Saturday, February 25, 2012


FAT CHANCE of a sleep in really!
I just hope I can keep the household quiet so Stew can sleep in!  He went to work very early all last week so he could catch up on work that was just getting out of hand, so he's really tired.

Now, of course I have photos of Emily I took yesterday to show you!  

 ABOVE: she is just the happiest baby ever!

ABOVE: we see this expression a lot... giving life some serious thought...

ABOVE: pretending to 'talk' on the telephone... so damn cute!...

ABOVE: Yes Emily... it's me with the camera in front of me face AGAIN!...

 ABOVE:  such a gorgeous wee baby... she just makes me melt.... grandbabies are SO PRECIOUS.

ABOVE:  OK, they are not teeny tiny newborn toes anymore, but still cute!

ABOVE:  Steve and his darling niece.... Bex doesn't get a look in!  

TODAY?  No firm plans at all.   Steve has to work until 4pm... and if it's fine I really would like Stew to mow the lawns and do some weeding!  AND I have quite a bit of washing to do.
Oh yaaa....

I'm sure we will have a nice day no matter what we do...

ONWARD...  Well Stew didn't get a sleep in either, he got up and took Steve to work then went to the Dr's for his blood tests... a monthly occurrence.

Amanda found a rather big spider feasting on a dead cicada... and she was going on and on about all the cobwebs....

 ABOVE:  yep, one fat as spider!  I gave the girls a broom each so they could sweep webs away...

 ABOV:  Bex wasn't at all keen on that!

ABOVE: Even Amanda didn't look that thrilled.

Stew is now doing the gardening/lawns... yaaaa...

Talk about a quiet day!  This must be one of the few saturdays we have simply stayed at home and done bugger all!
Feels a bit weird.

Emily is doing a good job of entertaining us though... cos she has no intention of going to bed by the look of it.  Every time I take her down the hallway, she cries cos it's heading to bed!  

 ABOVE:  looks like we have to wash the windows *sigh* ! 
Amanda just put Emily to bed...  Bex is wiping window sills for me and now Amanda is catching flies!  lol
What a life eh?

We are having pre-dinner drinks, watching the telly and so on.  I have a 1/4 glass of me tipple... run out and ask Steve to get me a refill.
He comes back with this:

ABOVE:  now to the uninformed, this is like 5 drinks in one glass, cos me tipple is a liqueur ... so you are supposed to drink it in VERY SMALL QUANTITIES!  Steve's excuse for giving me 5 drinks in one go?  He didn't want to be getting up and down refilling me glass!   LAZY SHIT!
NOW he's gunna have to get me a bowl with ice in it to keep me tipple cool... it ain't NICE warm let me assure you!

Did I mention Amanda is cooking dinner?  
Well... she is.
Only *hic*  I might be too pissed to eat it soon!

End of Day:  well dinner was nice.. even nicer when I don't have to cook it!
ON TRACK:  maybe not.
nite nite.


  1. Such a cutie pie! That sure was a quick year!

  2. She is a doll! You took some great pictures! Spiders give me the willies!

    I noticed you had clothes hanging on the line. They don't let us use clotheslines in my neigborhood. There's nothing equal to the smell of sheets that have been line dried!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. That spider is jinormous!!!!! So freaky!!!!!

    LOVE your sweet grandbaby.......they are so precious!!!! I can't get enough of them!!!! She is a doll!

  4. I totally agree with you, Emily is just the most adorble wee treasure. She's got such a sparkle in her wee eyes and you can see she is a content and happy little girl.

  5. that miss emily i woudl love to get her and halo together.... as for whats going on ... same shit another day...just pushed me over the top with the insanity ... why do they not trust that we know things and can help they have to keep banging their fricken heads on the walls... sigh. Love ya chic!!!!!!

  6. Emily is so adorable I can't get enough of her cuteness.I have not had any alcohol since I tried some when I was maybe 21? I did not like the after effect - a bad headache.

  7. That girl is soooo cute.

    Kudos to Steve for his superior drink serving efficiency!

  8. First of all that is one cute girl, and she just happens to have the same great name as my daughter! Thanks for the comments on my blog. My doctor is waiting to get the x-ray report and then he'll decide what to do. That should have been yesterday, but no phone call! Most likely he said he'd probably leave them if he could. If the metatarsal is broken as well then I'll be wearing a walking boot.

  9. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Emily is a cutie for sure and having a little tipple is good for ya'!! Big glass, small glass - good for the soul!! ...debbie

  10. Where Is Rena at- I loved the pictures you took of both of them together.

    How sweet of Amanda to cook!

  11. Emily is too cute and her little feet and toes I got to see Riley over last 3 days and his little feet are soft and silky.


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