Sunday, February 05, 2012


 ABOVE: pigeon claws raking on knees ... makes for 'horror' faces!!!

ABOVE: Awwwww.... love is.....

ABOVE:  two goofy kids.

ABOVE:  Yes *sigh*... Steve is a dirty, dirty, little kiwi !   lol

ABOVE:  Oh look, a nice one of them!   Finally.

ABOVE: a very pretty bay .... only it's a 'nudist' beach.  No one was down there in the nuddy yesterday.  Steve did look! 

TODAY:  not sure yet.  Steve has to work, so Bex is here with us.  I think Steve is expecting her to bake scones and take them down to his workplace at morning tea... apparently his boss wants to SEE Bex.... cos she reckon's she's a figment of his imagination!  lol

So, maybe we are making scones this morning!


WOW, it's not often I neglect my blog ALL DAY!
But, we have been fairly busy.
After arising, we did a big grocery shop, came home, unloaded it all... then we had visitors arrive.
I made a batch of cheese scones for lunch and we had them with MY JAM and cream.
I had ONE.
We used the RAPP jam (rhubarb, apple, pineapple and Passionfruit) and it was TO DIE FOR!

Some of the others had my plum jam and raved about that too.

I felt like a real 'wifey'  lol.

 ABOVE: our visitors were Sofia Grace Cleary ... and her Mum, Dad and brother.  Clearly I forgot to photograph them!  

ABOVE:  I did manage to get a few of Sofia though! lol

It's almost dinner time, we are having corn on the cob... 
OH and I'm also making more jam!

End of Day:  the latest batch of jam was Nectarine/Apple/Pineapple and Passionfruit.  Another success!  
Very tired tonight.  Not been sleeping well... think I'm getting hot flushes at night again.  That makes me feel very sad as I thought I was over them.
ON TRACK: yep... using all my points though, which I hadn't been doing.
nite nite


  1. LOL oh Chris I love those photos haha so candid and you can see the joy between Steve and Bex... gorgeous..

    So scones???? Ok I'm coming over, make room!!!!

    (I'll bring the jam oh hang on.. YOU made stacks LOL)


  2. What a lovely couple they make.
    Scones? Yum!!!!!!!!!! Better get everybody to sample them -or at least that would be my excuse. LOL

    That beach is beautiful.

  3. Cute pictures! Cute couple! And the pigeon pictures are Hilarious. Reminds me of being at the beach one time, and a gull swooping down and grabbing my son's hot dog right out of the bun!

  4. I'm glad you like my sparkly eyes! Have a good Sunday and I'll post a pic of me and Penny asap. xxx

  5. Funny you should mention scones ... I've just whipped up a batch of apple cinnamon pinwheel scones. Our caterer at work served up some about a week ago for a morning tea function, and I thought "what a great idea". I couldn't find any decent recipes online, so just made up my own version using the lemonade scone recipe. They look pretty good! Am off now to deliver some to some relatives (less temptation in the house for me then!).

  6. Totally burst out laughing at those bird pics! Too funny!

  7. Oh! So cute! You should have got your gear off and gone for a dive i think : P

  8. Your son is such a goof and after some funny pictures nice to see a "normal" one, Sofia grace has an impy little smile!!

  9. Anonymous2:22 AM

    Sofia Grace is just adorable. She has biteable cheeks and is too cute for words.

  10. I loved all your pictures except the um... ha ha! Well, maybe not one for the family album. You should be so proud of yourself on the diet!

  11. Gawjus pics Chris, especially the pigeon ones, hilarious!!! Your Steve is going to be such a lovely Daddy one day, isn't he just fabulous with littlies!!!
    Joy :o)

  12. What a cutie! Looks like Steve is going to be a great dad :)

  13. What a cute baby. I already miss those days. My wife does too and she wants another one. Not going to happen. I love my kids, but we're already broke with four. I have no idea how we could afford five kids.


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