Thursday, December 22, 2011


WOMBAT asked me yesterday for the muffin recipe I used yesterday, so here it is:

ABOVE:  I used chopped up ham steaks instead of bacon, and NO Olives... ikkky things olives!

ABOVE:  while I was sorting out all me cooking books I found this old one that I had never seen before.  I have NO idea where it came from or how it got to be in my pile of books, but I'm not complaining as it has some really neat muffin recipes in it.  I'm going to have a good look through it this afternoon.

TODAY:  Steve has a Christmas shared lunch, so he's taking half a dozen muffins, and I have the Hospice Shop Christmas Lunch.... and YES... it is today!  So I'm taking half a dozen muffins too.

Apart from that, I will be home folding all the washing that I got done yesterday.  And there's a shit load of it!  Oh and I might even get around to visiting some blogs too.  *smiles*


 ABOVE:   well the hospice shop Christmas Lunch was really lovely!  About 2 dozen of us were there. 

ABOVE:  a few people brought Deb's (our boss) a Christmas Present.  Funny... all of them brought her wine!  lol

Griffin and I stayed about an hour, then as it was so very hot in the shop we left early.  3 minutes from home it started raining heavily... which was a bummer as I have a massive amount of washing out on the line.
Oh well... it has to stay out there now. 

Griffin was helping me take bits 'n' bobs downstairs this afternoon... and had a wee accident:

ABOVE: let's all say "OUCH"!!!
Poor kid screamed and cried for at least 20 minutes... then I finally got him to calm down with an ice pack on his head and some chocolate in his gob.  *phew*
Nasty stubbed toe!  He actually bent it under his own foot and stood on it!  So he says.  Either way, it's nasty.
AND NO, I don't think it's broken.  Both his big toes bend in like that!  
Stew suggested taking him to the Doctor... but I know from experience (*HI* Amanda) that they can do nothing for a broken toe!


End of Day:  my wee man is feeling a lot better now!  His toe has stopped throbbing and he's happy again.   He couldn't eat much dinner though...he'd had a lot of chocolate and jelly beans!  
nite nite


  1. Enjoy your hospice luncha nd those muffins do look yummy! - HAve a fab christmas

  2. Nice looking muffins, does Stu still have the company car and didnt you have problems with the new car you got, maybe I am thinking of someone else, if it was you did it get sorted????

  3. Nice looking cake at the hospice, we have rain coming too as its getting hotter and muggier...

  4. Poor old Griffin.... please say a big "feel better soon" from me! xxx

  5. Ouch that looks bad!! I used to stub my toes constantly when I was little, and still do but not as bad.

  6. Oh my! I'd have cried all day and half the night if that was my toe! Yikes. I hope poor Griffin is on the mend fast.

    xo jj

  7. Anonymous6:31 PM

    Thanks for the recipe! Have a very merry christmas Chris! WOMBAT

  8. O yes- definitely a Painful toe! Poor little guy -he deserves a little bit of spoiling . So sorry that had to happen to him! I HATE Boo-Boos!

  9. Anonymous7:24 PM

    OUCH! Poor dude, wonder if it will go really purple with bruising? We have real fickle weather down here in Tauranga too - I am so ready for some consistent dry weather!

  10. Hi Mummy! yeah bloody toe has never been the same :( Poor Griffin....

  11. Glad to see that the cure for Griffin was chocolate and not a doctor's visit. Chocolate is a good cure for lots of things in my house too :)

  12. Poor guy that looks really painful!!


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