Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Because I know it is upseting you Jackie, I will say this:

- Our two frogs (so far) are teeny, tiny little things.
- Our tank is set up PROPERLY for frogs and tadpoles
- Once our frogs get bigger we have every intention of transferring them to the ponds at the Botanic Gardens and we will get some more teeny tiny frogs again.
- If we feel there are too many frogs in our terrarium we will release some.
- Yes, we know all about flyspray being deadly to frogs.
- We think keeping frogs is fine, as we know they will be safe and well fed in our terrarium and not likely to be eaten by anything bigger than them.

We are all welcome to our own opinions.
And that is all I will say about that.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  it is NOT easy to photograph frogs... they are very mobile! 

DEBBIE:  Stew and I have been together 27 years and married 25 years this coming June.  Stew met me when I was on my own with 4 small children...(having left my first husband 7  months prior to meeting him). 

Today: last day before kids go back to school.  I need to make sure their uniforms are ready, bags, hats, PE gear... bla bla bla.  


***SQUEALS***... Meet Number 9 ! :

ABOVE:  totally crap photo, I know!  But there he/she is... our 9th Grandbaby, due in early July!
That means we will have TWO new grandbabies this year.  Lacy is due in June and Tess (Russell's partner) is due in July.   I always knew I'd have lots of grandbabies.  *smiles*

I bought a bit more fruit yesterday to make more jam.  This time we planned on making Rhubarb and Passionfruit jam... but instead I made my own CONCOCTION:  Rhubarb/Apple/Pineapple and Passionfruit... let's call it RAPP Jam!   I just did weight for weight, fruit to sugar.  And it worked!  And it's OMG the most delicious jam!  Drool worthy I tell ya... *smiles*

I won't bore you with a photo... jam kinda looks all the same  after a while!  lol

I bought something today... well I put it on Layby... picking it up in about 4 months.  Shall tell you WHAT it is tomorrow.

End of Day:  have quite a nasty little headache going on right now.  Been a hot afternoon... standing over a hot stove an' all!  Barefoot in the kitchen... *sigh*.  lol
ON TRACK:  and loving it.  So happy I'm doing good today.  
nite nite.


  1. Lol I said I would shut up after yesterday's rant and I will....... promise :).

    Have a good last day with the kids :)

  2. Congratulations!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you.....I LOVE GRANDBABIES!!!!!

  3. Congrats on number 9!
    Good luck with ya frogs

  4. Frogs are such cute things, even the big tree dwellers.

    Grats on the grandbabies. I have none yet and hopefully not too soon either!

    Btw, the decals look smashing! :)

  5. It's easy to keep frogs now and so much safer for them, and lets face it, it's not like you're collecting them from the wild. That would be wrong. But totally hand raised ones are fine.

    Still jealous though :-)

    Congratulations on the second grandbaby. That was quick work from Russel and Tess! They'll know they're alive with all those little kids under the age of what, 5 or 6? haha. Good on them! xxx

  6. What wonderful news!!!!!

  7. Congratulations again! It must be so exciting having so many grandbabies! You really will have to organise a trip to Aussie once this new one arrives!

  8. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Congratulations on your 9th grandbaby!! How wonderful is THAT!! And...I love the idea of raising the little frogs. We did it all the time when we were kids. of course your little Habitat is a lot more fancy than ours was!! ...debbie

  9. Congratulations....I sooooooooo love grandbabies.....

  10. Grandbabies!! Cuter than frogs but harder to look after.

    Do you frogs have names yet?

  11. Congratulations on the new grandbaby. You'll need a wall planner to put all their birthdays on soon.

  12. Anonymous4:03 PM

    wahoo congrats on #9
    caught a glimpse of u last night but was busy checking in lol catch up next time :)

  13. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Fingers crossed Lacy steps up to the plate and looks after this baby.
    Although I can not imagine what she will say when her other two children question her as to why she kept this baby and not them.

  14. Wow you are surrounded by grandchildren :) Congrats!

    The frogs look like fun! My aunt had some tiny little swimming frogs when I was a kid and I always thought they were cute.

  15. congratulations! And what a cute little froggy guy!

  16. Congrats on the baby and frogs! Your readers sure are opinionated.

  17. Samantha, Idaho,7:23 PM

    Grand kiddies and frogs? Too much man, too much.

  18. O how cute - They all are_ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least froggies you can keep in a container to keep them out of trouble - babies take a little bit more care! lOL (although I do remember days when I wished I could lock them up! LOL

  19. Congrats on grand babies. I'd be happy to get 2 grand babies - 1 from each of my kids. And I absolutely will not be my future grand babies main caregiver. I admire what you do but I'm selfish. By the time my kids have kids, I'll be pretty old and I want to indulge in my hobbies.


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