Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Today Bex leaves for Hamilton ... and in a few days she flies down to Invercargill (bottom of New Zealand) for her brother's wedding.
Luckily, while here she has managed to buy the dress, shoes, bag, shawl and jewellery!

Well done Bex!

Also today, I go back to the Hospice shop.  I've been away for weeks so it will be nice to get back.

While down in Manurewa, I shall pick up my new prescription at the Doctors.  Here's hoping it doesn't take long for the pills to kick in again. I am ready to scream with these blasted hot flushes keeping me awake most of the night.

The Doctor's nurse talked to me yesterday too.  She said at my last visit (last July), my blood pressure was up, and they wanted to re-do it soon.  She also wanted me to have a blood test ... but I told her no!  I had a blood test  last July and did not hear a word from them... AND when I was having all that pain with my shoulder they made me have an ultrasound... but did they even bother to let me know the result?  NO.  Not impressed.  Not doing any more tests.

I would change Doctors if it was feasible.  But it's not.  And a new one might not be any better than this lot anyway.  Clearly I'm still crabby.  Blame it on the hot flushes.

Sorry, no photos yet for the day.  Maybe I will find some 'treasure' at the shop to bring home!

LYNDA: duly noted.  Yes, I should have rung them I suppose.  But they said they would let me know the results.  They didn't.  I PRESUMED there was nothing wrong when they didn't bother to ring me.  
I have sat and watched them ring Stew with his results, send him letters, arrange more tests for him, keep an eye on him every month... all because he has Type 2 Diabetes.  It pisses me off that because I don't have diabetes or anything serious, I get no follow up.
When you are told they will ring you, that is what you expect.

I am taking care of my health.  When I feel sick, I go to the Doctor.  I even had their freaking blood tests last time.  Much good it did me.

Thanks for you input... even though it has made me madder than hell.  And that is me being honest.

I will be at the doctor's today, picking up my prescription.  I am going to ask them for the results of my blood tests in July AND the results from the x-rays on my knees done about 2 years ago AND the results from the ultra-sound of my shoulder TOO.  There, taking care of business.

End of ...  lesson learnt. If ya don't want to be 'told off' by well meaning readers, DON'T have a whinge on your blog!  
I am going to try to keep my shitty moods to myself from now on!

Hospice today was OK.  Very hot in the shop, and busy.  I like busy.  Found a few treasures too:

 ABOVE:  jam jars!  Whoop...FREE.

ABOVE:  A Beaver t-shirt, which is really cute, new makeup mirror, big bag of buttons, two key thingees for around ya neck, a cute blue glass sugar bowl and a kiwi backpack for a littlie.
All that for $10!  You just can't beat Hospice Shopping!

Home now, going to have a fairly quiet afternoon... lunch, few jobs around the house, bla bla bla.
Got my hot flush pills too... so gimme a few days and I should be my 'happy self' again.
Sorry for being such a grump.

*** My doctor did not ask me to have another bloody test at all.  They want me to come in and have another blood pressure test in a month, which I said I would do. ***

End of Day:  I made a really nice seafood salad for dinner.... it's a shame the kids don't like it!  They had spaghetti and cheese.
ON TRACK?   yep.  
nite nite


  1. Poor people at the Hospice shop with you so grumpy lol....

  2. Oh and thought you had the results of the ultrasound..... and I take it as no news is good news with results, i am sure it it needed further tests or whatever they would have contacted you. Well thats how I look at it anyway.

  3. Sorry Chris, this entry makes me mad. This is your health. Everytime I have had anything done at the Doctors I am the one who follows it up. I get my results, I ask the questions. I have never once sat back and waited for them to call me.

    You and you alone are responsible for your health and by burying your head in the sand and blaming the doctor for not contacting you is not fair.

    Would you rather just get sick? You owe it to your children and grandchildren to look after yourself. Sorry, had to be said.

  4. You? Madder than hell? hehe.... No I don't mean for you to take it that way, just that we have to be our own doctor these days. You don't want to wait until there is a problem Don't be mad.

  5. hehe - I have to have blood tests weekly, and I go into the lab every Friday afternoon and pick up my results. Take a couple of minutes, and I can easily see if anything is out of range (mind you that is after 2.5 yrs of having them done every week)

  6. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Chris...I hope those tablets kick in for you soon my friend and you feel better soon! :( Cranky

  7. Yes I agree with Lynda. I'm always told to ring the nurse the next day or in 2 days for results. It really is your responsibility. If Stew is rung by the Dr it is probably because his results are not very good and they need to do follow up with him. Saying no to blood tests now is silly, as the results will be very different from your blood tests last year. This is your health, get over this silliness and look after yourself. Imagine your regret if you become ill, have a stoke (because of high blood pressure) etc that could have been prevented easily. The first step to preventing bad stuff is blood tests, get off your high horse and go and get them done.
    Last year I had to go onto blood pressure meds, I was annoyed as I felt fine, but I feel heaps better now, I hadn't relised I wasn't 'right' just thought it was me getting older.
    This is tough love from people who care so don't get your knickers in a knot, calm down and think about what Lynda and I are saying. You have a large lovely family who still need you and want you around for years to come

  8. Hopefully working at the Hospice will cheer you up.

    While I have to agree with Lynda, I have been on the receiving end of the grumpy Dr's receptionist when I have followed up results to be told "we said we would ring you if there is anything of concern".

  9. Whichever way you go you are darned if you do ring and darned if you don't I find it annoying I have to chase up my results but when I do go to the doctors I go on a Monday results by Wednesday If I go later in the week the weekend comes and I forget I hope whatever the results they are good and you get some help from them.

  10. Wow Tracy - that would make mad to be grumped at by a nurse. I get print outs of results to compare with other results - glad you are feeling better Chris

  11. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Have a whinge it is great
    I'm with you they should ring you if thats what they say they are going to do. Other industries do so why are bloody doctors different. Its my health but its their business & they suck sometimes
    Mary H

  12. Anonymous1:48 PM

    You might have given them about 4-5 calls...does make you mad I'm sure. Hope your new pills work reeeeal fast!! ...debbie

  13. Hi Chris,

    Love your new header. Hope you feel better soon.

  14. Great score form the hospice shop Chris - and sorry to hear you are having a bad day.
    Keep telling us how it is - thats why we visit each day!
    Take care

  15. Anonymous2:29 PM

    I get p***ed off too when told someone will ring and they don't. Definately make a point to ask about the results. Peace of mind is better than worrying. I think mostly no news is good news when it comes to the blood tests but next time if you haven't heard back after a few days ring and check.


  16. Hey Chris,
    Usually no news is good news when it comes to the docs.... But still I think it is a good idea to nail them down at tomorrows appointment about all of those things! Why not? Make them work a little. You had to endure the tests - may as well know what's up... And don't be mad at your reader = she's just looking out for you in her own way. And don't keep your shitty moods to yourself either. We love your personality just the way it is. That is why we read your blog! Keep it up.

  17. Ok, I am saying this, I was thinking it but I am saying it out loud. Chris comes on here to tell us about her life, post great photos, tell us about her ups and downs, tells it as it is. If she is down or grumpy, she doesn't need to be told off,or lectured, she just needs to vent, it is so much better to get things out than bottle them up. I think, and this is my opinion only, and I have trained and worked as an advisor and counsellor, Chris just needs some empathy and to be told it's ok mate, this will pass, it always does.


  18. Well, first of all, I LOVE you new header! And then, I saw your new "doo!" (hairdoo). I love that, too. I'm with you on the tests. No news is good news.

    I have bad knees, too! I'm trying to avoid surgery. I've had the flashes (your flushes) for about 10 years. I take Soy tablets and they help me a lot. I don't eat soy, but I can take the tablets.

    Hope you get everything done that you want to.

    p.s. - you can whine anytime!

  19. Score on the buttons!! That's where I've been getting all my Etsy stuff, the Hospice shops. :) Super cheap!

    My doctor's sucks too. I need to find a new one. I haven't seen MY Dr in probably 6 years. Always get the other ones in the office or the nurse practitioner.

  20. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Surely in this day & age they can email non threatening results or have a web site u can log on Just saying

  21. Anonymous6:59 PM

    Simply having a different opinion from Chris is not telling her off - and if she didn't want comments then she can always journal in private and not have a blog. But these people were giving her bloody good advice about not being apathetic when it comes to her health and being proactive. She has written so many times about her weight going up in the last year - that for all she knows something could be wrong with her body as she has not had a blood test since July. I'm not having a go at you Chris but you have a large family who love you and obviously depend on you - and you owe it to them and to yourself to keep yourself well.

  22. Jane Wogg7:25 PM

    Oh Chris, seriously, I'm sure Lynda didn't mean to make you mad. Like most of us that read your blog, we are concerned about you, your health, your family. Some readers are more vocal than others and that's okay too. I am totally with you (and some of your readers), doctors nowdays think that because they are somebody, we should all bow down to them, just because they are doctors. If they respected us just a little, we wouldn't be having this conversation. The fact that they didn't contact you (even if your results were okay) shows a total lack of respect on their part, towards you. You have a right to vent but don't let it get you too much. Life is too short to get upset over these things. Enjoy you life with your family, that's what matters the most.

    Hope you are feeling better.

  23. Hey Chris - shall I bring my blood pressure monitor with me tomorrow or would you kill me :)

  24. Wow, your comments were almost as good as your entry today!!

    Hugs, kiddo. Our time of life sucks sometimes.

    Hope the happy pills kick in soon.


  25. You know, I had the same issues with a few of my doctors. They say they will call with the results but they never do. And when I call up to get my results, it takes forever to get any answers. Once I went to a public hospital for a scan for breast cancer. I was told I would receive the test result in the mail. Whenever I called up, I was told to wait for the mail. You can imagine my frustration as I was kept wondering if I had any problems for 2 months. Finally, I made a nuisance of myself over the phone and refused to stop calling until someone gave me the answer. The doctor did call me back to tell me I had nothing to worry about in the most casual manner! That's why I like my gynae the best. If I take a test, he insists that if I do not receive the result by a certain date, I MUST telephone his nurse. And he gets his nurse to telephone me to verify I have the report just in case.

  26. Sorry to see you are still in the dumps, hope you are feeling better soon.

  27. My feelings's your blog and if you want to complain BY ALL MEANS DO IT......they can go somewhere else......I do hope you are okay and as far as those power surges or hot flashes...HATE THEM!!!! Love your freebie jam jars....I'll bet you make some yummy stuff my friend.....if you slip one in to the ocean...put my name on it...maybe it'll find me...AT LEAST I HOPE SO!!!!