Monday, February 27, 2012


Here's a 'few' photos from yesterday's trip to the beach:

 ABOVE: Our little beach babe...

 ABOVE x's THREE:  Steve catching the frizbee...
the first photo is just awesome!

ABOVE:  Steve splashing Bex... who is not that keen on water...

 ABOVE:  Steve... triumphant after dunking Bex.

ABOVE: what was he doing?  Handstands.

ABOVE:  girls having fun.

ABOVE:  Griffin digging holes in the beach... and getting covered in wet sand.

ABOVE: More of the beach babe... it was bright out there!

ABOVE:  more girls...

ABOVE:  our new beach shelter came in handy!

ABOVE:  sleeping beauty...

ABOVE:  on our way home finally...  it was a lovely day.  Fresh, healthy sea air... makes everyone happy and tired.

Today:  Amanda and Emily go home, kids go back to school, blokes to work... and I get to tidy up the house after having visitors for days.  And also... bask in the peace and quiet!

TWO PEOPLE ASKED ME YESTERDAY WHAT A 'DIGGER' WAS:  well it's a big machine (a tractor-type thing) that is used to move earth around, dig holes etc!

so, I have done all my housework and got the house semi-shipshake again... was looking forward to a quiet afternoon watching a bit of the pre-Oscar show on E Online.  
Well... I am, but I'm not alone.
Griffin got a tummy ache, so I had to go and get him home from school.  He's being quiet though, so that's all good.

I got a HUGE PILE of towels washed and dry today... it has just started to rain... I got the washing inside JUST in time.  Rather pleased about that.
There is a nice beef/tomato/mushroom stew cooking for dinner... and I'm craving chocolate!
Wonder if Stew reads this and brings me some home?  

End of Day: well Stew didn't read it in time... so no chocolate for me.  
Griffin felt ill all afternoon, but did not vomit... until dinner time... then he did LOTS of vomiting.  No temperature though, and no pain in the vicinity of his appendix, so no doubt just a tummy bug.  Hopefully he keeps it to himself.
ON TRACK:  yes, no chocolate passed me lips today.
nite nite.


  1. Oh, how I wish it was beach weather here. Great pictures! It looks like such great time. The beach is 3 hours from me, but I go as often as I can.

  2. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Looks like it was a great day for the beach! Emily looks like she ate a little while playing. I envy your trip to the beach - looks like so much fun!! ...debbie

  3. Good to see a family enjoying time together... looks like you all had a terrific time... Emily is gorgeous.......

    Cah Ü

  4. Love the photos! Looks like you all had a great day out (and it was well deserved too)! Emily is so gorgeous!!! The shade tent is fabulous too - so handy when you have kids too!

  5. Awesome pics, shade tent looks great :)

  6. loving the beach scenes since we're RIGHT in the middle of winter here... :(

  7. love it all looks like so much fun love the pics of steve up in the air to catch the frisbee... yes she will have her job as she is simply transfering in the shoe store she works for supposedly he has a job interview on thursday morning so... maybe he will have something soon too but now they are going to leave all of their things here in a storage place and the stuff she has here will stay here until they come back to get it.... have no flipping clue how they plan to move it though but... i am determined to make that not be my problem.... and yes i am sure i will be going nuts but thankfully I have you ladies to help me pretend to be sane :) love you!

  8. O wow- those are the Most awesome pictures I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!

    A lovely family had a lovely day & made a lovely Memory ! :-)

  9. A message sent with love = DON'T YOU DARE EAT CHOCOLATE!!!!

    XXXX Chris D

  10. Lovely lovely beach photos Sunday was sunny here and I was inside the whole time!!! oh well Winter is here now we had 2 frosts one Sunday morning one Monday morning!

  11. You have a wonderful life! I love seeing your pics and reading your posts

  12. i've been admiring your photo taking skills! and you probably already know which pic i like. haha first one.

  13. Well I think I am all caught up! Lovely day at the beach. Sorry you and Griffin were sick. Can't wait to see what you get at the store :)


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