Friday, February 03, 2012


Steve's girlfriend came to visit him last Saturday... she was only going to stay until Tuesday... but she seems to be enjoying our company far too much.

Cos, she's still here... and has no plans to leave until next Wednesday!

Funnily enough, we don't mind!

She has her uses.

Yesterday she cleaned the family bathroom... you know, the one where the kids pee.   ON THE FLOOR.   I am liking having her here!

She's lovely company.  And she does chores.   

Somehow, I get the impression she wants to stick around too.
Shame she has to leave.... but she has a family wedding to attend and a job to return to at some point too!  

Today:  Bex and I might just stay home!  Or we might go grocery shopping for real this time.

ABOVE:  I wish I had DIPLOMACY like this.


ABOVE: A blogger down in Christchurch has sent me some Stevia, which is a natural sugar replacement.  I am going to try and make some jam using it.  Not too sure how that will work?  But I will try!
Thanks very much Sarah, even if it does not work for jam, it's going to come in handy for other stuff for sure!

Bex and I are going out now to get a few bits 'n' bobs to change the terrarium around a bit.  We want more 'land' area for the frogs.

ABOVE:  done.  We made the left side the water side, and the right side is the land.  One of the taddies is ALMOST a frog!  He looks really funny sitting on top of a big, fat tadpole!  lol

End of day:  another lovely day really.  Kids at school, so I kinda spent the day watching the clock.... waiting for them to come home again.  Derrr.
ON TRACK:  can't say it was a stellar day, but not too bad.
nite nite.


  1. That ring is beautiful Chris! Glad you are enjoying the girl time!
    Have a great day

  2. Steves girlfriend can come to our place next if she likes lol

  3. I've been using stevia some. The brand I use is In The Raw...has only a slight aftertaste, but I do like it, and really like that it's natural.

    Love the ring! You have excellent taste!

  4. Hi Thanks for phone call. Life still crazy. millions of unread blogs Ha caught your disease there.

    BTW check amounts for stevia if you've never used it.... very sweet. I think I'd try half 'n half.


  5. That special place on the floor where the wee drops land!! We all need a Bex. It's so great you get along.

    Love the piggy back taddys!

    Stevia is a bit bitter in coffee/tea but I haven't tasted it at all in baking.

  6. I too love the anniversary ring, The tank looks very inviting to a frog,I use a fluid replacement drink for Samuel sports and karate, it has stevia in it instead of sugars and chemicals comes in lemon lime and orange, we have used it for 6 years now instead of the dreaded powerades and alike.

  7. Anonymous4:10 PM

    It's nice you like Steve's girlfriend...and I like the frog photos! I'm really liking your frogs. lol...debbie

  8. I have tried a couple kinds of stevia- truvia and nunaturals, and i like both!

  9. Love, love the froggies! How much fun watching them grow. ;-)

    Sounds like Steve's girlfriend is a real keeper - you might should put a "bug in his ear"! LOL

    I am so tickled to see your stevia. That is what I use. Wish I had been raised on it . Now that everything I have been raised on is bad for me -it is hard jumping ship . Plus, I MIGHT still have my top toofiers !

    I do use it in all of my drinks . Plus my #1 daughter-in-law gave me a bottle of liquid stevia.It is grape flavored & I can just drop a few drops in water when we are out & have a grape drink. I am enjoying that. I don't think I would have tried that without her giving me that because I did try a liquid one time & it was a little bitter. But this flavored is not.

    I hope you have really good luck with it & don't tell your body that it is something actually helpful for it ! LOL

  10. Hi - I use stevia for sprinkling on fruit sometimes etc but haven't cooked with it. I found this though re Jams... it does not keep and jam has to be used quickly as when made with sugar it is a preservative.

  11. Chris, it's so great you like your son's girl. I hope one day I will like my son's future girlfriend. My MIL hates me for no reason other than I married her only son. It's really tough being hated and still have to see each other at family functions.

    Ah, now I get to see the tadpoles turn into frogs.

  12. Yay, my stevia is famous! You have to do your research. Some stevia you buy has been pre-diluted with something like erythritol. This one is the REAL DEAL, not diluted at all. You can't use it in anywhere near the quantities of sugar, nowhere close - I'd say 1 tsp will replace TWO CUPS of sugar, so you'll have to bump up some of the other ingredients, like the pectin. You could try a bit of ascorbic acid or citric acid as a preservative so that it keeps a bit longer. Now go ye and research, I'll be watching.. I hope it works!

  13. Oh and I agree with Jane. My MIL doesn't exactly 'dislike' me, but she does find some way to insult my housekeeping every time she visits. AND she has a habit of just dropping by with no notice... you are lovely to your DIL's.

    Now, i see people have mentioned truvia and nunaturals stevia. Be aware that these products are generally only 1% stevia, diluted with something else, so you can't take advice as regards quantities. Ok, I think I've made myself clear on this point. :D

  14. Hilary Suffolk12:17 AM

    Shit man. Weighed meself at WW last night and I've fucking put on one fucking pound! Cut out on everything. Am I mad with meself or what!!

  15. Cool posters.... makes me want to pee on the floor!


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