IS very cute! Nothing wrong with a bit of sand. Good roughage i say lol

  9. Thanks for coming for coffee chick ... enjoyed it heaps!! Yay! :D

  10. Thanks for coming over today, had loads of fun and great catchup!! :D

  11. Yes, it was fantastic to relax and chat to you and Lyn today - can we do it again??

  12. Aaahhhhh! That little Sienna is sooo cute! When mine was little I could not keep her out of the "kitty food"! I often wonder if she purrs???? LOL

    I enjoyed your doctor rant! :-)

  13. Awww, SIenna is absolutely adorable-- Sand and all.
    xo jj

  14. My uncle as a child would eat snails by the HANDFUL.

    I suggested once that it may have been a nutritional deficiency and she fixed me with the steeliest glare I've ever seen and spat out "MY babies were PERFECTLY nourished, thank YOU!"

    *laugh* SORRY NANNA :)

  15. Anonymous4:22 AM

    I have to say Sienna is pretty darn cute! She has a nice tan too!! Nothing like a little sand when your hungry! Nice that you had lunch with your friends. I love to do that too....debbie


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