Thursday, December 15, 2011


When you sit down in your lounge and have a chat to a friend or two about things that are on your mind ... that's OK.

When you talk on the phone to someone about things that are on your mind ... that's OK.

When you write in your diary about things that are on your mind ... that's OK.

If you talk to a counsellor about things that are on your mind.... that's OK.

NO ONE expects you to then have to go and tell EVERYONE you know what you said or wrote... it's between you and the other person/persons.

So, when I write in my PRIVATE BLOG about stuff that is on my mind ... THAT IS OK TOO.

If I wanted to talk to you about stuff that is on my mind... I WOULD.  But you might not like it.  You might not even listen.   You might even scream and abuse me.  Or leave me a nasty comment .... and that is why I don't.

MY 'Secret Blog' IS NO BLOODY SECRET.  It is me using another way to TALK TO MY FRIENDS, cos they are not in my lounge right now. 

Just like YOU talk to your friends.  I don't expect you to tell me EVERYTHING YOU SAID.... 
I do know that some people no doubt say all sorts of  things about ME TOO... but I don't expect them to tell me either.   That is why we have private conversations.   
So there ya go.  I will post on my Private Blog whatever and whenever I like.  Just like you can if you want.

TODAY:  is all mine.  And I am going to sew.  Stuff the housework.  Stuff trying to please anyone.  I am over trying to please everyone.  It's impossible.  This is MY life too.  I don't want to be on my deathbed wishing I had done more JUST FOR ME.

STEW: I would do ANYTHING for you... well,  except iron your bloody shirts... Or weed the garden....  or put out the rubbish... OK, *sigh*... maybe I would do ALMOST ANYTHING for you!  lol


The kids have gone to school with water guns, togs and towels... as it's 'Fun with Water' Day at school today.  BUT,  it's blowing a gale and pissing down with rain.  I am quite sure it will be cancelled.  And  knowing Griffin, it will be MY FAULT somehow.... and he will be in the worst foul mood when he gets home.

Thankfully then, Stew and I have his work Christmas Dinner tonight, so I can escape and leave grumpy Griffin with Steve!   *snigger*

I have done a little sewing, but for some reason it wasn't calming.... so I did the next best thing. I went shopping.
Stew has instructed me to NOT get him anything for Christmas.   So I got some things for both of us instead!  Where there's a will, there's a way eh?
Again, even though it is a mid week day, the mall was crowded and hot.  I was happy to find a few bits 'n' bobs then come back home.

It's a bit scary on the motorway when it's pissing down and busy!  Just saying.

I'm amazed!  They still let the kids play in the rain!  So Griffin was happy.  Oh and neither of them chose to wear their raincoats on their way home this afternoon, so they were dripping wet when they came through the door.  Grrrrr.  Little shits.

End of Day: home much earlier than expected.  Dinner was on a scale of 1 to 10.....
to be told tomorrow.
nite nite.


  1. Quite so , point taken

  2. Well said!
    Oh, I have missed reading you! I have so much to catch up on!

  3. Good on you! - Make today your day! - With this crappy weather today you need something to make you smile!
    Hope you were able to have a good sleep overnight - I hate feeling tired!

  4. What bought that on? Have you got people wanting to know your private business? Of course private is private - just maybe don't tell people so much about the private blog so they won't know :)

    Have a nice day anyway, crappy weather out there!!

  5. Anonymous8:10 AM

    geesh someone needs to take her happy pills again!

  6. Great day for sewing.Enjoy it.

    We are growing mushrooms between our toes.

    Sometime we have to move into bus with much to cart out. Too wet right now. Slosh, slosh!!

  7. Could be you lucky day/night Stew I would get home early Lol
    Mary H

  8. Good for you Chris. Well said :o)!!!
    Joy :o)

  9. Good on you Chris! Too bloody right, while I don't get to read pepsi I sometimes wonder what else is going on. But then I see comments from Anonymous and I put 1 + 1 together. Private is just that, private!

    If the teachers at Griffins school have any sense they will let the boys like Griffin go and do there thing in the rain as they are going to get wet anyway whether it is the rain or the water-guns. Plus I am sure they don't want to try teaching the little darlings something when they promised "fun with water"

    Hope you enjoy Stew's company dinner. Those things you listed that you would not necessarily do for him that is because they are officially know as "Blue Jobs". You see we have "Pink jobs" and "Blue jobs" - ladies do not do "Blue jobs"!

  10. Having a good day are we lol...... hope the kids get to water day, rain would just add to the fun :)

  11. Hope all is ok...Negativity is never good for the soul. Hope you don't let others get to you, and you can enjoy this Christmas season!

  12. Hi Chris
    Enjoy your Dinner tonight, have fun, have a drink and forget about everything for a few hours :O)

    Michelle x

  13. I think I have done your SHARE of housework we have vaccumed under beds furniture cleaned pantry fridge and done edges windowsills IT is pissing down with rain.

  14. you go girl Love ya!!!!! :)

  15. Bloody good point there Chris!!!
    Hope your day is improving :)

  16. Hi Chris,

    I have just finished a quilt for my son, and you inspired me to quilt it myself, using your wiggly lines. It looks great
    Thank you so much

  17. Oh my. Hope you get get blamed for the weather by Griffin or wanting to put your private thoughts elsewhere by blog readers!

  18. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Say what you want, you have everyright, this is your blog and your blog friends should know you have much to deal with, hope you feel brighter very soon. x Maggie

  19. Hey at least they had fun. Enjoy the dinner tonight :)

  20. Very true Chris, the internet has people thinking that they have the right to know everything instantaneously, but we do still have the right to privacy and private communications. I think it's great they let the kids have their fun today, bugger about the raincoats though!

  21. reminds me of a song "Bloody Well right" trying to think of the group but I am getting so forgetful! Someones always blabbin, I have been known to blab but not out of meaness, just shear stupidity. I think I even get the idea of a private blog.

  22. Glad the kids got to play even though it's raining. At least he didn't have to blame you. LOL
    I hope that you and Stew had a marvelous time at the dinner!! A few adult hours is nice!!

    God Bless~

  23. Anonymous7:01 PM


  24. My very words!!!!

    xo jj

  25. I know what you mean about the motorways. Rain + christmas = a special type of stupid in Auckland.

  26. Anonymous2:53 AM

    I absolutely LOVE the photo of the little girl on the phone!! What a hoot!! This is just a thought: if you put something online, which is over-the-top non private, how can you think you'd have privacy? I probably don't know the whole story however. I am probably missing something. Regardless, I love your Blog and look forward to it each day!! ...debbie

  27. Sounds like you are having a tough day. Hopefully your dinner out lightened your spirits. Glad the kids had their fun day afterall.

  28. Playing in the rain sounds wonderful! The whole dripping wet when arriving home . . .maybe not so much!

  29. I've been thinking about doing a new secret blog no one knows about now that my oldest reads mine.

  30. Read all the coments,puzzeled about it all.The Old Moo.

  31. Still can't understand it all.would rather read your blog.THE OLD MOO.


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