Tuesday, December 27, 2011


First on me list today:
Take down the Christmas stuff!

It will be good to have the house back to 'normal' again.

After that... if it remains fine Stew is going to do the lawns and I want to get some pots to grow some lettuces in.
I don't want a 'proper' vege garden again.  Just a few pots with lettuces, parsley, silver beet and the like in.  

And having them in pots means easy care, and I can place them where it's sunny most of the day.  Our last vege garden didn't get much sun, so our veges were a bit dismal.

Apart from that, not much else on the horizon today.
There's still masses of sales around, so might be tempted to check some out.  I still want a Food Processor... but have talked myself out of the mega expensive model. 

I'm still going to get a Kenwood, just a smaller, less expensive machine.  I was talking to a saleslady in Harvey Norman's about the one I was thinking of buying and she said it was a model predominantly sold to restaurants as it was a commercial model.

That explains it's price!  So, I'm downsizing my wants to a much smaller model.  Being sensible an all that.

ABOVE:  Emily in her Christmas dress made by me.  Isn't she so cute.

Wow, taking down the tree and decorations took only a few minutes... and now me lounge is back to normal.  
Stew just said we really should do a grocery shop today.  Wonderful.  Just what I feel like.  Bloody grocery shopping.  *sigh*

Oh well... maybe the mall won't be quite so crowded today?

Ya, the shopping is done, and the mall/supermarket were not crowded at all!  It was a simple in and out exercise... no crowds anywhere.

I think we are going out after lunch as I want to buy some plastic pots to grow veges in.


  1. Did mine yesterday all the Christmas stuff.... when its over it's over..... what did Santa bring you???

  2. That dress and little Emily are adorable :)

  3. Oh my gosh xmas over NOOOOOOOO we don't take our tree down until Jan 5th our table still has xmas tablecloths and decorations. Emily in that dress very cute see... We don't need any groceries this week YAY Taupo at xmas insane and New year insaner we only have the 2 supermarkets and they are crazy!!!!!!

  4. Hey Chris why not do the grocery shop online. No crowds no craziness. And they deliver to your door!

  5. I'm going to check out Manukau shopping mall today - I hope it's not crazy, but I have birthday and Christmas money to spend! Heck yes! :) hehehe

  6. The plan is to take down the Christmas tree tomorrow. Let's see if things go according to plan. The dress and the baby in the dress are adorable.

  7. O NO! Now it is time to think about growing veggis~ Shame on you while I am thinking about COLD! We have been so lucky so far this year. I have only had frozen water bowls for the critters Three times so far, and that is awesome! We are suppose to have a cold rain all day tomorrow , but that is better than black ice- I will take cold anyday.I am beginning to wonder if people in the tropics put in an order for warm weather and it accidentally got sent our way????
    But you can bet -I am NOT going to "Return to Sender" ! I will keep it as long as I can. LOL

    Emily's little dress is so sweet on her. She is such a cutie patoodie!

  8. I want my tree down and house back as well. Too tired yesterday!

    Emily looks so cute in her dress.

    I just got a Kenwood multi pro compact but haven't used it yet. It says it does all I want it to. Maybe I'll get off my bum later in the week and try it all out!

  9. I fully want a food processor too! And a mixmaster! Why couldn't I think of that at xmastime when people were asking! Dang!

  10. Me too, I'm with you, get Christmas behind us. My wife wants to put up more christmas stuff for our new years party.

  11. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Such a cute dress!! She is so cute anyway!! I've put some Christmas away, but not all. Tree stays up until after New Years....debbie

  12. Have you checked out a Thermomix instead of a food processor? Way expensive, but totally awesome! I wouldn't be without mine. Tho I bought it on eBay from Spain and got it half price!


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