Monday, February 20, 2012


I saved photos from yesterday for today... as clearly there were enough on yesterday's post already.

So... here's a few:

After having lunch with Kelly and Rena, we all went around to Amanda's.   Kelly was holding Emily when we arrived... but as soon as Emily saw Stew she put her arms out to him!  So he got to cuddle with her...

ABOVE:  clearly she loves her Granddad!

ABOVE:  kisses for Granddad even!  Meanwhile I got kinda ignored!  *sniff*

ABOVE:  a really nice photo of Kelly and Rena... Obviously they both got my eyes!

ABOVE: this look was reserved for Russell.... a friend of Amanda and Andrew's.  She didn't want anything to do with him.... so funny.

ABOVE:  very proud of herself!  She can walk as of Friday!

ABOVE:  walking to Griffin.
As she was ignoring me I decided to sit on the floor.... and I had my bottle of diet coke with me.... WELL !!!  That was it.  She saw me bottle and suddenly was my best friend!  She loves sipping my bottle of diet coke.  (she only ever gets a tiny bit... I am aware it's not good for babies, OK!)

 ABOVE:  CLEARLY she does not need to practise her sculling skills, she has it down pat!

 ABOVE:  And doesn't she know it!  Cheeky little imp.

ABOVE: this gorgeous wee granddaughter is ONE YEAR OLD tomorrow!  I can't imagine our lives without her, she is just adorable.

NOW, today:  the usual!  Housework.  Might even get time to catch up on some taped tv programmes!  Stew and Steve watched freaking cricket last night... it was torturous.  I just don't get why anyone would want to watch it.  It's bloody boring as *&$#.


Rotting fish guts in the rubbish bin makes for lots of....FLIES!  It's smelly... but good news for the frogs!  I feel bad for the neighbours.... I hope they can't smell that too much!

It's been an incredibly quiet day... I even had a nana nap this afternoon!  Feeling kinda bored, I should go and do some sewing, but I'm just not in the mood.
Almost time to get dinner sorted...Chicken and something tonight!

DEBBIE:  Unfortunately Rena is not that keen on either Stew or me.  Kelly.... sorry that upset you, but it's the truth and you know it.  

END OF DAY:  well it's been a fairly lazy day around here I must admit.  
ON TRACK:  WHY YES!  *smiles*
nite nite.


  1. Emily is just the most adorable thing...and of course those little ones know how to wrap up 'round their fingers! Rena is very pretty, too. But OMG, Kelly is the spitting image of you...looking at that photo, I first thought it WAS you! :o)



  2. I can't believe she is a year old already! That was one quick year!

  3. Gorgeous pics Chris. I can totally relate to the disinterest in cricket - I'd rather watch paint dry personally :) Enjoy your day

  4. I couldn't believe the look on Stella's face yesterday when I gave her a sip of my soda water...looked like I'd shot her! So shocked! :) Glad you had a good time...

  5. Awesome photos Chris! I love the two of Rena and Stew having cuddles/kisses :) And wow 1 year tomorrow already... time sure does fly!!

  6. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Love cricket not 20/20 the real stuff test cricket.
    Fishing looked amazeballs what a great shark I think the kids would enjoy fishing off the wharf just catching some bait.
    & Stu looks like he has lost some weight True/false

  7. Wow your daughter looks so like you

  8. I believe Emily is the most adorable girl I have ever seen. All of your grandchildren are cute but there is just something about Emily that shines!!!!

  9. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Loved all the photos on your post! Emily is getting so BIG!! Time sure does fly by! cute post....debbie

  10. It's bloody boring as *&$#.

    Silly goose - Why did you not take that time to slip away & do something creative? :-)lol

    Those pictures were fantastic! I was sliding through them -enjoying your beautiful when I saw blue eyes & thought O MY GOODNESS - Chris has lost too much weight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - It was Kelly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You two could pass as sisters!

    My daughter & I used to have that experience too- until she got too disgusted & she quit hanging out with me. LOL

  11. lol watch out for the hatemail about your cricket comments ;p

  12. that baby is adorable and yes got her grandmas eyes! so beautiful! Halo is walking now too but she was 13 months before she walked alone :) happy birthday miss emily!

  13. Lovely pics of yesterday and Saturday :)

  14. Your grandbabies are too cute! When we clean fish, we put the yuck into ziplock baggies and freeze them until trash day. Our trash is only picked up 2x per week, and here in Texas with the hear in the summer, we wouldn't be able to stand it.

  15. Aww she is so cute.

    I wonder what will get the most (usually anonymous) comments - your dislike of cricket (although I am sure it would be worse if you said you hated rugby) or the fact you gave a not yet one year old diet coke - I can just see the fizzy hit the fan.

    Have a good day & next time use the cricket watching as a time to do some of your amazing creative stuff.

  16. Happy Birthday to Emily, and congratulations on the walking milestone! Fishing, family and grandchildren all look like lots of life satisfaction for you Chris - yay for you and hope that and your great efforts re WW continue.

    Hope to meet you in real life soon!

    Love to you and the family, Penny xo

  17. Beautiful pics! I love the one of Rena and Kelly. Kelly sure looks like you and Rena is beautiful. Emily is a doll baby. One already! Time sure flies!
    The one of Stew aND Emily is precious. She loves her Grandpa!! Does Rena adore him too?

    God bless~

  18. These pictures make me want to be with my family!

  19. I can't believe I'm watching Emily grow up. She's so darn cute. Isn't it funny how when they first start walking, they giggle a lot when they totter forward?

  20. Rena has the most gorgeous blue eyes BUT Kelly has to die for blue eyes and I too thought it was you as I was scrolling through.
    Emily is the cutest wee button and walking and ONE year old jingers thats gone fast! She clearly adores her Grandad..

  21. I always love your pictures and seeing into your life!

  22. Anonymous2:57 AM

    Hi Chris

    Kelly and Rena have beautiful blue eyes, just like you. Emily is too adorable, it is such a lovely age when they start walking and talking. As for the cricket all I know is that we beat you...hehe, my oldest son loves cricket and rugby and is forever glued to the sport's channels.

    Have a great week. And as to your diet, keep it up.

    Take care
    Dominique x

  23. Happy Birthday to Rena, time does pass too quickly.

  24. This one picture holding the bottle is fantastic!

  25. She does look really cute!


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