Thursday, December 01, 2011


I would not be blogging today. I would be sulking in the corner, NOT blogging at all.  Cos I am sensitive.  And I don't like feeling angst over my blog.
But... cos I am also BLOODY MINDED... I'm still blogging.

I received a parcel from the USA yesterday!
The sender (Cyndi, private blog) sent it weeks ago and was starting to think it was lost forever.
So I am happy to let her know it arrived at last.

ABOVE: how gorgeous is that fabric!  And a really lovely patchwork magazine.  I thank you Cyndi for such a lovely unexpected gift.  {{{HUGS}}}

Today, usual Thursday.   I'm taking Griffin to his Speld Lesson out Pukekohe way.  I may, or may not, go into Pukekohe to do some shopping.  It will depend on my mood at the time.

Cos I can be moody.  And crabby. And delighted.   And indignant.  And happy.   And sad.  And petulant.  And chuffed.  And pissed off.  And thrilled.  And defensive.  And ..... all of the above in one day sometimes!
COS I'M A GIRL.  And it's allowed.   

Remember, I am just a normal woman, I do have normal feelings, just like everyone else.  I am NOT PERFECT, and have never said I was.  I make and have made mistakes as a person, as a mother, a wife, and a friend.  But that is life for ya.  We go about our days trying (I hope) to do some good and hurt no one intentionally, and get some enjoyment out of our days here on earth.
And that little rant was aimed at NO ONE at all, I was just venting for myself!  

THAT.  IS.  ALL..... for now.

I was going to install those tie backs this morning... but it involves getting the drill out and drilling the holes first... and I can't be arsed right now.  So they wait for me....

It's a dreary day here today, overcast and kinda cool... and I'M LOVING IT!  I know, I'm weird.
Just try having hot flushes every half an hour, all day, every day.  Then tell me you love summer!  lol

I am turning the spa pool down some more today... it's at 34 degrees right now and I think something like 27 degrees is going to suit me very well over summer.  It is going to be my 'keep cool' pool.  Yaaaa... it sure beats the kid's paddle pool!
Off shortly to pick up the kid... 

I was just scrolling through Facebook updates and saw this picture... I have to show you cos I like it:
ABOVE: life really should be as simple as that.

OH and before I forget!  Steve has been keeping his room tidy AND making the bed every morning!  I hope he's not coming down with something!  lol

Back home....  did a wee bit of grocery shopping in Pukekohe.  I'm gunna make some meatloaves for tonight's dinner, and lunches next week.    I also found a really cute nightie for Brylee, for Christmas.  It has Betty Boop on it, it's really cute.

Griffin is doing really well according to his Speld teacher... she tested his reading ability today and he came out with a reading age of 10.5, so he is doing well.  I give her much of the  credit for his progress.

The only 'problem' with Griffin's learning is that he does NOT retain the knowledge for long, and it has to be gone over again and again and again before it stays in his memory.  This applies to almost every aspect of his life.

I despair that he will ever be 'safe' in the wider community as he is far too trusting, far to outgoing and friendly, and he has no idea about personal safety.  Even crossing a road safely has still not be committed to memory.  It's a worry.

The meatloaf making has taken me 2 hours!  Most of you will think I'm nuts, but when I make meatloaf I make lots!  Why go to all the bother and time (and mess making) to only end up with one meatloaf?
So, I made my usual amount:
ABOVE:  there ya go, enough meatloaf for at least three dinners and lots of lunches for a while!
AND before you ask:

4 kilos of mince meat
2 kilos of sausage meat
1 kilo of finely cut up bacon
Lg bowl of finely cut up spinach
5 BIG carrots grated up
6 HUGE potatoes grated up
6 HUGE onions finely diced
3 X 400grm cans of tomotoes
1 kilo of fine breadcrumbs
3 Tablespoons Dry Beef Stock
2 teaspoons Dried Basil
2 teaspoons Dried Oregano

Put all of the above into a HUGE bowl, add 14 eggs and mix with your hands until all combined. (I wear those throw away gloves to mix with)  Cover each dish with tin foil.
Bake in oven at around 200 degrees C for about 2 hours ...DEPENDING on how deep the dish is,  and how much you put in the dish.
NOW obviously, if you don't want to make that much you would halve or quarter the quantities eh?

I have three in the oven now, the other two will go in after they are cooked.  Time to put the feet up and relax for a little while.

End of Day:  all my meatloaves came out perfectly.... I didn't burn any!
Watching '24 Hours in A & E' now.... very gory tonight!  Stew and I keep having to close our eyes!  'Tis a bit ikkkky, and we are both whimps.   lol
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous6:58 AM

    Chris, I love your blog and read it every day. I can so relate to you. I have 6 adult children and 10 grands. I am retired after 30 years in an elementary classroom and love to quilt. Often my time for that is limited because of household duties and helping out with family. Brenda in Texas

  2. You have a great day Chris.

    Its lovely that you can feel so much emotion. So many in this world are closed off and unemotive, so revel in the complexity is what I say :-)

  3. Chris :) hugs and happy vibes winging it's way over to you from me.. LOL :)

    And now I'm back to bed lol feeling very mellow myself thanks to my lil friend Endone hehehe

  4. Good morning Chris... you crazy lady :) (said with a smile) If you go back over yesterday's comments they were all nice, no one was not nice. You just read them differently perhaps? So much that is said in humour can be misread.

    Have a nice day :)

  5. I have been living on the edge today myself . I broke a tooth .
    Been to the dentist , got it fixed .
    I,m a real scaredy at the dentist but they were lovely. Mind you if anything goes cock,eyed I shall be on the ceiling again

  6. Leigh8:07 AM

    You're a Kiwi girl, 10 emotions in one day, like our 4 seasons in one day!
    I'd say learn to relax a bit more and let things go, just so you don't wind yourself up so much! You did ask for opinions, and as Lynda said no one was nasty. They were trying to get a point across, not hurt your feelings.

    Leigh now dreaming of what Gouda tastes like, damn you I may have to buy some now. ;D

  7. Leigh8:11 AM

    Opps PS I love the look of the quilt on the cover. Would be easy to piece with all those large pieces. The fabric is great too. Isn't it strange how parcels take ages sometimes. At least it wasn't on the Rena!

  8. Hi Chris,

    I left you a comment yesterday, but you didn't get it.
    Seems your feeling better today.
    Don't change, we like you as you are, that's why we read your blog.
    Have a good day

  9. I always admire your ability to put it all out there, good and bad. I, for one, am glad you're still blogging -- and not a petulant two-year-old. :o)

  10. Oh man, I spent $100 on food to send to a soldier in Korea recently. The DAY it arrived it just happened to flood over their and the whole mailroom was flooded.... with my package in it. He was soooooo sad as he had been really looking forward to it. :( I haven't been able to afford to send another one since.

    Well, girls are girls and we have crazy emotions at times so don't feel bad. ;)

  11. Another cool morning here but a very hot afternoon will follow, what you or I or others write can be read at times or misinterpreted(sp) no matter it is still your muse and you can write what and how you like we will still read it.

  12. phewwwwwwww I am with you on those hot over them !!!

    Big [[hugs]] to ya

  13. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Love Emineim just had to check if I was any of the those or just me and just nice.
    Well done to Steve perhaps once clean easy to keep clean or the girlfriend is coming to stay.
    Just saying
    Mary H

  14. Chris, I wish we were closer. I am feeling shocking, depressed and unloved. Remember, you are loved by all that read this blog (and me ). Be in touch. Martine x

  15. . We go about our days trying (I hope) to do some good and hurt no one intentionally, and get some enjoyment out of our days here on earth.

    Chris, I thought this summed my path up perfectly! Good job! : )

  16. Maybe it is because Steve is in love :-)

  17. Hey Girl! Yes, you are a girl and are entitled to all of those emotions - even all in one day! And have you ever thought about the fact that you are menopausal and all of those emotions come along with that lovely life gift?! I go through the exact same thing, too. I had to have a hysterectomy at the tender age of 20 and am 54 now...and I've been in menopause for 34 years! So believe me, I can relate to all of those emotions AND the hot flashes. It sucks being a girl sometimes!

    I am so relieved to know that your package got there and that you like your little pressies. Hope you find a project you like in that book, and that you'll be able to make something fun with those fabrics. Enjoy, my friend!



  18. I think sometimes people say something in a blog comment that they would never say to a person face to face. I say take it with a grain of salt and just keep on being yourself.
    I really like the Eminem quote. It really isn't that hard to be nice to people and being nice makes a better day for everyone.
    I don't mean to sound to syrupy, but dammit, let's just all be nice. We expect kindergarteners to do it, so why can't we.

  19. You know, I have found the same thing with Dobby's learning. She just doesn't retain it. You can teach her something, then an hour later ask and she's forgotten everything.

    Don't despair, he'll do just fine in life. x

  20. Anonymous3:31 PM

    LOL I always play nice!

    In answer to your questions yesterday RE comments: I can only speak for myself, but I've had less time lately - I read, but don't comment as much...sorry..... :0( With your private blog, I don't always comment because I'd like to write something more meaningful that what comes to mind straight away if you know what I mean? I'd rather write something proper, but don't always get back to it. So again, sorry 'bout that mate. Next I'm I'll leave a comment that I'm still deciding what to write????

    Pleaes tell me people aren't complaining about your cheese.... Geez!!!!!

    Hope the doggie door & glass isn't too much of a drama to fix.....hope the buggers gave themselves a fright & don't do it AGAIN!!!!!

    ummmmmmmmm thats all for now :0)


  21. You make petulant look great.

  22. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Blogger won't let me leave a comment! Argh!
    Will leave it as anon and see if it takes.
    Can't wait to see the tie-backs. I just bought some myself.
    I think your cheese looks great. If you enjoy it, I say buy it. Why deny yourself something that you truly like? (This comes from a woman who knits socks with $20.00 yarn)
    Hope your day gets better.
    -Margaret from Bellathena

  23. Anonymous6:58 PM

    It's your blog and you write what you like! No-one holds a gun to people to read your blog so if they don't like it, tough shit!Have you tried making 600 rissoles with that mixture? You could rope the kids into rolling them!I bake my rissoles in the oven to save piss-arsing around turning them in the frypan and oil flying everywhere! WOMBAT

  24. Yep, I get the crabby's too. You know... I think it's better to have a few ups and downs than just be all 'whatever' all the time.:D

    Also, have you got your emergency kit sorted out? Hmmm? HMMMMMM?

  25. Lovely fabric and that quilt on the front of the book is stunning. I have a weakness for star blocks.


  26. I love meat loaf. I like the idea of making several at once then having them for lunches - why didn't I think of that?

    I am glad Griffin is doing well at Speld, I am sure as he gets older he will develop a modicrum of common sense that will allow him to get through day to day without too much trouble.

    I have similar concerns with Siobhan but you know what, sometimes she comes up & amazes me with just how smart & clever she is. Griffin I am sure is the same, he is a kind caring & clever boy.

  27. My kids don't have reading difficulty but they have similar problems. They don't look before crossing the road. They just want to play electronic games all day. They don't hear you when you tell them stuff. They never remember simple instructions. Can't follow simple instructions either and I wonder how they gonna get by in the real world. They're already 12 and 14.

  28. Wow you put a lot of stuff in your meatloaves! Mine is really basic, just ground beef, oatmeal, onions, ketchup, sald and pepper :) oh and an egg.


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