Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Yeah, well I had to have something to talk about today didn't I?

Weigh In last night:  I Lost .800 grams.
While it wasn't a big loss for two weeks, it was a loss, and I will take it, thank you very much!

I really do need to track every day!  That is what makes you accountable and honest.  I stopped tracing about a week ago... not sure why, just happened.

TODAY:  Hospice Shop for me.  Hopefully it's busy again.

ABOVE: Hmmm.... not bad.  Might mean decluttering some more...  and Teddy better be VERY Careful, cos he really ain't Beautiful or useful!

ABOVE:  lucky for him we love him.... even when he has a barking fit in the middle of the night! 


Back from Hospice, and of course... I found a little bit of treasure!

ABOVE:  a really nice (and spotless) winter jacket for Brylee for only $3!

 ABOVE: really cute little glass vase... not sure if I will keep it for me, or use it as a gift... it's so nice I'm tempted to keep it.

ABOVE: crystal and pearl necklace!  OMG, I was looking at one very similar to this in a shop at Sylvia Park recently .... which was $280.  This one: $10.00.  SCORE!!!

It's 10 to 3, the kids should be leaving school in a minute.... and it's just started raining... REALLY HEAVILY. Hmmm, do I jump in the car and go pick them up OR wait and see if they thought to put their raincoats on?
I think I'll just wait for them at home... let's see if they used their brains?

ABOVE:  surprise, surprise!  ONE of them listened to me!  I lectured them on wearing their raincoats a week ago... so Brylee took it in.  Griffin... is going to bed half an hour early tonight for NOT doing as he's told.  Hopefully NEXT time he will remember.

End of Day: Made the family a mince/tomatoe over pasta dish for dinner. Proud I did not have any!  NOT having pasta.
ON TRACK:  yep!  Going good eh?
nite nite.  ♥


  1. I need that sign posted in every room of my house! lol

  2. congrats on the weight loss... Any loss is GOOD loss! :)

  3. Anonymous10:05 AM

    congratulations on the loss - it all adds up!

  4. Congrats on the loss :)

  5. I read that sign and immediately thought of MOTH... *wicked grin*

  6. Aw, poor sweet Teddy looks very unhappy.

  7. Oh lordy that is a very very pitiful look, but only a mother could love that face!!!

  8. Anonymous7:48 PM

    I think Griffin is a typical boy. :-) I teach at a boys college and I on my way to work this morning I saw the vast majority walking in the rain without a raincoat, umbrella or any means of staying dry. It would have been raining when they left home - they choose to get wet and then sit in class wet! I would ask what are they thinking, but the reality is they simply do not think! Boys!!

  9. Yippeeeee on the loss. Thats what its all about, one loss after another equals success and reaching your goal.

    Had to laugh at Griffin and Brylee arriving home, B with her raincoat on and Griffin without his. If it was raining he was probably regretting that he hadn't listened every step of the way. Probably a good lesson learned and good that you didn't get in the car and go and get them for that reason alone.

  10. Way to go on the loss! Sounds like your kids are just like mine. Often mime choose to have selective hearing when I tell them things. It's to bad that because of that they loose certain things. Thanks for the comments on my site!

  11. Congrats on the loss..I am having a WW break and doing the Michelle Bridges (Aust biggest loser coach) 12 week challenge! I AM SCARED!

    Can I ask a tadpole question? Do their legs grow inside then just pop out of the skin???

  12. Good on you for not having the pasta :) It is rather fun losing weight, but more fun keeping it off! We'll do it this time.

  13. Anonymous12:48 AM

    Well done on the loss, it all adds up. Necklace is lovely. I'm so envious of all the great things you get at the hospice shop. If I ever come to NZ I would love to visit your hospice shops! Cheers Glenys

  14. We need to get rid of 9/10ths of the junk in our house.

  15. congrats on your loss! I'm laughing out loud at your dog pic/description...and "NOT having pasta..'eh". There are so many things that I say similar words to...and I've been so bad lately =(


  16. Congrats. on Another loss???? Wow! That is wonderful!

    You certainly did find some terrific treasures! Great job!

    LOL Poor Teddy ! He is so sweet.


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