Friday, February 10, 2012


Because Monday was a public holiday,  this week has been a short one.... which has been nice.
Nice because Friday has come around faster.
I like Fridays!  
I love it when Stew is home on the weekends.

Hopefully tomorrow is going to be fine, cos the beach is calling.

Today: Some housework.  Some stationery shopping for the kids.  Bits n bobs.  

Really boring post today so far.... you better come back later and see is me day got more exciting!

For your entertainment:

 ABOVE:  too funny!

ABOVE:  I like this one too.  

I'm making jam again... Nectarine/Apple/Plum... it's cooking right now. Once it's done I am going out to buy some Strawberries....

*smiles*  ahhh WEBBY:  I sure would notice!  It's about 30 years since I did jam making... and I'm just loving the results!

So I went out to buy strawberries.... but they were going to cost me about $20 for just enough to make 4 jars of jam... and I couldn't justify that ... so I left them there.  I'm not the one who wants strawberry jam afterall!

CLEARLY Anon does not have a sense of humour.  Get a life.

Child Abuse and Underage Sex HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH the picture above. It's a funny picture.  GET OVER IT.
People like you piss me off... give me your name and a contact email .... then I might respect something you have to say.  You hiding behind anonymous comments just makes you look like a troll.

ANYONE with their eyes open now days knows that a vast majority of kids have underage sex ... it's a fact of life.  If you do not know this, you have your head in the sand.  

Now Anon, I am not going to give you the satisfaction of leaving another comment, well you can, but I can choose to not publish it eh?  Yaaaa.  My blog.  I can do what I want on it/with it.  

AMANDA: no, it's not anyone here, it's from someone in (location deleted) Australia.  

(edited out)

ANONYMOUS: you are perfectly safe!  NO one is going to come and 'get you' OK?  Just be aware that no one is truly ANONYMOUS nowdays, and I would NEVER publish identifying information beyond 'general location'.  Chill.

I have been catching flies and little bugs for our frogs... it's so much fun!  NO seriously, it is.  I almost caught a little praying mantis too... but the bugger got away.  Next time.

Dinner tonight:  still thinking on that one...

End of Day:  not happy .... did not expect or want  shit to go down with posting a simple photo which I thought was funny.    
ONCE AGAIN I am in the shit for replying to an anonymous comment.  And I say 'reply' cos that is what I did.  Tit for Tat.  Seems I'm not allowed to do that.
ON TRACK?  yes, but will be having a few drinks tonight, so will probably blow it.
nite nite


  1. Both pictures are perfect!!!!!!! I need the laughs so thank you very much!!!!!!

  2. O, I agree with Bella - the laugh was a good thing! Loved the baby's face!

    O that jam sounds wonderful! You are on a real roll - aren't you. I wish my pantry backed up to your pantry & every time you would put a jar of them in - I would open my door & take one of them out! LOL Wonder how long it would take you to notice???????????? LOL

  3. Anonymous12:20 PM

    nice - so now you want to sexualise babies and promote the idea that at age 14 or 15 he will be sexually active - which is under the age of legal consent. I think that picture is disgusting.

  4. Despite the weather reports I have decided that tomorrow is in fact going to be a lovely day, early 20's with maybe a slight breeze. That way you can got to the beach and I will enjoy my outdoor concert at Villa Maria whilst sipping wine, basking in the sun & nibbling on a yummy picnic (instead of skulling wine & cowering under plastic bags with my makeup being rained off).

  5. Anonymous2:07 PM

    I laughed out loud at the little baby picture, what a riot!! too funny! A friend of ours brought me 2 jars of homemade jam. Blueberry and strawberry!! Boy is it ever good!!! I could eat them in one sitting with a spoon!! ...debbie

  6. Anonymous2:10 PM

    OMG Thanks for publishing Anon's comment It is funnier than the picture.
    Mary H

  7. Anonymous3:48 PM

    yeah child abuse and underage sex is hilarious.

  8. Wow ANON, why dont you come out from being you ANON title and front up to your comment? Or do you wish to stand behind your cowardly arrogant status.... A very humourous pic... you sound like dipstick my sister is dating. "2cents stated"

    You need to learn what Child Abuse IS friend before attempting to class humour as IT.

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. Anonymous4:35 PM

    No your comment is hilarious because you are actually serious

  12. haha- I've seen a few different captions with that baby and they are ALL so funny!

  13. Well I think the picture is hilarious too, Anon better she say tits, than boys come out of a box and spend from 15 yrs on trying to ram themselves back in one! I mean if it isn't tits its vaginas who cares that's how procreation starts.

  14. Anonymous5:29 PM

    I would like to apologise - I got heated over an issue that resulted from a joke image you had put up. Sorry.

    Please do not publish my location etc as I am not feeling safe at the moment. I can assure you that I will no longer visit your blog.

  15. LOL. People sure do get their panties in a wad over the dumbest things!

  16. Now that is just such a crack up... seriously we are not THAT mean :D just take more care in future...

  17. Jane Wogg7:44 PM

    Oh dear, the plot thickens.

  18. KIWI CHRIS: I have removed your comment so that 'Anon' does not feel threatened.

  19. Honestly - some people!! Why make bitchy nasty comments on someone's blog and then run scared - "ooh please don't I'm scared" - if you can't handle the heat stay out of the kitchen...

    Anyway - that's all I wanted to get off my chest this evening...!


  20. Anonymous10:21 PM

    Omg the Jam sounds delicious. I wish I had half your energy. Bottles of Jam would make good Christmas goody presents this year. I thought the baby picture was cute and funny.

  21. Anonymous10:29 PM

    Love the photo that kids face is so funny :O) lol
    btw....its your blog you can say and do what you like :O)
    If people don't like it they don't have to read it.

    Your blog is the first thing I read every morning.

    Michelle x

  22. Aaah the drama of a stupid Anonymous comment. I do like the wee backtrack, bonus in the entertainment stakes.

    I love the picture, it was funny. Keep publishing the odd stupid anonymous comments, they give those of us who actually enjoy reading your blog a good laugh.

  23. I stole your top photo...

  24. i'm stealing the top photo too.


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