Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Woke up feeling a bit better, so it will be off to Hospice Shop today for me.

Griffin can go back to school too.
He is supposed to be starting school at 8am for 'Bootcamp'.. a programme for a small number of kids who really need to improve their fitness.
I don't think he will be up to it this morning, so I've emailed the teacher to let her know.
Hopefully he is not thrown off the programme.

I've got to cough up for lots of school fees today... so fingers crossed I find NOTHING I must have at the shop today!
I really must learn to curb my impulse shopping!

After Hospice, If I'm still feeling OK, I will pop down to Manukau Mall and look in Strandbags at what I can use that $70 Voucher on..... WITHOUT spending anything myself!
That could be INTERESTING...

LEAP YEAR BABIES!!!  HAPPY 12th BIRTHDAY to one of my best friends forever.... SANDRA in Palmerston North.  I hope you have a wonderful Birthday Chick.  And in two years you will be 50! or... 12 and a half ... however you want to look at it...  lol.

 Best laid plans!  I did indeed find some treasure at the shop today... and SHOCK HORROR!!!  I actually found some CASH in my wallet that I had completely forgotten about.... 

ABOVE:  so, I got lots of baby girl clothes for Lacy's baby, a purple nightshirt for Brylee (Hanah Montana, which she loves), some delicious chutney, a little cross stitched tablecloth and napkins, and two pure wool blankets for Brylee's bed.  She gets really cold in winter, even though it's not that cold here.  

All that for $20!  SCORE.  When you can get so much for such a low price, it's beyond me why people shoplift!

I didn't get down to the mall afterall... so will have to do that on Friday.

ABOVE:  it doesn't take Teddy long to find a new, nice place to curl up and sleep!  Shame I will have to move him soon ... they need to be washed before I can use them.

End of Day:  it's felt like a very long day today.
ON TRACK:  yep.  Still got a queasy tummy, but not feeling like throwing up anymore.
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Are your kids in private schools? or public? What are your fees for?We have county fees and state fees that pay for public school. ...debbie

  2. Thanks Chris and guess who i found yesterday yip i found Po. lol

  3. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Hmmmm... my comment I made yesterday is not showing. It was not offensive in any way so I wonder what happened to it??

    Anyway to sum up I left a web address for a photography course in AKL: They have beginner courses on Saturdays in central AKL but at $150 they are not cheap. Do you know of any similar courses that are a bit cheaper.

    Good to see you are feeling better. :-)

  4. I just had the same bug over here in the U.S. I hate the stomach bug. It's the worst. Glad to hear you are both feeling better.

  5. We are chugging along fighting off ailments I'm sure!! And I can't afford to be sick it is IRONMAN weekend here and we are fundraising again BBQ CITY!

  6. How cool that Griffin has the opportunity to do the Bootcamp program at school. I hope he is feeling up to it soon.

  7. Glad to hear you are feeling better - and oh how cute are those outfits! - Makes me clucky! Whew gone again!
    Must remember to check out the hospice shop - just got to wait for a break in the saturday mornings! from cricket and soccer.

  8. Hi Chris, good to know you are feeling better today, and I hope that continues. Re the photography courses, I don't know much other than finding affordable courses might be harder now the community education funding has been cut. Good luck!

    Well done at the hospice shop - we did a bit of goodwill shopping in Adelaide and there were some great deals around. My mother-in-law bought me a gorgeous skirt for $8, must put a photo on my blog. I can't fit into it yet but I will soon, I hope!

    Hope your day continues to go well.

    Penny xo

  9. Glad your feeling better. My stomach was dodgy yesterday as well. Maybe a computer virus was spreading:)

    Do you know what they determined the bootcamp requirements as? There was talk of one here based on BMI or size which negates the premise that all children can benefit from exercise and movement. I wouldn't allow my son to do one as it would seem more like a punishment for the fat or non athletic kids. Not everyone is quick or an athlete.

  10. Leigh1:50 PM

    Re camera and learning etc I listened to a professional photographer on the radio once and he said to read your manual and to practice ONE new setting for a week so you could remember it. I thought that was a good idea.

  11. That's an amazing haul at the Hospice shop. The one up here is my fav op shop! Glad you are feeling better. The tummy bug was going around up here last week. I would say I'd be glad when my kids are older and I don't catch what they catch--but yours are older and it never ends, does it? :-)

  12. You certainly did luck into some great treasures! Great job!

  13. I love finding cash I forgot about. It happened to me a few times and each time I act like I found new money when it's really old money!

  14. I hope you are feeling heaps better tomorrow after a good night's sleep. Take care :)

  15. Happy Leap Day!
    Birthdays VS years... I read an article about someone who is 60 years old and had only 15 birthdays

  16. Thank goodness you are all on the mend. Enjoy your treasures.

  17. Great stuff! I got a bunch for $15 yesterday :)

    Uh oh Teddy is in the cone zone again.


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