Tuesday, February 07, 2012


What do you think of it?

It's Bex's shoe with shells they picked up on Orewa Beach yesterday.
I think it's neat.

I almost didn't post an update today.... I am feeling just so... bla.

Not sleeping well at all.   Will be ringing the Dr's today to get a new prescription for the Anti Depressants.  Sooooo didn't want to, but I am getting increasingly tired from lack of sleep.
Bloody hot flushes are back at night, and a few are coming during the day again as well.

So pissed off.  Thought I was over them.

What else is on me agenda today?
Yaaa, kids to school... probably the only good thing.

Steve is home today as he worked on Sunday, so I am hoping he can do a job for me.

My Mother dumped all her photos off at my house years ago, and I want to go through them and do some sorting out.  I also need to sort out mine as well.  So that's where Steve comes in... I need him to get them all down from the loft for me.
Now days all my photos are stored on my computer ... so that's another huge job for me to do one day too... put them all on disc!
Really should do that before I lose them.

ABOVE: there is a new 'favourite' person in this house.  Little traitors.  Bet they will miss her when she goes home on Wednesday!

ABOVE:  Love is... getting your mono-brow plucked by your girlfriend!

ABOVE:  luckily she is now fairly used to me taking photos of EVERYTHING!

Right, that's it for now... 

The day so far, well I've done lots of little jobs around the house, lots of tidying up, de-cluttering etc.
Went and bought more weed for the tadpoles.  Paid a bill.  Bought sushi for lunch.
Watched a taped programme on TV while eating lunch.
Had a nana nap.
Ordered new pills, can't pick them up till tomorrow afternoon.

Feel disgusting.  Not going to WW tonight.  Taking a 'no weigh' week... cos I am just feeling revolting.
Headache.  Guts ache.  Crabby.
Not nice when tired.

Got chicken out for dinner.  Going to have Butter Chicken.

DEBBIE: Butter Chicken is an Indian spiced buttery sauce over small pieces of cubed chicken, served on rice.  It's very nice.

ABOVE:  meet Bamm Bamm.. our first tadpole transformed into a froglet!  He still has a small tail, but it's shrinking fast.  He lives under that sphagnum moss.

Steve has been a darling this afternoon and cleaned mine and Bex's cars, and mown the lawns for Stew.  Bex has also been ever so helpful.... she's done lots of washing for me.   Ahhh, I could come to like this!  *smiles*

JANE W: no, I felt ikkk well before the sushi.

End of Day: no WW tonight.  Don't feel good about that, but just can't face going out again.
ON TRACK: yes!
nite nite.


  1. I like the shells in shoes header very beachey, I feel not only will the dogs miss Bex, lucky she isn't camera shy eh!!

  2. Now I'm not being the diet police here, but you mentioned that your tracking hasn't been the best..... maybe thats why you're feeling bla? I know when I fall off the wagon it does my head in!

    Think of how positive you feel when you're in control and try to get back to that place.

  3. Yes!, I like the header, If you feel tired, sometimes a snooze in the daytime sorts things out but it means bed at night later

  4. Love the header! Sorry to hear you are feeling blah and the flushes are coming back! - it was hot last night!
    What are you doing different now to when the flushes stopped?
    Good Luck!

  5. I love the new header - it's cool!! And yeah I bet the dogs won't be the only ones that miss Bec's once she heads back... her and Steve look so good together! Hope you are feeling back on track real soon!

  6. I do love the new header.

    Hope the hot flushes go soon, mine came & went for ages before they disappeared...very sux!!

    Hope your find your mojo again...you & Stew are doing great.

  7. I to wondered if you are feeling blah cause your eating is off as well. Hope you pick up soon :)

  8. The new header is cute. I think you'll miss having Bex there too.

  9. I love the header. Very cool.

    Becs & Steve look so good together.

  10. Anonymous2:56 PM

    If you got a gut each, I wouldnt be eating butter chicken! WOMBAT

  11. Ahhh young love. I remember doing all kinds of things like that that never happen anymore :)

  12. What is Butter Chicken. Sounds interesting! Do like your header. I try and change mine every day or so. Sorry your not sleeping and having those nasty hot flashes. I hear they last for years. I was lucky and don't have them...or at least not yet. My sister has a terrible problen with hers, but over the years they are getting better. Your green chair looks sooo comfy!! ...debbie

  13. Love the new header.

    Hope you're feeling better soon, chook. Everything is a million times harde when we're tired.


  14. Jane Wogg6:40 PM

    Could it be the sushi that's made you ill Chris? Or do you think you are coming down with something else?

  15. Love the header... love butter chicken! Love you!

  16. Nice header. Hope the blahs leave quickly. Looks like a lovely weekend. Feel better soon.

  17. Anonymous6:48 AM

    This request may be a bit late due to the time difference from Scotland but I would love to see a picture of your Butter Chicken, its sounds so delicious, the recipe would be greatly appreciated.
    I love your new header, you have such a good eye for picture.
    We have quite a bit of weight loss inspiration going on over here in the U.K. James Corden has lost 5stones, Pauline Quirke has lost 8 or 9 stone, Dawn French has lost 7.5 stones and Nigella has lost weight and she cooks for a living so reading about that little lot in the morning paper keeps me pretty much towing the line. Hope you feel less blah soon.
    Chris xx

  18. With the title of your blog, I'm still waiting for a bottle of Diet Coke. That's my drink of choice.

  19. I love your header!!!! I am so proud of you staying on track with WW.....you are da bomb baby!!!! TAKE CARE OF YOUR SELF MY FRIEND!


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