Thursday, December 08, 2011


Looks like I will have to put the dog 'fence' up...

Ya know... I did not find the head.... I'm thinking SHE ate it.  Grrrrrr.  

I sent Lacy her Xmas present ... and she didn't wait to open it.... so here's a photo she took of herself wearing her shirt:

ABOVE:  Lacy wearing her 'Brylee and Griffin' shirt.  I'm glad she likes it.

TODAY:  Griffin's last visit this year to his Speld Teacher.   He will miss her.  I know he really loves going there... he doesn't feel like an idiot with her.  He gets a bit of teasing at school due to his inability to write, which is very sad as he is certainly NOT unintelligent at all. 
While he's there, I'm going to chill and read me Kindle.  


Clearly I forgot to update since this morning!
I can report NOTHING has happened since this morning.  I took the kid to his lesson, came home, had lunch and fell asleep!
That is all.

ABOVE:  Stew just sent me an email... do we want this dog?  WHAT?  It's an 18 month old boy Maltese, the owners are trying to rehome him and Stew thought I might want him!  NO.  When I get another dog it will be a Bichon/Shih Tzu boy, and we will get a puppy.... not a mature dog.  Shit, imagine how Teddy would take it if I brought another adult boy into the house!  It would be war!
Silly Stew thinking such a thing.
Off to look at Puppies on Trade Me now!  NOT that I'm ready to get another dog just yet.  But I do want a 'boy' dog who can do the business with Coco!  Just not a Maltese.

ANON:  I thought so too, but when we were inspected by the City Council for the 'Responsible Owner' registration discount we were informed that we could have more as we were deemed 'extremely responsible owners' and 'breeders' who could have more than 2 dogs due to our section, it's layout, the size of the dogs, and our history of no complaints at all.  
So, yes we will be getting a 'functioning' boy dog eventually.

HIPPYGAL:  I was told by the Council man that I could have another dog,  not a problem at all.  But I will double check that just to be sure.

End of Day:  well, after considering it for about an hour... I decided NOW is not the time to be even thinking about getting a new puppy!  Madness....Christmas coming up and all the associated expense ... so nope.  No new boy puppy right now.
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:25 AM

    Ah oh...wonder who the beheader is? both look guilty. Lacy's shirt is cute and looks nice on her! I'm freezing just looking at that sleeveless shirt. It's 34 F here today! ...debbie

  2. Singlet looks fantastic :-)

  3. lol oh my missy coco so cute and yes so guilty

  4. Anonymous12:00 PM

    I was reading the end of yesterday's post and I can't see where the 20 kilos have gone on Steve - he must have been under weight as he doesn't look overweight in the latest pics. But I think the idea to start now is setting yourselves up for failure so it is a much better idea to start in the New Year!

  5. Oh oh, some bad doggie may end up with a little stomach trouble if he/she really ate the head. I think they both look more cute than guilty.

  6. Oh my gosh, the dog pictures are sooooo cute! Haha. They are looking so guilty.

  7. Anonymous4:06 PM

    I thought there was a 2dog limit where you live?

  8. I would double check that with the council, I think if a breeder they allow extra dogs for a short time but for 3 permanent dogs I am sure you have to get neighbors ok etc etc..But up to you just seems a bit strange as everyone else I know who has had more than 2 puppies had to get neighbors consent and they were responsible owners as well. Breeders included

  9. *snort* The guilt is so apparent! Dogs are not actors, are they?

  10. Aren't "furbabies" the funniest! They are just like human kids -getting into trouble. I am sure that Coco thought that was HER toy! LOL

  11. O FART ! I forgot to add how lovely I thought Lacy looked in the shirt - shame on her for cheating! LOL

  12. Ha ha snapped the guilty culprit funny, another dog wow well more dog hair grooming food, BUT cute puppies to be had.

  13. I am about to post on my blog the same thing kinda that one of my dog's did, but it was done to one of their toys...LOL
    I would Love to have a Maltese but could never afford to get one. In the states they are usually quite expensive. I think they are so pretty!!! I would want one about 3-4 lbs. I would love a yorkie that size too, as ours weighes 9 lbs.
    It's so funny how dogs tell on themselves. Those 2 of yours is so cute!!!

    God Bless~

  14. Too funny! 3 dogs good luck with that. Hope there are no more Christmas ornament tragedies. Dogs are the best.

  15. Hmmmm - hopefully, the head won't turn up oustide someday soon!

    Enjoyed catching up with you.

  16. The cuter they try to look, the more guilty they are!!!

  17. Ummm yummy lol. My dog seems to be afraid of the tree? Silly dog. Works for me though :)


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