Thursday, February 23, 2012


No Speld lesson for Griffin today.  His teacher is otherwise occupied.

So... I'm not going anywhere.
I'm not seeing anyone.

Hopefully I do nothing to piss anyone off.
Cos I am over stressful days.

ABOVE:  Baby # 9.  She already looks cute.   In an ultrasound kinda way... *smiles*   .... Hopefully it's OK to post a photo of Baby 9?  *sigh*  suppose I will find out eh?

Maybe Bex and I can go down to the Hospice Shop and have a look around!  Now there's an idea!  Op shopping... yaaaaa.....

ONWARD... a bargin awaits... I'm sure!  hee heee.....

It is a complete and utter crap day out there!  Pissing down with rain.  Joy.

ABOVE:  Bex and I went down to the Hospice Shop and found some baby stuff for Baby 9, and a tupperware container for the cornflakes.  

Then we drove down to the local Manukau Mall... where I wanted to look at shoes, cos Teddy has chewed me Sketchers and they are looking a bit ragged.

So, we are wandering around the mall and Bex sees Steven's (Kitchen ware store) is having a SALE... so I said... ummmm nah, I don't NEED any more kitchen ware.... but she wants to go there ... so we go there....

ABOVE:  yikes! bloody hell, two of those big bags are MINE... *sigh*..... it was a SALE people!  I've now got some Christmas presents already sorted... yaaaa!

We are back home now... contemplating .... ???

TRACY: sorry Chick, what I bought is for Christmas presents for people who read the blog... so no show and tell today!

Made a wicked potato salad to go with marinated chicken drumb sticks for dinner... so yum!  

End of Day:  a totally lazy day really... got lots of washing done, but that's about all!
ON TRACK:  probably went over today!
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Great photo of baby #9!!! How exciting for you! Sorry your having a crap day - I think we all have those - I had one the other day. I felt mean and grumpy. Hang in there, tomorrow is a new day with cheery new feelings!! ...debbie

  2. I reckon the day is crap! Enjoy your op shopping! and I hope it is a better day for you today

  3. We have summer at our place torrential rain hail wind thunder lightning and it is HUMID and muggy and hot and sticky ahhhhhhhh summer but not as we know it!

  4. Nothing like a little retail therapy to make the day look a little brighter. I love buying kitchen stuff, but often never use it.
    Of course a new granddaughter on the way is a pretty great thing too. Congratulations.

  5. Looks like you had a little fun today! Just noticed your side bar! You've a very nice looking family!

  6. Just or a change we have rain here as well, and so muggy..... Have a great weekend :)

  7. Well what did you buy????

    Show me I love kitchen stuff.

  8. Jane Wogg7:39 PM

    So whose pissing you off then?

  9. A quite uneventful day sounds nice.

  10. got to love the kitchen stuff :) glad youhad a good day and congrats on the new wee one!

  11. Looks like a rather success day! Baby #9 have fun.

  12. STRESS is bad.... bad for us, that is!
    Here's to better days!

  13. Wow that picture is so clear! You and your shopping! Always something to get ;)

  14. It sounds like a great day to me. Treasure hunting is always fun & having someone to share it with is so nice.

    Christmas presents - Congrats. Bigtime! Can't you just feel the stress of one of the "biggest " holidays just draining away! Now, just do not forget where you put them ( like my girlfriend does & then gives them to me two years later! -although they are always appreciated. - and do not forget Who they are intended for. Of course if you do - they can always be YOURs lOL HO HO HO!!!!!!!!!

  15. LOVE the ultrasound!!!!! Can't have enough of the sugar and spice....

    YOU ARE HILARIOUS!!!! Two bags from the kitchen store....hahaha TOO FUNNY!!!!!


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