Sunday, February 26, 2012


Last night, having a few drinks:

 ABOVE:  Waiting for me hair to dry after me bath... think I'll grab Uncle Steve's wine glass... shame there was only a drop left! 

ABOVE:  playing with the glass... 

 ABOVE:  share my spit Uncle Steve!

 ABOVE: Bex having a gander around the neighbourhood... next thing she says, in this slow southland drawl:  "Oooo, I can see a Digger!"... I think you had to be there to appreciate how funny she sounded.  Like a kid seeing Santa for the first time... *lol*

ABOVE:  cuddles with Granddad...

ABOVE: gorgeous.  I think she is just so photogenic, she's a dream to photograph.

TODAY:  Bex heads home today, she's got work tomorrow after having a whole month off!
Not sure when Amanda and Emily are going?
Don't care really... as long as they don't stay forever!  lol

Hopefully we will think of something nice to do today... after staying home all day yesterday I feel the need to get out for a while.

It was a lovely sunny day (for a change) so we went to the beach.  Spent about 4 hours at Orewa, one of our favourite beaches, and the nicest and nearest one to us.
I took 268 photos!  LOL
I will post some tomorrow as there are enough on this post.

End of Day:  not cooking tonight... I made a huge pile of Bacon/Cheese/tomato sandwiches for our picnic at the beach... so tonight it's gunna be sausages and chips.
ON TRACK:  na not really!  
nite nite


  1. She is so so cute!1

  2. She is just the cutest little tyke.

    That Uncle Steve is just one of the nicest Uncles I have ever seen. I wish all Uncles could be as sweet & gentle with the little ones as he is. I think that is one of the highest honors a Mom can have -if she raises a male child to be a good , sweet human being

    ok-translation -What is a digger????First thing that popped in was a Big Dog digging a big hole! LOl
    Next idea was a piece of heavy equipment like my sons operate? Now I am out of ideas ?????

  3. haha- a little booze just mellows them out, right?

  4. You tool a lot of photos! I love living in a digital age where I can take that many photos without breaking the bank.

  5. Chris, not to freak you out, but in the first pic of Emily with Steve's glass, her left eye looks kind of hollow and cloudy like Corbin's did before we realised he was born with a cataract. I'm sure she's fine, but I got cold chills when i saw her pupil looked a bit blurry like that...

  6. Steve and Emily together like 2 old friends how lovely and I will say again Uncle Steve is wonderful.

  7. Jane Wogg10:03 PM

    Er, excuse me... don't want to sound stupid but what's a digger? My translation is a huge machine which digs up holes in the road.

  8. emily is too darn cute... Found out last nght that they are going to leave halo here with us dont have a clue for how long but they are leaving wednesday evening for their big move... so i am glad they are leavig her here until they have a place to live. at least they have the common sense to do that much. I will live in dread (to a point) of when they come to get her because from there I dont knowo how long it will be until we see her again but, such is life. Did I mention that miss emily is adorable! (she looks like you to me) love ya.


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