Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I am looking forward to today.  It's the last day of my volunteer stint at the Hospice shop for 7 weeks.  Much as I love being there MOST of the time, I am going to enjoy having NO commitments except look after me kids and enjoy summer.

ABOVE:  See my woolen rug?  I just LOVE that rug.  But it's been up in the loft storage for months cos it drives me nuts.  We have had that rug for over 4 years and it STILL has masses of fluff coming off it... every day I have to vacum just to keep the room looking tidy.  I got Steve to bring it down a couple of nights ago,  I decided to just put up with the constant vacuming... and enjoy the 'look' for a while.  Cos it does look lovely, particularly with the Christmas decorations and tree up.  Kinda 'cosy'.

ABOVE:  the dogs showing me some love for a change.  This is me midday,  enjoying me lunch break.  Sometimes that 'break' can turn into a bit of a nap!  lol

Anyways.... time to get moving and make the lunches, get the kids ready for school... bla bla bla...

ABOVE:  very, very busy at the Hospice Shop today!  I almost had NO  time to hunt for treasures!  But ... I managed it somehow.  lol

I can now relax and know that the next 7 weeks are free to do whatever I want.  Yaaa.
I really hope we get to spend lots of time at the beach, and I even get some time to sew.

WHERE is everyone?  It's gone quiet around the blogs...WHAT ARE YA DOING?

OMG dinner smells divine!  I put chicken thighs on a baking tray, smothered them is Teriyaki marinade and slow baked them.  Can't wait to eat....

End of Day:  dinner was lovely.  Quiet evening had by all.  Lately I've been trying to stay up really late so I actually sleep... last night I had a right dreadful night, so fingers crossed I actually sleep tonight?
nite nite.


  1. The tree candles decorations look so bright and nice, I like the rug too very homely have a nice day at hospice......

  2. Everytime I buy a rug some animal ruins it.

  3. The house looks very Christmassey, mate. Envious that you're all ready for the big day and I have only just begun.

  4. Your house is so festive! You're right about the rug making it look all cosy. Pity about the bloody fluff. It would drive me crazy as well.

  5. *Waves* ... Hi Chris! I'm here ... but now dashing off to candle making class (which I'm loving!). Have a good evening :)

  6. Your lounge room is beautiful, I wish you and all your family a very Happy Christmas and a happy healthy 2012

  7. Anonymous3:32 AM

    Your room looks VERY festive! Love the rug! It's good that your taking off Hospice for the summer. The kids are only little for a short time and they will always be there!! ...debbie

  8. Your house looks wonderful for the holiday!

    I was wondering if the Hospice Shop is still home to Miss Smell fart. I haven't read for a while so I miss what is happening with that situation.

  9. I was thinking of ways to do up my christmas craft market counter and i took a look at how you did your home...but realised i need so much ornaments to make it anywhere near christmas. I bought some tinsel/sparkly thingy but they shedded like crazy so ditch that idea. Made in China!

  10. Guess everyone's busy rushing around like fools. Totally forgot it was summer break coming up. Hope you have lots of things to keep the kids busy. Take care.


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