Thursday, February 16, 2012


Yesterday afternoon, this storm passed over our house:

ABOVE: ... then it moved in a circular direction and this is what happened half an hour later:

ABOVE:  it spawned a big Waterspout over the city!  NOT dangerous ... just awesome to see.  Sadly, I could not see it from my house.

SUMMER? What summer?  Sure we have had warm temperatures, but where have the long,  sunny days been?  I can count on ONE hand the number of beautiful sunny days we have had.  Sad.

TODAY:  housework in the morning, then picking Griffin up and taking him to his Speld lesson, then coming home to cook dinner I suppose.  All very boring.
I hope YOU are going to have a more interesting day!

CRANKY: re your question last night:  The frogs legs do seem to grow under the skin then just POP OUT!  So weird.


I just saw this video on another's blog... if you can spare 8 minutes or so... it's worth watching. I can RELATE to the father... even though what he did was kinda nuts!
Personally, I would have used an AXE... it would have felt so much more .... therapeutic!   lol

so ... TODAY... experiencing a bit of a low.  Don't feel like my life is remotely interesting enough to be blogging about... and often think of bowing out... going back to being 'just me' ... without this following of people who seem to be interested in my rather typical, boring, housewife type of life.  Feeling FLAT.  
I just don't GET why anyone is interested in me and my life?  
OH and I can't find any bloody flies to catch today and that is pissing me off too.

Off to wallow... but not in food.  Food consumption is right on track ...

I just made bacon and mince pastry parcels.... god knows how they will turn out!  Fingers crossed they stay together.  I tied them up at the top with ribbon... couldn't find any string.  Must put friggin string on me shopping list...

ABOVE: I was shitting myself while they were cooking... what if the stretchy ribbon had melted?  Or burnt?  LUCKILY it didn't, and the parcels were perfectly lovely!  Everyone loved them.  Yaaaa.  No disaster tonight.

End of Day:  another day done and dusted... still feeling a bit blah... hopefully my mood will pick up tomorrow.
ON TRACK: too right!
nite nite.


  1. Now, you have me picturing you with an axe in hand!

    Those pictures of the storm are crazy.

  2. No, that guy was a nutta. No wonder the kid writes stuff like that with a father like that!! Discipline starts way before it gets that bad and destroying a computer is nuts.

    Just my opinion.

  3. That is one very cool water spout saw it on the news last night an awesome display, our weather today rainy warm hot sunny calm dark moody all the above! makes for thunder and storms

  4. Very cool waterspout. We see them here over the sea frequently.

  5. Chris, I am also a "rather typical, boring, housewife" which is probably why I like your blog. We are all in the same boat!!!

    PS: why don't you do some jewellery and/or bead work with all the beads you purchased last year? I'd love to see a post about that. I've made a few more necklaces, just have to find time to put them on the blog!

  6. No, don't stop! I lead an even less exciting housewifely life on the other side of the world...I read your blog every day, but as yet...haven't commented. Guess that's changed now though?
    We don't have waterspouts...just hideously cold winters and boiling hot summers...and mosquitoes the size of small it was quite cool to see yours!

  7. The weather is off all over not just here in the US I guess!

    I posted about that video on my Facebook. I think he's an asshole but that's just my opinion ;)

  8. You know it is not just the "what I did today" stuff we love to read, it is the personality you inject into it.

  9. But Chris,
    We would Miss you so much! Your blog is like a "sister-hood" that we share with you & appreciate your effort in sharing with us. We cheer with your accomplishments &
    "rally with your challenges". We admire your talents & love you just like you are our Sister, Mother, Aunt & best friend. You have added so much to our lives & we just enjoy spending time with you.

    I have a "picture question". In the second picture -on the left hand side -up near the top I can see what looks like a Yellow something ? House, clock , ect,ect - ? What is it? :-)

    I am so grateful that the pictures did not turn into something deadly!

  10. Jane Wogg8:04 PM

    OMG that father is scary! I guess the s*^ts gonna hit the fan now.

  11. Its the expressive way that you write that gets me back a couple of times a day.

  12. Anonymous8:28 PM

    I am addicted to your blog, I log on every morning while eating my breakfast and then I will pop back again during the day and when you have not updated I am a little disappointed. You do write very well! I would miss my daily diet coke rocks fix if your stopped... but I know it is a big commitment too!

  13. Do what you will to releive boredom but please don't stop blogging

  14. I did see that video. I call it major over reacting. When he prepared to fire at the laptop, I actually pictured it back firing and the guy getting horribly hurt.

  15. Hi! I am a long time lurker. I have read your blog since 2007 or 2008 & I love it! I am 25 & in Brisbane but once a year at Christmas I fly home to stay with my parents in The Gardens & always secretly hope I may bump into you or your family! [not in a stalkerish way either!;)] Please don't stop writing in your blog each day, it's a great blog!

  16. That storm made the national news here in Canada. Too bad summer hasn't been as sunny as it should. Congrats on the loss. Keep up the good work.

  17. Those pastry parcels look delicious. Now I am thinking if I could do something like that for dinner tonight.

    I always enjoy catching up with you, Chris. You have such an interesting life!

  18. Anonymous6:18 AM

    LOL you are such a character. Better no stop Blogging!! We have to send someone over there to harass you!! Can't stop no matter what!! You give us laughs, happiness and fun!! and we learn all about tadpoles to boot!! ...debbie

  19. We're having the most terrific thunderstorm here in Hawkes Bay at this very moment! - and your pics inspired me to rush out and take some photos of my own ... only to find my camera's batteries are flat. Bugga. Great photos, Chris.

    And that guy is an idiot. Way to set an example, eh?

  20. Looks scary. Glad you guys are OK.


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