Tuesday, January 31, 2012


This is the dress Bec's bought yesterday for her brother's wedding:

ABOVE:  totally gorgeous, the dress... and the girl.

I think we are going back to Sylvia Park today to look for a shawl or pashima to wear with it.  Invercargill is much cooler than up here!  Maybe we will find 'the' necklace too?

My darling man had to go back to work today.  I already miss him.  *sniff*

AND in two more sleeps the kids go back to school too!  
These holidays have gone fairly fast... made easier by the fact that the kids are so well behaved!  Seriously, they have not got on me wick much at all.  Not bad for 7 weeks on holiday eh?

Last night the guys finally go around to applying the fern decals to our little car:

 ABOVE:  The Viva before the decals...

 ABOVE:  working out where to put them...

ABOVE: it wasn't that easy ... apparently....

ABOVE:  surgical precision...

 ABOVE:  Steve and Becs popping little bubbles..

ABOVE:  done.  And it looks quite cool, don't 'cha think so ?

ABOVE: Steve being a dick...  


Bex, the kids and I went back to Sylvia Park, where Bex found the perfect black shawl for wearing with her dress, and a necklace and bracelet to wear too.  So she's very happy now.

AND... we bought two teeny tiny frogs... OMG they are so cute.  Also got a butterfly net to catch flies with... we have already caught several!  
Lunch.... then a quiet afternoon.

WEIGH IN RESULTS:  Stew LOST 600 grams, I GAINED 200 grams.  Not enough to really upset me... I will do better next week.

End of Day:  Bex and I had a lovely day shopping and just yakking.  We enjoyed watching the frogs too... *smiles*
ON TRACK:  and will do much better this coming week.... no more tipple for a start!
nite nite.


  1. Cute dress! Love the decals :)

  2. Anonymous8:17 AM

    love the dress and the car looks awesome very original


  3. Whoa, putting on the decals would be difficult but they did a really good job.

    Aren't boys so weird in that way? Always wanting to do something daring or off the wall. LOL

  4. not only do i think those decals are awesome, but i think they were awesomly done!

    If i did it it would look like a 3rd grader went finger painting on my car...

  5. Anonymous11:02 AM

    Cute dress! those earings and necklace would look good if she could find shoes the same color. I like your fern decals! Very Tricky!!! ...debbie

  6. What a beauty she is! Love the dress, and necklace!

    Good job on the decals. I've never seen them put on before. They did a great job!

  7. That dress is amazing. She looks like a princess, wearing a piece of the ocean [I'm a romantic, sorry lol]
    The fern looks awesome! That was soooo the right place for it!

  8. Woulda laughed if that letter box had fallen over.

    The decals look great, chick! I like to be original. Stand out in the crowd. Now I'll be able to see you when I'm driving around next... wait... LOL.

    And that dress is lovely. Becs will look gorgeous xx

  9. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Think he spent a bit long at the zoo!

  10. 7 frogs in that small cage not on!!!!! And I am sure you know but make sure you don't use fly spray or the fly thingees cause any fly that has been n contact with he sprays and the frogs eat them will kill them. Now I will shutup about the frogs.

  11. Enjoy catching the flies!
    Great job for the kids to do!
    Car looks great as well!

  12. Hi again, just popped in to say hi again. I am really enjoying your blog. I will be watching your weight loss with interest. I have tried and failed to lose weight so many times! I did Jenny Craig a couple of times but the food ended up just making me so depressed - after a while it all tastes so plasticky!
    Are you any closer to a tattoo? I finally have had someone draw one up for me, although he has just finished at his current studio to start his own studio up so it'll be a couple of weeks before I can see his design. The tadpoles are super cute by the way. My son wants some desperately but I am currently using his tank to grow out some baby fish so he'll have to wait!

  13. I can't wait to see the frogs!!!

  14. Bec's looks so pretty and I love the color of the pretty dress!!!
    The decal looks great! Great job!
    OMG the plants in your yard are absolutely beautiful!!! What a beautiful part of the world you live.
    How long have you and your man been married? Y'all are so cute!!!

    God Bless~

  15. The fern decal looks really cool. I wonder if it's a nz fern?

  16. You didn't tell us how much it was...
    Your kid is standing on the mailbox acting like a superhero.

  17. Nice dress, cute car. Next weigh in will be better.

  18. The dress is perfect! And 200 grams is... very very little. I'm sure you will lose next week big time. ;)

  19. I am sorry you gained...that stinks...on facebook I think I clicked like because I thought you said you lost.....ooops! I like the cuteness on the car too! You crack me up the way y'all talk....I LOVE the sentence where you said the kiddo's didn't get on your wick hahahaha YOU MAKE ME SMILE!


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