Sunday, December 04, 2011


We don't have any plans for today.
Steve wants to go to Goat Island, but the water is still a bit cold so I said nope.

But I'm sure we will end up going out somewhere!

In the meantime, I give you a few photos from yesterday:

ABOVE:  Steve was outside with the kids yesterday afternoon and he came in and said 'come and look where Coco is, take a photo!"  So I went out and there she was, bold as brass on top of the outdoor table!  No doubt she jumped from chair to table.... when I got out there her ears dropped and she looked ever so guilty!  lol

ABOVE:  Steve about to kiss Coco.... after grossing Amanda out by saying Coco had just finished licking her butt!  The look on Amanda's face is priceless!  (notice the ironing in the background?  Clearly not a top priority for me,  lol )

ABOVE:  Emily can stand up on her own now... so she spent a lot of time trying to scrag the dogs.  I didn't let her, it would not have been fair on the dogs, and I also didn't want to risk one of them nipping her if she hurt them.  Both dogs are really good, they just try to keep away from her.

ABOVE:  nothing is safe any more.  *sigh*   That's the tooth fairy box she's trying to reach.  Griffin has lost 2 or 3 molars lately, so it's spent more time there than in the cabinet.  The tooth fairy is going broke paying for all the teeth!

Right, until we do something interesting and I can yak about it... I'll bugger off.


Ikkk, it's a right pissy day. Wet wet wet.  So I made an executive decision to stay home today!
Rather novel idea for this house, but it's been nice so far.
Steve, B & G and I had a game of 'Trouble' which was lots of fun, and I said "How about Apple Pie for lunch?"..... which was met with a resounding YES.

So, pie is in the oven and we await lunch!

It may be raining, but it's still very warm... just shockingly HUMID now.  Just the sort of weather I hate!  But, I can jump in the spa to cool off.

Almost 6pm and the day has cooled off considerably, which is very pleasant.
Stew got our Christmas Tree and decorations down form the loft and put it up this afternoon.  I helped a wee bit, but mostly he did it.  I was determined that I wasn't doing it this year!

End of Day:  a bit early, but hey, I doubt much else is going to happen today.  Just dinner, some TV watching then bed.
nite nite.


  1. Everything gets moved up just a bit higher lol

  2. Photo's up of Miss Chico getting her first groom :-)

  3. We went to a birthday party this morning RAIN impending at "Action World" just by Taupo airport AWESOME place the rain just held off we are inside and just slobbing now.

  4. We didn't want to go any shorter for her first clip.....

  5. Funny, it's winter here and I am freezing, and you are hot. Seems so odd to me. That Emily is quite the cutie pie!!
    Apple pie for lunch? Now that sounds like my kind of lunch!!! LOL. Bet it was yummy!!
    God bless~

  6. Sounds like a great day to me. It is nice when we are lucky enough to get to enjoy our families and our homes in this , "hurry-hurry" society.

    That pie sounds mighty tasty! YUM!

  7. sounds like a fabulous day and loved your pictures...Happy Sunday

  8. Ya know, sometimes there's just nothing better than staying home with family. Looks like you all had a great day, and I loved the photos...that little Emily is just too cute for words! :o)



  9. yeah - wasn't the weather shocking yesterday! It was so humid I felt like I was underwater for most of the day! I had places to be, too so had to get out in the rain!

  10. You know the pic of steve & coco about to kiss? I really like Teddy's glassy look!


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