Monday, December 05, 2011


Stew did a very good job of putting up our Christmas tree yesterday:

ABOVE:  Stew putting the star on the top... and it's done!

ABOVE: our lovely Christmas tree area.  

ABOVE:  I'm thrilled at how I could 'tart up' our new mirror too.  Doesn't it look gorgeous?

I am almost finished with the Christmas shopping too.... OH and I must post a few parcels too.  Whoops, almost forgot that.  Drat, I hope the one to Australia gets there in time.

Today:  housework, it's the norm after a weekend.   I hope it stops raining so I can get the washing out.
I also want to do some sewing... I keep trying to get back to those freakin placemats... but other things keep intruding on me sewing time.  


I just did a good 'job'.... tidying up my Photos in me computer!  Anyone else find they end up with dozens of folders and it becomes impossible to find anything?  LOL... I sure do.  So now all my folders have been condensed into MONTHS.... it's so much easier!  

Off to hang out the washing... hope it isn't a waste of time.
Then I'm popping out to post Christmas parcels.

Thank goodness I only had to post three parcels!  Sure isn't cheap nowdays. 
I've spent the afternoon doing a few jobs around the house, no sewing.   It's very hot in the garage today and I went down there with very good intentions, then turned around and came back up to the lounge.

It's actually turned into a really lovely day!  Just a gentle breeze stirring the heat around.  The kids are home, and even they are inside as it's so muggy outside.

AND OMG I got out a pork roast for dinner!  Derrrr... it's going to make it even hotter in the house.  Oh well, it's out and defrosted now, so I have no choice but to cook it.

In my infinite wisdom I decided NOW was the time to clean out the fridge.  I'm boiling... dripping with sweat.  Such a good look.  NOT.

ANON:  I'm sure Stew would thank you for that comment. lol

LYNDA (who I affectionately refer to as WEBBY): I put the Xmas tree in a playpen of course!  Or up on a table.  
With the dogs this year, they seem to be ignoring it, which is great.... so far!  If they have a go at it I shall put the dog fence up so they can't get into the lounge.

DARLING:  if you read this before leaving work like you usually do... we need potatoes! ta ever so muchly...


  1. Your Christmas Decorations look beautiful Chris. xxx

  2. The first thing I thought when I saw the tree was boy is Emily going to have fun with that, lol.

    I love the way you've decorated the tree. It's all looking very festive. Will have to get mine up, dreading it, but it's for the kids.

  3. I have folders with years and then that is divided into months.... And name them as soon as I load them onto the computer.....

  4. love the decs, clever Stu. We have little ones joining us this year so we have limited our decs and bought a slimline tree that stands on a table hopefully out of little hands way. Well thats the theory but I know they will find ways to touch what they want but thats all part of Xmas.

  5. My photo files on the comptuer had become rediculous too. I used to sort them into months but would be trying to hunt for specific photos and couldnt' remember when they were taken so found the system became problematic. My new files are all named according to events so my files will be Holidays then in that folder I will have holidays NZ holidays overseas, then in the nz folder i will have still more folders with coromandel, wellington, south island, Northland etc so all the photos with holidays in those destinations go into their appropriate folder.

    Probably sounds really complicated but its SO handy for finding photos again. I know if I want to find any of my time in Oz, its under Holidays, Holiday overseas, then Holiday Oz, so it doesn't matter if I'm looking for a shot from my trip 2002, 2004, 2007 or 2010, its in the Holiday Oz folder. Easy peasy.

  6. Oh the decorations are beautiful!!! I love the mirror!!! Stew did a fabulous job!!!

    You should cook the pork roast in the crock pot. Makes for a cooler house and a tender juicy pork roast!!!

    Love your blog!!!

    God Bless~

  7. Yes, I know the photo problem. I also get a lot from sisters of the nieces and nephews which I love, but then I don't know if I have saved them off an email or not, so I save the email just in case and my email keeps getting so full I can't email! Need a system for that. Love the decorations. It is so hot out there, I had to have a mid afternoon shower.

    Enjoy your dinner!


  8. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Nice butt!!!!!

  9. O- I too LOVE the decorations ! I do not know which is prettier-the tree - those candles -or the mirror like you said? I love them all.

    That was so funny about Emily! That will be quiet an adventure.: ) How did you handle it when your kids were little?

  10. I like what you did to your mirror. It's so pretty like a window display! I have major problems with folders too. I class them so well I can't find them. I no longer use sub-folders because you tend to forget they exist. So much time is wasted hunting for pics.

  11. Decorations just gorgeous, the mirror is so neat tarted up.... we ended up a hot stinking boiler of a day.....

  12. My wife set ours up while I was at work. Your house looks all set for the season!

  13. That's a tiny tree! Everyone around here seems to be all about bigger and taller. We have a tree that I wouldn't mind if it was a bit wider but other than that it's good enough :)


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