Thursday, February 02, 2012


It will be our 25th Wedding Anniversary in June.... and I have been looking for a ring to 'commemorate' the milestone for a while now.

So, while we were out shopping yesterday, Bex and I were stopping at jewellery shops (JUST LOOKING)... and I saw THE ring!!!

OMG... it just was THE ONE.  And it was on SALE... sheesh I'm good at finding a bargin I tell ya.

So... I put it on Layby!   Stew has 4 months to help pay for it ... lol.  

ABOVE:  another crap photo... my phone has a right shit camera.  But you get the drift?  It's Ceylonese Sapphires and diamonds,  pave' set in a wide 18 carat gold band.  It looks PERFECT beside my other sapphire and diamond ring.  I will go back tonight and get a better photo using my good camera.

TODAY:  the kids go back to school!  I am going to LOVE today.
I do love my kids... but 7 weeks holiday is SO LONG!  
And they were getting restless too... clearly ready to hit the school room again.

 How cute are our frogs?  ...

I couldn't help but show you both of them together... even though one is trying to hide.  AND NO, I am not going to name them!  

ONWARD... time to get these kids ready for school! ...

DROP OFF DONE.  They are at school... and it is SO quiet at home!  The 'men' are at work, and Bex is sleeping in... so it's just me and the dogs/frogs/tadpoles and flies.  Pesky little flies. That I am trying to catch to feed to me frogs.  Not having much luck this morning.  They are wising up to the net!

Might just go buy some flies.  Never thought I would be saying THAT!  lol
I hate flies.  They drive me nuts.
Also doing the grocery shopping today... just as soon as Bex arises... she can help... yaaaa.

DEBBIE: time will tell what Brylee and Griffin think of their new classes.  Griffin has the same teacher, same classroom, just a new level. He is in Year 6.  Brylee has gone up to the 'Intermediate' level, so she has a new teacher and classroom.  She is in Year 7.

YOU ARE ALL RIGHT PAINS IN THE BUTT!  If I name the frogs, how will I tell who is who????
But, as so many seem to think I should name them... I WILL.
Bamm Bamm
and..... Dino.

There ya go.  

Bex and I went grocery shopping... only we had lunch first.... we both had butter chicken, but could not eat it all.  This is good.
Then we did some shopping.  Bex found a black shoulder bag to use now and at the wedding... so she's happy.
I got a few things too:

ABOVE:  Stew bought me the smaller wooden spoon the other day for jam making... but it is just a bit small... I kept getting burnt from the jam spitting up... so I found the bigger one today.  And some cooling racks (don't have any) and two really cute jam jars.  I might just have to get a few more of them at some point.

Groceries ...  well... we kinda didn't do that afterall!   I couldn't be bothered ... it was so hot and muggy we decided to come home and do the  groceries in the evening instead.  Stew can help me.  
OH... and I need to show him THE RING tonight too!

WOMBAT:  Kermit?  Too twee.  And Stew surprise me?  YEAH RIGHT.  And he knows he would choose the wrong one too.  So I choose.  It's safter that way.  lol

ABOVE:  the way better photo of the ring!
Stew has now seen it... and thinks it's lovely.

End of Day: it's been a nice day... looking forward to an early bedtime... not been sleeping well lately.  Too hot and humid.
ON TRACK: too right!
nite nite.


  1. Susan, Southport6:50 AM

    Oh gone on. Name them. Foggi and Frieda. There you go, nice names for frogs :)

  2. Looks like a gorgeous ring!

  3. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Greenie is the one hiding and Hoppy is the one on the log. Perfect names for your froggies...Ribbit ribbit!! Like your ring - will be looking for a better photo soon! lol Glad all the kids started school. Did they all like their teachers? Tell us again what grades they are in...debbie

  4. No names!! I think you might have 200 readers who disagree:)

    Lord Jeramiah and Baron Von Slime.

  5. gawd I have missed so much news frogs frocks babies (new ones) jam rings shopping sheesh took me an age just to read all of that!!!! I may have to comment 7 times to day just to make up for the last 7 days!!!

  6. The frogs loook so cute Chris, my 7 year old daughter back to school today and the house is so quite, even though her 3 1/2 year old sister is still here, suprising how they just play nicely on there own. Well done on the weight loss so far :-)

  7. Good job on finding the perfect ring for your anniversary....though I couldn't tell too much from the pic.
    The frog picture is very cute. I think you will have to name them.

  8. Anonymous2:57 PM

    No Kermits then? Isnt the husband supposed to buy the anniversary present as a surprise? WOMBAT

  9. Love the jars - where did you pick them up from please
    Glad you are having a great child free day - Long may they last or at least a good terms worth!

  10. Love ,love the frogs-they are so cute.

    Wish there was some way to get kids to realize that school is the way to their future. Most of them just see it as a "have to" problem that is only good for hanging out with their friends.

    Then one day they wake up & discover that they have a job & still have to face doing something that they do not want to do again.

    I keep telling my kids & grandies that the secret to not having a job - is to find something they love & then it becomes a pleasure. But, I think it is a losing battle over here. :-)

  11. It's a beautiful ring and I prefer to choose my own jewellery. But me hubs love to shop too. Sigh.

  12. Anonymous9:44 PM

    LOVE the ring! Aren't you are lucky girl!!

  13. That ring is perfect!

    The frogs are adorable and the fact that you are cathing flies for them . . . .priceless.

    I love you photo of you that you have posted. Your eyes look AMAZING!


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