Saturday, February 11, 2012


I am giving fair warning on here.

If you leave me an anonymous comment, and it is NOT NICE, or I deem it to be shit stirring, I WILL NOT PUBLISH IT. NEVER AGAIN.

I had contemplated disabling the ability to leave Anonymous comments... BUT... then everyone would have to get a Google Account in order to comment.

AND OF COURSE ... you can do that and still be ANONYMOUS, cos you can use a fictitious name, and have a private profile... so in actual fact.... it's fairly POINTLESS me disabling ANONYMOUS Comments eh? (which is why I have not done it before Belinda, by the way)

I will be EVER SO CAREFUL not to post anything CONTROVERSIAL on my blog from now on though.  No more pictures that could be upsetting to anyone, no more rants, no more personal stuff.

Hell.... maybe I shall just give up blogging and not have to second guess everything I put on my blog eh?  I kept a diary for years and years... I could go back to that?

I am over it.   MEGA pissed off.

This is supposed to be fun.
It's not sometimes.

If you want to have a rant at me, and I have the AUDACITY to respond.... well hell!  How EVIL of me.  Why am I supposed to take nasty comments on the chin and say NOTHING?  How come it's OK for people to do that to ME, but not OK for me to have my say?
Double standards rule apparently. 
But that's OK.  
Clearly, I shall have to just shut the fuck up.

I make mistakes. I jump in too fast.  I take things the wrong way too!  I AM HUMAN. I AM NOT PERFECT.  I NEVER SAID I WAS.

Yes, I did slip up yesterday and I did ONE THING I regret.  I rectified it.

Knee jerk reaction?  Yep.  I'm a girl and that's what I do.  

ABOVE: now let's see... is there anything in that picture that could offend anyone?  Hmmmm..... maybe!  Someone might think I am advocating sitting on someone's face when angry? I. AM. NOT.


AND NO ONE go and say anything .... cos that might be deemed as DEFENDING ME.... and that's not allowed either you see.  You might go and UPSET someone, or HUMILIATE them for god's sake!

(I have to admit ... I sometimes wonder if people have a go at me in an effort to upset me enough so that I DO actually stop blogging?  It's just a thought) ???


JACKIE:  clearly I did not get upset over JUST the anon person's comments!  I got more yesterday, which I did not publish, or respond to obviously.  I decided not to publish them as they were downright rude and hateful.

It has been raining... and not looking good for a day at the beach AGAIN.
So I shall probably go downstairs and tidy up the garage and sewing area.. it's bugging me.
AND then there are all those photos waiting to be sorted out too....
I'm not going to get bored any time soon!

AND I'm not going to stop blogging!  I love it more often than I hate it.
I am too sensitive obviously, must harden up.

CRANKY:  NO, your comments yesterday were valid, but they did hit a nerve.  
It did not help that I also received 3 more nasty comments from Anonymous people, (NOT the same person who left the original one yesterday)... which really wound me up.

I try to take most anonymous comments on the nose, and usually do not publish them at all.

I can take differing opinions from my own!  I am not that bloody precious FFS.

NOW, back to today:  Stew got all the old photos down from the roof loft and we started going through them:

ABOVE:  these are my Mother's family photos... we have not got MINE down yet!  lol

ABOVE:  OMG how old are these negatives?  Hell, most kids nowdays wouldn't even know what a negative was!

ABOVE: how cool!  some really old sewing books.... some of the patterns can easily be used today.

ABOVE:  seems my Great Grandmother studied Shorthand... and passed.  So did I many moons ago!

ABOVE: check out the date! 

ABOVE:  YES!  Old recipes.  I hope I can read them!  Pineapple Jam.... I have a pineapple in the fridge....

OMG SUPER EXCITED!  We are going out this afternoon to see 'someone/something'... will have photos about it tomorrow!

End of Day:  home at 7pm... rather tired, but OH so happy!  We had a wonderful afternoon... and I will tell you all about it tomorrow... with MASSES of photos!
ON TRACK?  You betcha!   I kinda forgot to eat until about 5pm!  
nite nite


  1. I've never figured out why people choose to leave a really negative comment.....especially anonomously. Just move on if you don't like something.

  2. Maria7:19 AM

    Pills haven't kicked in them eh!

  3. Anonymous7:40 AM

    Good Morning Chris :O)

    Ummm what to say.....maybe you should just stop breathing that might make some of the readers happy :O)

    We are all different and this is YOUR BLOG.....please don't ever change the way you write or think just to make others happy. If they don't like what you say or do they don't have to come here :O) No one twists their arms to read your blog.

    Love your work

    Michelle x

  4. Please don't let one bad apple ruin blogging for you. The number of us that read and enjoy what you post SURELY outweigh the haters.

  5. I do agree you did react badly on this situation, not everyone shares your sense of humor and sometimes certain things for whatever reason can offend people, if you are going to have an open blog then you need to be prepared for all types of comments and reactions, and just because someone does not agree with you, you do not need to have a fit, accept that people are entitled to their opinions on anybody's blog that is open. I really don't think anon's comment was that bad for you hit off like you did..... I did not find the comment funny either but I didn't comment cause I did not want to upset you with my opinion, you thrive on comments from people, when you don't get comments you get upset, when you get comments you don't agree with you get upset....Maybe if you can not accept all types of comments be it if you agree with them or not maybe it is time to review your blog..... and this is just my opinion. Anyway have a good day.

  6. whew.... see what happens what i miss a day of reading blogs?

    holy cow... i dont know what to say. 'anon' was a jerk who just didnt get it.

    All i can say is that there are some people out there who think they need to impart their sensibilies and sense of humor on others, and if people dont see as they do, then they cant deal.

    i get haters on my blog once in a while too (had one about 2 weeks ago, actually). i left the hateful comment up so others can laugh at them.

    and they are ALWAYS anon... cowards....

  7. Oh and I am not saying that you don't have a right to respond you do it is your blog..... but keep your dignity, don't get so worked up...after all most of these comments that you deem not good are from some unknown person in cyberland. Not worth even worrying over.... Care about the people you know not the ones you don't.

  8. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Chris sweetie. It's your blog. Write what you want. Cannot believe people are mean. They should just not read if they don't like it. We don't all have to agree 100%. You entertain us daily by being you. Keep bring you. Big hugs. From Michelle C.

  9. I love your blog just as it is. Please don't try to change because there is someone who disagrees with you. We all have our opinions and they're not all going to be the same. Maybe if there is a note that upsets you it would be a good idea to wait 24 hours to see if you actually want to respond to it.
    I start my day with you and I would miss you so much if you stopped writing.

  10. Short and sweet love yah love your blog
    Mary H

  11. I say post all the negatives then it shows the whole of cyberchat what a plonker anonymous people are the phrase they are "precious much" springs to mind or "anally retentive"!! even shit can I say that oops I just did...

  12. Do what you want, say what you want to say, life is too short to worry about shit stirrers they have the choice of clicking the button to read your blog or not if they dont like what you put on your blog why the hell do they click that button....You are you chris and carry on being you :)


  13. Totally 100% with Jackie on this one. You have every right to not publish, not respond or respond whatever but you get amazingly worked up over comments - like you are trying to increase your stress levels!! I would have laughed off that comment yesterday and left it at that.

    Thank goodness all this fuss was not over one of my comments for a change :) hehe....

  14. I have spent the last 3 hours thinking of a response to this morning's blog.

    IF (and I say IF) this is aimed at my response yesterday then can I point out that I never said you couldn't respond. I never said you couldn't defend yourself. Go back and read what I wrote.

    I leave comments NOT to upset you, just to point out my point to you - something that I see is too upsetting and is usually taken the wrong way. Chris, I am going to stop. I seem to do nothing but upset you every single time something like this happens. If all you want is positive comments and no differing opinion that is 100% fine.

    I am sorry that I have contributed to your day being so shit. But I am not sorry for my opinion.

  15. Phew! Crisis averted, what would I do without my daily dose of Diet Cole Rocks! I am a long time reader, rarely comment (not fair on my part, you feel like a friend and know nothing about me) BUT I really look forward to your posts of the kiwi living! PLEASE don’t stop.

  16. Anonymous1:17 PM

    I say ONE FINGER SALUTE to all the crap anon commentators and carry on as you were! Thank you!! I look forward to reading the same style of blogging I get here with no changes. And to all those who get offended - HTFU!! (Harden the f**k-up!)

    Hope you have had a lovely Saturday Chris.

  17. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Chris, I LOVE your blog, and you are blessed with a beautiful family, and you are a blessing to your family! IGNORE JERKS! ♥

  18. Oh my god 1899 what a treasure yes i did a pitmans typing and shorthand exam as well many moons ago lol

  19. Just want to say, I love your blog, just as it is..

    God Bless~

  20. I know I don't comment often, but I always read, and I just wanted to say I love you :) I know I'm not the only person who does too :)

  21. Don't worry about it Chris. No matter what you say/post. You're always going to piss someone off! So at the end of the day, just post what you wanna post and if people don't like it, they don't have to read it :o)

  22. I'm just amazed at how people are always attacking you. Seriously if they don't like you why do they bother reading your blog? Makes no sense to me. Thousands of blogs out there, go pick another one to read..

    I love old pictures!! Hope you have a blast going through them.

  23. Anonymous3:02 PM

    This problem with those who write things to push your buttons. JUST DON'T PUBLISH THEM, DON'T SAY YOU GOT THEM...JUST TREAT THEM LIKE THEY NEVER EXSIST. Those that read your blog like the way you write and those that don't...they can go elsewhere. I personally think you are funny and love your posts - DON'T CHAANGE A THING!!!. ....debbie

  24. Chris, having experienced one hate comment on my blog and one in a newspaper (long story), I'd like to offer my perspective. Until you have received an offensive comment directed at you, you'll never be truly able to understand what it feels like to be attacked. It's easy to give opinions and advice to do this or that from a observer's point of view. But when you're the one receiving the hateful comments, it's really hard to stay cool. I'd like to add that you have my respect for being able to take the heat over the years. I mean I only had 1 awful comment and I had murder in my heart!!!


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