Wednesday, December 07, 2011


Yesterday I got the bright idea to move the double fridge/freezer from the garage to the kitchen/family room.   I was so tired of traipsing up and down the stairs every time I wanted something out of the bigger fridge.  

So, I moved the PC into Steve's room (that took all afternoon) and made a space for the fridge/freezer:

ABOVE:  Then all the guys had to do was empty and bring it up!  No mean feat, that thing weighs a lot!

ABOVE:  YES, Steve is a fool.  But we love him, so he gets away with it. lol

ABOVE: I'm told the ONLY thing to go on this shelf is beer.  We. will. see.

ABOVE: Taaa daaa... all done.  And that makes me very happy.  Over summer we have so much more fresh salad veges, and the smaller fridge/freezer in the kitchen was just not big enough for everything.  Now it's all in the one room, so handy.

TODAY:  I'm off to Hospice shop. I'm told it's been a very busy week so far, which is neat.  I hope it's busy today... I love being busy.


Well... work was indeed busy today!  AND I found some more treasure:

ABOVE:  see, lots!   I think I am collecting jugs!  I can't resist the cute little glass ones!  And when they are only a couple of dollars each, I just have to buy them!

NOW I just have to find somewhere to put them.  *frowns*

Time to relax for a little while, have some lunch and watch some mindless tv programme that has been taped..

End of Day:  we had pork chops, salad and a spud for dinner.  I have been dishing up way, way less than I usually do lately, and it feels so good to know I'm not helping kill the family by over feeding them!  lol
I have decided Stew and I will start with Weight Watchers TOGETHER after the New Year.  It's madness to expect anyone to 'diet' right now!  But, I am watching our portions.  Steve (son) has even said he wants to lose a bit of weight as he has put on about 20 kilos since moving home!
Whoops, my fault.  A mother just wants to feed her kids eh?
Right, off to do some more mindless TV watching.  
nite nite.


  1. Busy is the best!

    That is one HUGE fridge! Steve cracks me up :)

  2. Wow, that fridge is HUGE! Very handy. :)

  3. Don't you just love it when you get a bright idea? lol Much handier, and it looks good there, too!

  4. Good idea for summer. Our big one is the same as yours and doesn't fit in the kitchen. Ours is staying in the shed though!

  5. priscilla10:25 AM

    lol think of all the excercise you will miss out on ;p

  6. yes and over christmas it will come in handy BLING it up with fridge colour and stickers or hide it with a screen HOMEMADE even a beaded curtain!! lol

  7. I just love your Steve! Some gal is going to be So very lucky one of these days.

    I do know these things are HEAVY -when ours broke down lately it took EVERY BIT OF STRENGTH that DH and I had to pull that monster out of its space to work on it. It was HORRIBLE and my back complained terribly. ! :)
    I could just hug your DFellows for being so good about it. I guess they figure as good as you cook - they will do everything in their power to keep you happy! : )

  8. Either you have a very big fridge/freezer, or you have a very small Steve. :)

  9. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Whoa! that is one big frig!! how come that one's not in the kitchen and the smaller one where the larger one was? I wouldn't have room in my kitchen for that monster! Such a silly boy, that Steve!! Never a dull moment huh?! ...debbbie

  10. Gawd if I'd known about your jug fetish I had beautiful beautiful crystal jugs I gave away to hospice or sold in the garage sales when I moved!!! never mind small dainty ones and BEAUTIFUL old crystal bowls from my grandmother greatgrandmother and great aunties they knew I was a crystal collector.

  11. Just love the way you find all those treasures. Enjoy :)
    Hope you've had a good day.
    Cheers :)

  12. Anonymous9:27 PM

    I have convinced the husband to come with me then too! I will have lost 15kg by then and have 15 to go so it will be good to get that injection of enthusiasm! :D

  13. Anonymous9:33 PM

    How skinny was Steve before,if he wants to lose 20 kilos? He's a toothpick now! WOMBAT

  14. Weight Watchers (or similar) for us in the New Year too. I have type 2 diabetes so very important to lose weight. Since my husband took early retirement we have gained over 5st between us and it has to go.............

  15. Love the glassware. Good thing you have two strong men to move your stuff all around. Things are constantly changing place in your home. Enjoy the convenience of having the fridge closer.


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