Friday, December 02, 2011


Remember that cane basket I got from the Hospice Shop on Wednesday?
Well... it is coming in handy:

ABOVE:  see?  Now when I'm going out the door I can put all me stuff in one basket!  No more to'ing and fro'ing taking all me bits and bobs out to the car.  I love it!

See that RED lunch box in me basket?  I bought two of them for Amanda and Lacy to take their lunches to school 27 years ago! That one belonged to Lacy, then Mike got it, and now, it's Griffin's!  It has been used every SCHOOL DAY for 27 years!!!  How many plastic boxes do ya know that last that long?  I think it's amazing.

TODAY:  well... I have an hair appointment that I forgot about.  They rang me last night to remind me, just as well cos I thought it was NEXT Friday.  It was good they rang though, cos it gave me a chance to question them about their pricing.

I went to this new salon because the previous salon kept on upping their price, even though they were doing the same thing every time I went.

So... this new salon knew I had concerns about unexpected price increases and said my hair would cost $120, all up.

First time I went it was $140, even though they had quoted me $120?  They explained that by saying it was the toner they had to use.  They hadn't 'factored' that cost in.  Well....OK I suppose, but I was not impressed.
Second time I went it cost $160 !  So I said to the girl last night it better not be $180 today!
She said no, it would be $130.  WTF?

Seems they have the same 'problem' as the last salon.  No set price structure.  No guarantee on cost.

I am sorely tempted to look for another salon.  This sort of shit just rings me bells... makes me so cross.  I don't want to be forever changing salons.  I want one that does a good job and charges fairly and consistently.  Is that too much to ask?

Anyone in Auckland know of such a salon???  Or are they as rare as hen's teeth?  

ABOVE: OK, hens with teeth, that is seriously scary to contemplate!  

I had nightmares last night about going to the salon today!
I kept thinking they would 'accidentally' singe all me hair off as 'payback' for questioning their prices!  I am afraid, very afraid... ha ha ha!

Hopefully it goes well... and the price is as agreed last night at $130.

TRACY: going over to the North Shore would not trouble me in the least, but I just checked out their prices and they are more expensive than where I'm going right now!  

I just spent half an hour looking at various hair salons and their pricing.  Seems my present salon is fairly average with their prices... That being said ... the price quoted is for a colour ONLY.  I walk out with wet hair, no haircut or nothing!  Seems all salons do that... separate price for everything!  
If I was to go to a salon for a colour, cut and blow dry it would cost upwards of $225!  OMG, talk about daylight robbery.

But, as women are paying that, they can charge that.  *sigh*
I have decided next time to go to a salon that specalises in colouring... at least then I know I am paying through the nose for A GOOD JOB!

ONWARD... enough about hair already!

THREE HOURS LATER: hair is done, can't show you right now as it's still rather wet. The owner of the salon talked to me this morning and apologised for overcharging me last time and gave me a credit at the salon, which I used today.  They are really NICE at this salon so I am now thinking I will stay there!  I know, typical woman, changing her mind every minute!

It's now after 1pm and I'm starving, time to find food...

Found food, had a quiet afternoon, well until Amanda, Andrew and Emily arrived that is.

ABOVE:  look who is here for dinner!  AND she is like us, she LOVES tomato sauce!  
Amanda and Andrew arrived late afternoon and are staying for the evening, then going home again.  I'm going to get Amanda to straighten my hair while she's here... yaaa.

End of Day: now I have dry, straight hair.... and I'm really happy with the colour.  Photo tomorrow.
nite nite.


  1. Scary lol.

    I used to get my hair highlighted years ago and it would just take SO LONG. Like hours and hours. I mostly quit going because of that and then they were expensive too.

  2. My salon is fantastic. Blow Hair Design in Glenfield, probably a bit far to travel for you though. Fallon is my sylist but she is leaving so now I have Chrissy who is alsi really good or Sha who is the owner. They are fantastic and always do a good job plus reasonably priced.

  3. You always find the coolest things!

  4. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Holy Moley Chris!! Your hair salon prices are through the roof. I pay $16.00 to get my hair cut. To have it washed, cut and dried is $55.00. All I ever do is get it cut and go home and style and dry it myself. Wow! I can't imagine paying that much to get my hair cut...debbie

  5. I just buy garnier nutrisse from the supermarket $9 to $14 depending if on special, and do it myself! The last 2 times I have had my haircut the hairdresser asked me what I was using as she thought it was really good colour and hair still soft. I have been thinking about getting it done at the hairdressers but since she says what I'm doing is good, I'll keep doing the cheap option.

  6. Love the basket! Can sympathize with the salon problem. I rarely go to a salon due to the cost. Just have my daughter trim off the back every so often. But then I tend to look pretty blah most of the time... lol Yesterday was a particularly bad hair day, so I may be due for an actual cut/style soon!

  7. I hate inconsistency in pricing.

  8. I love your bits and bobs basket. It's a good idea for the car. My handbag just makes indents in my shoulder it is so heavy.

    Hope your salon visit meets your expectations! I guess it's the price you pay for having such beautiful hair that needs maintained. Jealous:)

  9. My girlfriend I stayed with in Geraldton for the wedding always uses a basket very similar to goes everywhere with her. It sits on a bench and as she remembers things for the day ahead she pops them in it...she is so like you, very organised :-)

  10. I've been trying to figure out how to quit going to the salon every 5-6 weeks cuz it is so expensive, but I am not quite ready to see all the gray under that expensive stuff the put on there. I have never had much luck with doing it myself.
    I hope you are happy with the price and results of you salon visit today.

  11. Hi Chris!
    I get my hair done from a home based salon, i get a cut, color, blow wave and eyebrow wax for $90, is there many at home businesses around you? Ask at school?

  12. Hi Chris,
    Glad you had a good experience with the hairdresser. Eagerly waiting for a pic to see what it looks like too.

  13. I had a basket like that when i was in my twenties and it was invaluable then that changed to nappy bag, huge huge carry bag school bags now after 20 years I am finally back to my OWN handbag!!!!

  14. I'm lucky to have a friend who has a salon and it only costs me $60.

    I can also sympathise with you Griffin. Josh can't retain knowledge either. We spent a small fortune a couple of years ago for him to get tutoring in maths after school. Soon as he stopped it was gone. I get him to read then I ask him about what's he read - he doesn't know. He can read fine but just can't remember what he's read.

    I worry about his future too.

    PS You deserve a medal for hanging on to that lunchbox for 27 years.

    Have a great weekend.

  15. LOL - O MY GOODNESS - I would faint and fall over backwards if I had to go to a salon! When I was 8 Mama took me to have my hair trimmed! Yea, right - it went from 12 inches long to about 4-some kind of bob! That was the one and only trip I have ever made.

    But, I believe that all of us gals are different and need to do what makes each one happy.

    I had to smile at your lunchbox- that little guy really got plenty of use! I have 4 little tiny plastic bowls that used to contain butter. My mother-in-law used them 38 years ago when our two children would go eat with her and when she gave up housekeeping she gave them to my daughter-in-law -who politely gave them to me because she said she knew how much they meant to me. If only I had not dropped one and the pups found it before I did -then one of them would not have that chewed design all around the top edge of one of them-then I would almost think they would last for another lifetime. : )

  16. Anonymous6:49 PM

    I hear you Chris. I got my nails done - this time it was $40 compared to three weeks ago when they charged $30!

    My hair-dresser is the same charges for each individual thing so I ask her not to blow-wave as I am usually going straight home and out to run the dog so why pay for a blow-wave when I am going to chunk it in a ponytail then shower.

    I got my eyebrows waxed, normally it costs $8 but the last time I went she told me it would be $15 which is still pretty cheap compared to other local salons so I went ahead and got them to do it. When I was paying I noticed their price board said eyebrows $8. I paid the $15 as I had agreed to that price before she did it but next time if she tells me the price and it is not $8 I will point to their price board and ask why it is different to their board.

    Glad to get that off my chest!!

    Enjoy your weekend Chris

  17. Tomato sauce goes on roast chicken at my house (well, on my plate anyway!). Do I have really have an adult tomato sauce twin? Even if it is just me and Em I don't mind!

    Penny xo

  18. Some old lunch boxes are worth a lot of money. My cousin had a Beatles metal lunch box that would be worth a mint today.
    Cute baby!

  19. In Singapore hair biz is very competitive so we can get very good price. I have a hair stylist who owns her own shop and I've used her for over a decade. She gives me a discount every time because I'm so loyal. Plus her price is good. $140 gets you hair colour, cut, wash, head and neck massage and blow-dry. If she dies, a part of me will die too.

  20. Emily is so darn cute in every picture but this one is beyond adorable!!!!!!!!!


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