Wednesday, December 28, 2011


NO... not that sort of pot!
My sort of pot garden:

ABOVE:  yesterday afternoon I went out and bought some pots... I already had a few, but I wanted more so I could have a 'pot' garden.  Now I have.
This side of the house gets sun until mid afternoon, so it's going to be great for the few vege plants I want to grow.  Mostly herbs and lettuces for now.

TODAY:  I'm heading out at 7am (omg!) so I can be at Lacy's 3 month scan.  Fingers crossed it all goes well.

After that it will back home to see what we can get up to for the rest of the day...
The scan went well... 

ABOVE: Lacy having her scan...

ABOVE:  12 weeks and 3 days... all bits present and accounted for...

ABOVE:  we have a brain.... 

ABOVE:  as requested, I got a wave from No# 9 Grandchild.

I'm happy to say everything went well.  Now all Lacy has to do is get a new midwife/doctor and have her blood tests.  As she is needle phobic I wish them luck with that one!

Seems we are expecting a visit today from my girlfriend Sandra this morning!  Cool!  I haven't seen her in months.  (she lives in Palmerston North after all)

ABOVE:  Neil and Sandra, and in the background their wee dog Honey.  Honey didn't like Teddy and Coco much, so my dogs stayed in the laundry while they visited.   Honey didn't mind that.

ABOVE:  illustrating just how short Sandra is!  Griffin is way taller than her, and he's 10.  Mind you, Sandra is only 5 foot AND three quarters of an inch.  She heavily stresses that 3/4" !  lol

Expecting a quiet afternoon here.  Actually, must have lunch!  

ANON: that will be totally up to Lacy.  We will NOT be raising any more grandchildren... she knows that.

End of Day:  glad today went well... had a quiet evening... watched 'Muriel's Wedding'... LOVED it!  I had seen it before, but it was years ago.
Time for bed...
nite nite.


  1. Nice! I got some veggie seeds for Christmas. It will be time to plant them soon!

  2. Hope the scan goes well and the baby is healthy and happy! :)

  3. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Very colorful Pot Garden! They should do well there! Hope the scan went well. ...debbie

  4. Glad you got the be at the scan, sounds like that relationship is better?
    I truly hope that the pregnancy, birth and child rearing go well for her. And more hope that it does not bring any more chaos into your life.

    I see too much pain for parents and children in my job. B & G are so luck you have you guys that took them in when they needed it!!

  5. Anonymous1:54 PM

    will Lacy be allowed to keep this child? Can you feel sure that she is ready to be a fulltime parent? I bet CYFS become involved and you end up raising another grandkid

  6. O Chris,
    I LOVE the "pot-garden"! I actually had some of that this late summer. I had a Big pot that our youngest son gave me and we were at a plant stand and I spotted some Bright Lites Chard. I had never had any and had been dieing to try it.I think there were 4 little plants in that pot. It was So pretty as it growed and I was able to have a mess just big enough for the two of us about every other week,plus I used the pretty colored stems in stir frys. I was very pleased with myself for finding a way to actually get some greens in our diets since they are so good for us. I also had a pot of cucumbers( I think you guys call them something different??) and a different pot with little cherry tomatoes. By having them on the porch I could keep a better eye on them and I rigged the watch hose to where it was right there with them and I had NO EXCUSE not to water them.
    I love the picture of your friend with the children - I LOVED Brylee's dress - you made it for her , didn't you! I think the colors look so good with her complexion .

  7. Oh I am going to get some pots, like you we have no area that gets sun enough for a garden thanks to the bush and native trees. But pots i can put on the deck..... might get a couple started this weekend with lettuce, and tomatoes if I am not to late....

  8. I think we are getting pots too so we can all be potty together!!!!! lol

  9. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Love your pots - very cool!

  10. Don't mock Sandra anything over 5ft needs to ne accentuated :-)

  11. The pot garden is too cute! As was the scan!

  12. Nice to have all body parts accounted for!

  13. Anonymous4:48 AM

    Hi Chris, I sent off your lipsticks before Christmas and I did a really silly thing, I wrote my address on the back, but forgot to put your address on the front.

    So it cam back to me in todays mail.

    Now, I can't find it anywere, so could you please send it to my email address.

    Sorry for my "Blonde Moment",

    Maggie Magpie


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