Sunday, December 18, 2011


WOW!  Hasn't it come around fast?

I know I'm all ready for it.
What about YOU?

The only person I haven't bought anything specifically for is Stew.  He told me not to.  But I do want to.
What the hell do ya get a guy who doesn't want anything?

I ate chocolate and lollies last night.  I felt ill.  I had to wait ages to go to bed cos I felt so IKKKK.   I can't wait for the New Year when I can go back to Weight Watchers for a fresh start.  I KNOW I could limit the damage ... and I am trying.... but it's SO HARD when all the season's yummies are in ya face.

My 'won't' power is at an all time low.  

So many people love the Christmas season.  I don't really.  I try to enjoy it.  But it's hard when so many of my family are not around.  My kids are scattered.  My Dad and Brothers are dead.  My Mum and Sister are in Australia.  It's just not a 'fun family time'.  Too much sadness sometimes.

TODAY:   I'm thinking a road trip somewhere.  
Back later once a decison is made...

I had toyed with the idea of going to Hamilton to drop off the Xmas presents...  but the menfolk said NO.  So, Stew and I went through all of Brylee and Griffin's clothes, weeded  out all that didn't fit ... so now their drawers are ready for any new stuff SANTA might bring.

That's a good job done.  
We are heading back to the mall after lunch so Steve can do some Christmas shopping.  I'm in a much better mood today.  No headache.  I had one all day yesterday.  I blame the chocolate.

I asked the guys to do ONE JOB today.  Affix the headboard to Steve's bed.  I got that headboard months ago... and it is still not on the bed.

ABOVE:  the guys giving it due consideration.  The holes on the headboard do not line up with the holes in the bed.  It's proving to be a stumbling block for them.  But I am sure if they put their minds to it they can sort it out... hopefully.

ABOVE:  they did it!  Steve had to go down to his work and get some longer legs for the bed and bolts to hold the headboard on... and now it's sorted!  The bed is also now 7 inches taller!  That is not a bad thing, it gives me another place to hide things under!  lol

We went back to Sylvia Park Mall after lunch.  It was PACKED TO THE RAFTERS ... trying to find a park for the car was a mission!
But, we had a successful shopping expedition, Steve got all the things he wanted, and then we came home.  
I'm loving the weather, even though it's wet ... it's cooler!

End of Day:  another day down and another day closer to Christmas. The kids are starting to get excited.  
nite nite


  1. Sorry you don't have your WHOLE family around at Christmas. Either do I, but we're got our immediate family and lots of friends to make the Christmas season bright!! ...debbie

  2. I hope your spirits can lift some and that you will enjoy Christmas with your family. Holidays can be a hard time with memories of loved ones that are gone.

  3. Chris - we ALL have loved ones not here for Chistmas. It is not about that. Enjoy the loved ones who ARE around!!

    I think the real reason you don't enjoy this time of year (because it used to be my reason) is the fact that there is too much bad food around and you know you'll eat too much. Makes you feel bad, hate yourself etc.

    You will have a lovely Christmas though, I'm sure :)

  4. Good idea... road trip that is. We took a fancy picnic lunch to Rotorua last year.

    Rules .... #choose a place that should give you a stress free drive.

    #Plan festive but simple food.

    #Put a couple of road trip/picnic friendly gifts in your stockings.

    #This could be one of the best Christmases you ever have. Brylee and Griffin will have sweet memories.

    #Make alternative plans in case it RAINS.

    Are you over the rain. I am. Enough already.


  5. Chris, you have many people that love you and will be with you on Christmas day. I will have hubby and our dog, no other family. We treat it just like any other day and move on. You really are blessed to have your children, Stew, Brylee & Griffin.

  6. I haven't started yet. I don't have any ideas....

  7. The jobs you leave to last always are the hardest and never easy fixes. I have done one third of my xmas stuff and have to work all week have done 2 HUGE BBQ days for Samuel Japan fundraiser sold 1200 sausages I am over onions sauce and sausies!!!!!

  8. I have bought a few gifts (mostly gift cards) but I am nowhere near done. Good thing I have tomorrow off, and Christmas Eve off ...I'll do the bulk of my shopping then!

  9. The bed looks great!! One thing you can mark off that "needs" to be done! Merry Christmas! ...debbie

  10. I still have a bunch of stuff to buy :(


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