Monday, December 12, 2011


Sometimes I wish Facebook never existed.  Cos so much can be said that really shouldn't be said.
And when someone puts shit up that is totally ONE SIDED it is very annoying.
And that is all I am going to say about it here.


And I'm sorry that most of you can't read it.  But I have to rant somewhere without it being used against me.  And nope, I am not adding anyone else to the reading list right now.  If you have asked but not been added yet, it's cos I don't feel I know you well enough.  And as I know everyone who is on the reading list, I know who can't read it too.  

TODAY:  I'm going to do the bloody housework.  AND read blogs/comment etc.
Just the usual Monday.
This is the last week of school too.  The kids finish on Friday at lunchtime... then they are home for 7 weeks over summer.

Well.... it will be nice to not have to get up early and make lunches, take kids here and there, keep track of school activites... bla bla bla.  Won't it?

Hopefully they don't drive me nuts.  Much as I love them, they can be tiring at times.  They either get on together really well.... or the total opposite!  AND I am so over being a referee.  AND NO, that does not mean I want to get rid of them at any point either.  I'm just sayin.... 

Actually, I'm feeling rather crabby right now, can you tell?
It's like, it is IMPOSSIBLE  to get on with a certain person for any length of time before the shit hits the fan AGAIN.  I am so over it.  We clearly rub each other up the wrong way... and probably always will.

ABOVE:  OMG I so need to remember this.

ABOVE... pinched this off Facebook somewhere... thought it was hysterical!  
RIGHT... off to make a start on the day... 

OMG!  I decided at 8.30am to go down into the garage and finish wrapping the Christmas Presents ... while the kids were at school... and I just finished.  I looked at the clock, fully expecting it to be about 11am...AH NO!  It's 1pm!  How the hell does time fly like that?

As I've been nibbling on some cheese all morning, I'm not in the least hungry either.  Cool.  Somehow I don't think I'm gunna get around to washing the floors today afterall.
But with some luck I will get around so blogs... 

The bad weather we were expecting yesterday.... arrived today.  It's pissing down.  And the temperature is GORGEOUS.  Long may it last.  Cos once the sun comes out again it is going to be DIABOLICALLY HUMID. 
Then I will be crabby again.   NEAT EH?  

I'm slowly plodding my way through blogs... not going to read the entire 724 updates.... just the latest OK?  *smiles*

Yaaa... I have read all I'm gunna.  Done and dusted for another few days.

Dinner tonight:  Beef Spare Ribs cooked in a thick marinade... OMG delicious.  With side salad and wedges.  I've started using smaller dinner plates and serving much smaller meals.  The only person who is still not SATISFIED after dinner?  GRIFFIN.  He can eat more than any of us!  Have to work on him more.  He does not seem to recognise when he is 'full'.  

End of Day:  not a bad day in all.  I got quite a few jobs done that were bugging me.  So I'm happy.
nite nite.


  1. Hi Chris
    Enjoy your last week by yourself before the school holidays start :O)
    Michelle x

  2. You crabby never lol......

  3. Yay for completing the wrapping! - Good luck with your last week of just you and the dogs at home! - I at least have work to escape to when next week rolls around - woo hoo!

  4. I wrapped the other day and it sucked up 6 hours of my day!

    Everyone's entitled to be crabby and it's great you have somewhere you can vent that a bit more private.

  5. Oh yeah, waaaay too much information dumped on facebook statuses!

    The poster of the twins made me laugh. That's one wicked grin.

    Brush turkey you ask. Well, they are a bit bigger than a very large chicken, about 2 feet body/tail length and a wingspan of about 2 1/2 feet as well. Normally they dig a lot so you can lose plants in the garden hell west and crooked. During nesting season the males build a nesting mound that can be about 3 feet tall or higher, and 12 feet across. :)

  6. I read a quote the other day..

    Pay no mind to the person who talks behind your back.
    It simply means that you are two steps ahead.

    Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

  7. I will NEVER get over the fact that you have CHRISTMAS in the Summertime! Plus, your kids will be out of school at Christmas! Doesn't that make it awful hard to be SNEAKY when you need to be ????????????????????? :)

  8. Girl, your energy amazes me!! I so wish I had some of it!
    Wanna come wrap my gifts? I so need to wrap some. They are all sitting on the bed in my quest room. I hate to wrap gifts, as it kills my hands!
    Seems so weird that you are celebrating Christmas, end of the school year and summer...LOL. It's winter here and the middle of the school year.
    I so look forward to reading your blog every evening.
    Menopause makes us crabby Chris!!! Ask my hubby!!! LOL.
    Thanks for reading my blog. I so appreciate it!!

    God Bless~

  9. What is your spare rib recipe, Gary & the kids love them but we never manage to get a nice thick sauce.

  10. Oh I hate crabby mood sapping days they seem to drag I am a little jaded today but have achieved heaps.

  11. Sorry I'm a crap commenter lately - I breeze in and catch up on what's happening - usually on my Ipad which is a shit to type on - but Craigie babes is getting me a keyboard for Chrissie (smiles) so that should help. Meanwhile just know that I'm still hovering - love to all Z xxx

  12. i agree with you. what ppl put on fb can be so insensitive. sometimes i wonder if they don't know that everyone can read what they write or they just don't care? i rarely use fb. Just the page for the biz part. Oh, when you are free, come enter in my awesome fabric/pattern giveaway.

  13. Facebook is different for different people. I try to stay neutral.

    I don't really like the baby picture, I think the sad one looks gross. Too extreme for me.

  14. Time certainly does fly while you are having fun! Glad you got that wrapping out of the way!

  15. FB really irratates the hell out of me. i play 1-2 dopey little games on it each day, then im off.

  16. Anonymous10:09 AM

    I loved the baby photo! What a scream!! I'm having spahetti for dinner tonight with salad, garlic bread and white wine. yum...debbie

  17. Trevor is like that too, he's always up for eating!

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