Tuesday, February 21, 2012



ABOVE:  Emily Drew OB... you are just delightful!  We hope you have a lovely day today.

ABOVE: Rena helping Emily with one of her new toys....Emily really liked this particular toy!  Didn't want to share it really.  *smiles*

Today: Teddy and Coco get groomed at yet another new place... Animates in Takanini.  I hope we find the right groomer for us soon!  

I have to drop them off by 9am, then I have a few jobs to do at the mall...


Well... Teddy cried in the car, all the way to the groomers ... and then he didn't want to get out of the car ... I had to drag the little bugger in.  The only thing he didn't do was pee all over their floor... weird, cos he had always done that at other places!

Coco ... well there was no holding her... she was jumping and straining to get in there!  lol

I'm home now, contemplating the vacuming.... yeah... it's such a wonderful life being a kept woman!

Ain't done the vacuming... yet.
Realised we desperately needed groceries, so I went to Sylvia Park Pak 'N' Save and did the shopping.  Christ what a shit of a job in this heat and humidity!  It's taken me almost 20 minutes to get it all unloaded and up the stairs into the house.  I had to keep taking a breather!

NOW I have to put it all away... maybe the kids will be doing the vacumming when they get home?  NOT a bad idea me thinks.

I felt sorry for the kids having to walk home is this stifling heat... so I vacummed.  And caught flies for dem frogs.  We have lots of flies at the moment... fish guts in bin.  Freakin Ikkkkk.  Can't wait till friday when the bin gets emptied.

ABOVE:  this little frog was a tadpole a few days ago! He/she still has a bit of a tail stump left.

 ABOVE: Teddy and Coco, both knackered after being at the groomers.  And yes, poor Teddy has had a flare up of his itchy skin... so we had to put the collar back on.  First time in over a year we have had to do it.

ABOVE: yep, she's gunna hate me when she grows up and I show everyone this photo.... *snigger*.  So flattering.  

I'm expecting Bex to arrive soon (Steve's girlfriend) ...  AND Lacy.  

FROGGY:  we changed groomers as we found one much closer to home.... and they have done a really nice job.  Yaaaa.  No more changing!

Lacy arrived, and stayed and visited for about an hour and a half.
Bex arrived just before Steve got home... so that was nice too.

Off to WEIGHT WATCHERS in an hour.... Stew is reluctantly coming too... he is going to record a gain... I might too... not sure yet.

End of Day:  well... Stew and I both GAINED 100 grms this week!  Less than a piddle, we will do better next week for sure.
ON TRACK:  yes!  Not going to blow it by getting grumpy about a teeny gain, that's for sure.
nite nite.


  1. Golly , Chris!
    Have you noticed that the little ones seem to grow up too very fast? Little Emily is just so cute & her sister, Rena is lovely too. I hope they do not have "jealousy" issues as they get older - like mine did. - How old is Rena now?

  2. Happy Birthday Emily!!! And I do apologise for calling her Rena yesterday - oooops! :) I love the photo of Emily and Stew - it is gorgeous!!

  3. No one likes to share there JUST got birthday gifts I must admit we can all do that at times Happy Birthday to Emily.

  4. Honey if you were a kept woman then someone else would be doing the vacuuming (an all the other housework you do every flippin day).

  5. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Happy Birthday to your little Emily! That was just too fast. It just seems like YESTERDAY you were showing us the new born!! Can't wait to see how pretty Coco and Teddy are...typical man...whining and little Deva Coco is ready for her makeover!! lol ...debbie

  6. Happy birthday to your precious little one year old.
    I love the image of the dogs going into the groomers....I hope you like how the dogs came out. It can be hard to find a good place.

  7. Happy Birthday to Emily! Sharing toys is exhausting.

    You seem to have so much wet and humid weather over there. Yuk! It's my least favourite type.

  8. What a picture that paints of the dogs going into the groomers LMFO
    Happy Birthday Emily Love the middle name Drew.

  9. Happy birthday to sweet little Emily! I can't believe she is a year already!

    Around here they used to tell people to put the fish guts in the freezer until garbage day to keep the smell down lol.

  10. What you are meant to do with fish guts is freeze them - then put them in the rubbish when you put the bin out... no smell or flies :)

  11. Coco looks how I feel in that last photo! haha. She's so cute though.

    Remind me again why you changed again? I thought the last people did a good job?

    Good luck with the visitors...

  12. Aw, that Emily is soooo darn cute. It's so hard to believe that she is already a year old...Happy Birthday to her!

    Poor Teddy...I am sure that he is not happy to have that cone back on. And Coco...what a funny photo of her. But they are both beautiful!



  13. Oh, Emily is so cute! Also, I loved the story about the dogs. Haha. It's funny how they know when they are going to the groomers. LOL.

  14. My Pa made a smell free fly trap years ago...It might be handy for you if you need a constant source of flies! Let me know if you want me to go into details...

  15. I think it's wrong to measure such minute amounts. If you pee you will loose 100 grams of weight.
    Great photos!

  16. Emily, Emily, Emily.
    Happy Birthday from Singapore.

  17. Happy Birthday to the little one. Dogs do not look impressed at all. Keep strong next week will be better.

  18. You got so much cute on your blog today - it's AWESOME!

  19. Happy birthday to Emily!


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