Friday, December 30, 2011


I had enough sitting on me butt yesterday.
Today I want to go out and about.
So we will.

I'm thinking of buying on of these:

ABOVE:  a steam mop!  Anyone got one... how good are they?  I think it could be really good for me laminate flooring.  

Apart from that.... I want to find something for Stew's birthday on the 8th of January.  
I'm thinking of some exercise singlets.  The ones he has right now are so old they are falling to bits!  AND some of them were my Dad's.... so they are at least 11 years old!  

Right... that's a start to the day...


So we went out shopping.... priced the steam mops, and then went on to try some out.  After trying the Bissell steam mop out I decided it was not as WONDERFUL as I thought.... it left far too much water on the floor (which in NOT good for laminate wood flooring) so we did not buy one after all!

Instead, I found the Food Processor I wanted, it was on sale at The Good Guys, and was 20% off on top of the sale price... so I kinda got one!   I have to wait for it to arrive as they are sold out ... but that's OK.  I am thrillled to bits.  I spent $200 less than the original price!  SCORE!!!

Home now... waiting for a man to turn up and pick up my old phones.  I sold them on TradeMe for a decent price.  I love TradeMe!  

End of Day: disappointed.  The man who won my  phones on TradeMe did not turn up, and we stayed home all afternoon waiting for him.  I have sent him another e-mail, so hopefully I hear from him again or I will have to re-list... which is a right fag.
Tired tonight, shopping is tiring!
Off to bed early-ish.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous7:40 AM

    There is a big sale at Rebel Sport - hubby bought shoes yesterday :-) As for the steam mop, I was interested too as we have wooden floors which our dog dribbles on - but the mops seem to good to be true watching the ad on TV and I definitely would like to hear some opinions from your blog friends as well. And thx for comment on my blog. I would JFDI today but it is raining ;-)

  2. Ah, Steam mops. I love mine and wouldn't be without it now. I have a Bissell. Bit more on the expensive side compared to the others, but is so much better quality. I heard from friends the others just don't work, and don't buy one from the TV offers or AS Seen on TV....
    good luck for shopping. Can't wait to see what you get :)

  3. Hey Chris! Sorry I haven't been around much lately. My computer decided to break a week or so ago and I just got it back today. Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas!

    I have a steam mop. I have one of the "Shark" brand and it's really great! I like the fact that you don't have to use any cleaners in them and they still get your floors really clean. I don't have any laminate flooring, but it works great on my hardwood and tile! Good luck choosing the one that's right for you!



  4. According to Consumer magazine those mops are fantastic.

    I didn't realise we had Carls Junior burgers here yet.

  5. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Those mops are good, but there is nothing like getting down on your hands and knees girl!! Works a treat and a good way of losing some puppy fat.

  6. My cousin has one in her salon and loves it! Ithink she has laminate floors.
    Enjoy your shopping day.
    Still working today for me:(

  7. My SIL just got one for Christmas but I'm not sure what brand. My brother said it was expensive!

  8. Hey Chris. Hope you had a great Christmas and have a happy and safe 2012.


    I'm staying home today. Out tomorrow to the northside to meet an interstate friend for coffee. Excited!

  9. My daughter has a Shark steam mop and she loves great on her wood floors.

  10. I've never had a steam mop. But I used to own a vacuum cleaner that uses water. Hated it because I realised I did not like to throw the dirty water away and clean out the gunk in the vacuum cleaner afterwards. It felt like so much more work. I use a dry vacuum cleaner now - a Dyson which does not use dust bags. As for mopping, I use a magic cleaner which is just something flat you push around and it catches the grub with a piece of disposable fabric/paper.

  11. Hi Chris,
    I have a Haan steam cleaner that I got off of a tv offer and as long as they manufacture them I will never be without one again! Not having to use any dangerous cleaners and yet having germs killed from the heat is just too good a combination - so it is a winner with me. I too have hardwood floors and when I am finished they shine like new money - so fantastic that I want to just lay down on them and trace the patterns of the wood -run my hands over it and feel its silkiness. Yea- see I REALLY do love mine !!!!!!!!! LOL

    Plus with 8 dogs and a DH who refuses to take his muddy boots off - you can see what I am up against and when some of the grandkids come and help DH cut firewood and all of those muddy boots come tromping in- I would Never be able to contain the mess with anything else -O, let's not forget all of the "spilled" dryed messes or even when the cat does her upchuck mess - yep - my little steam cleaner tackles it all and leaves a miracle! :)

    But, I might warn you - the first one they shipped me DID leave too much water on the floor and I was disappointed - so I SENT it back , telling them why and for one reason this ones does not. If you see too much water then in my case - I have been pushing it too fast - so I slow down and give the heat a chance to dry most of the moisture as I move back away from it. IF you have a Gummy mess like a syrup spill that has dryed - just let your cleaner sit on it for a minute and it will come right up.

    So , that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!!!!!!!!! LOL :)

    O - Congrats. on your new FOOD PROCESSOR!!!!!!!!! Don't you LOVE a real bargin? I was beginning to think there were not anymore. LOL

  12. Well done on the food processor! Great savings! - I love Trademe as well - great place to sell unwanted items!
    Books placed in post today!

  13. I use a mop that I got from Bunnings (I think) that has a flat head and a microfibre cover that you take off and wash each time. It is not a steam mop, just an ordinary one. It just leaves the most amazing perfect finish on the floors - especially at the beach house where we have a lot of flooring.

  14. We have always wanted a steam mop but only have 3 little lino areas so we just ordinary mop, what a great bargin shopper you are well done you.

  15. umm, do I detect the start of a 'new hobby'???

    I seem to remember your card making started with the purchase of a cuttlebug.

    The sewing/quilting etc started with the purchase of a sewing machine,

    now I read about the arrival of your fancy new food processor I'm thinking this is probably the start of 'wonder chef Chris' about to be born. (or is it maybe my own wishful thinking as I do like seeing progress pic's of peoples edible delights and trying them out myself)

    In regards to the steam mop I was so close to buying one earlier in the year so decided to check out what the reveiws were saying about them and was disappointed to find that consumer mag didn't rate them very highly at all but after reading your readers commments I am actually thinking about reconsidering as peoples experiences seem really positive so perhaps a lot more worthwhile then I thougt.

  16. LOl! I "kinda" bought one!

  17. Anonymous2:39 AM

    If you want a good steam mop buy a "Shark"!!!! They are the very best and do a fantastic job!!! ...debbie

  18. I saw the thumbnail of the first pic and thought "That looks like a row of vacuum cleaners."
    I was right, it was a row of vacuum cleaners......

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