Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Yesterday Lacy visited us. I got some nice photos:

 ABOVE:  she has a really little belly for 5 months!  But, I'm sure everything is fine.  Lacy is just a small person afterall... lucky tart.

ABOVE:  Lacy and the kids.  

ABOVE:  I have two new fridge magnets!  Bex gave them to us.... awwww.... such a greasy little pork sausage she is!  lol

TODAY:  well!  Bex and I are going over to Henderson to see Lacy having her 5 month scan... hopefully today we find out what 'it' is!
AND.... it's LACY'S BIRTHDAY TODAY!  She is 32.

No Hospice Shop today.... really wanted to go to Lacy's scan... so no 'treasure hunting' today. What a bugger.


ABOVE:  Lacy and Wade.   ANON: He is the baby's father.  This photo was taken before she got pregnant.

The scan went well... all is 100% OK with the baby.... and SHE is doing well.  Yep, another little granddaughter due in July.  So, now we have to wait to see what Russell and Tess are having ... few more weeks for that one though.

After the scan, Bex and I went to Sylvia Park for lunch... only... I had forgotten the kids were finishing school at 12.30 today, Bex knew as Brylee had mentioned it this we had to hot foot it home to pick them up.
We still had lunch at a mall, but just down at Manukau.

All home now, and I'm contemplating doing NOTHING this afternoon at all!  Maybe watch some telly....


Bex is having a ball... watching all the episodes of Home and Away that she missed while down in Invercargille!  
Me.... just got really upset and angry at someone... so might just release some steam by doing some housework...  instead of screaming.

End of Day:  *sigh*.... glad the day is over.
That is all.
ON TRACK:  yes.  Pure and simple.
nite nite.


  1. Hope all is well and that Lacy and the baby are very healthy! God is giving her another chance at being a parent and I am praying for her. Hugs to you all!! :)

  2. PS Happy Birthday Miss Lacy!! :)

  3. Those fridge magnets are cool, that is a little tummy Griffin is getting taller and taller the similarities between Lcy and Brylee now she is getting older (Brylee) is spooky.

  4. Anonymous7:59 AM

    so whose the dad then?

  5. Oh to be so tiny lol... Happy Birthday to Lacy :)

  6. Oh... boy or girl!!!!! I will say a boy :)

  7. Good thing you didn't end up at Sylvia Park, there is a bus up a bank & it is chaos over there apparantly.

  8. A girl!?!?!? Congratulations all the way around. My goodness Lacy had a tiny tummy! Those little girls... OY! I grew em big and then stayed big. LOL!

  9. Congrats on the new granddaughter and glad to here all is well.
    Bummer about someone pissin ya off.
    Good luck with it all.

  10. Yep, Lacy is sure lucky to be one of those small people...she hardly looks pregnant at all. And my gosh, Brylee looks so much like Lacy it's scary! Sort of like you and Kelly! :o)

    Glad to hear that everything is okay with the babe...and Lacy, too!



  11. She's lucky. My wife got really big each time. Some people thought she was having twins.

  12. It so nice you and Bex get along so well, I would cringe at the thought of going to lunch with my mother-in-law. Basically we have NOTHING in common and it is a lot of painful silence or she asks really dumb questions. So it is lovely you two get on so well!

  13. Brylee is so like her birth mother Lacy.They even stand in the same way.Just goes to show nature has such a huge influence over who we become on the outside. The nurture part is who we become on the inside and both Brylee and Griffin exude happiness etc etc and that is down to you and your husband. You must be so very proud of them


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