Tuesday, December 13, 2011


ABOVE:  Steve in February this year.... around 78 kgs.

ABOVE:  Steve mid-year.....  still a bit thin on it... and not happy.

ABOVE: Steve now.  He is looking good eh?  I put it down to two things:  my cooking and his life improving so much this year.  He has a job and a girlfriend and is HAPPY.  What more could a Mum want for her kids.
He just bought those shades, they are pretty cool... Oh and he is now about 92 kgs.  He thinks he's a bit fat.... but most of his gain is muscle now, he has a very physical job afterall.

TODAY:  there is a morning tea being put on by the Hospice for all the volunteers from all their shops, and the people who work at the Hospice itself.  So I may go.  

After that.... last bit of Christmas shopping I think.  AND looking around for something for my darling hubby's birthday, which is on January 8th.  I want to get him something NICE.  Not necessarily something I WANT!  lol
I'm a bit of a shocker at buying him things that I want for the house!  


Well I had a very successful morning shopping... got all I needed... so I'm happy.  Next week I shall buy the gift vouchers for the 2 kids, then it's all done!  
Did I tell you I already have the first two Christmas Presents for NEXT CHRISTMAS?  Well, I do!
I am on top of it.... if I do say so myself... lol.

Time to chill for a while before checking what needs doing around the house...
Nothing got done cos it was Brylee's gym afternoon (which I had forgotten)... so I spent the afternoon at gym.
Then when I got home my Mother rang... and we yakked for about an hour!  First time we have had such a good conversation in YEARS!  It was nice.  She even reminisced on events of years ago, which she hasn't done in years.  I have always felt like when she left for Australia years ago she turned her back on all sentimental attachments here.  She literally dumped everything of sentimental value in my storeage room and didn't look back.
I found that hard to accept.  But I think she just wanted a fresh start?

End of Day:  hot and sticky tonight.  More heavy rain expected so hopefully that brings the temps down.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Love the 1st & last photos real eyecandy Nice way to start the day!! Good genes?
    Mary H

  2. Anonymous9:42 AM

    I agree, Steve looks MUCH healthier now!! A momma's good cookin is a cure for almost everything!! G;ad your thinkin about gettin something for hubby that HE might want!! lol...debbie

  3. Quite a change for Steve. He is lookin' good. I know you must be quite pleased to see how happy he is.

  4. Enjoy your morning tea - sorry no help with hubbys gift idea - I always make mine a food hamper of all his favourite food and treats that we don't get that often, includes fancy coffee - he loves it and sits there all by himself eating away! - lucky bugger is skinny as a rake!

  5. I've said it before, and I'll say it again..... He's Hot!! *wolf whistles* hehehehe...

  6. I know I wont be the only one who says this BUT Steve is very handsome and looks happy well done to you mum and him for perservering!!

  7. I am glad Steve is looking well & is happy, he has had a rough time & deserves to be happy. I am sure getting a job had a lot to do with it - having to get up & go to work is a boost for the self esteem.

    Well done for being so organised with Christmas shopping. I got most of mine done on the weekend but still have a few bits & bobs to get. Also have to do some Christmas cards - I have some really cool handmade ones I am looking forward to sending :-)

  8. You are certainly right - good health and some happiness is definitely what a Mom wants for her children. He certainly is a doll- hope he has a great girl. Some gal will be mighty lucky to be able to put her brand on him. I mean -really - drop dead handsome- sweet personality and good with babies - yep , he is an angel and deserves one too.

    I love that picture of little Emily laughing in his arms.

    Good luck on that DH gift! one year DH gave me a box of shells (for his new gun!) - the next year I gave him a rotor to turn the tv antenna because he had me hanging out of the window turning it by hand! LOL
    I loved Pinky's idea. Hum????

  9. I think I have said this before but one thing that always strikes me when you post photos of Steve is the love he clearly has for Emily, Brylee, Griffin, the dogs and puppies. He sounds like a lot of fun to have around and I am glad things have gone so well for him this year. Feeling loved in a family will do that for you! Plus the job, and the girlfriend. Watch out Chris or I'll send David over to be fattened up on your cooking!

    Well done on the Christmas planning, we have done nothing except book tickets to go to Dunedin - hope my mother has things under control, but I suspect we will launch into action once we get there. Are you hosting a major meal this year?

  10. Yes, he looks very healthy. Happiness-and good cookin'can do that!

  11. When I left Wellington I also got rid of all the sentimental stuff. I have nothing but photo albums. It was just moving on, a new life and time to stop having so much baggage (literally) in my life. I did bring a tiny little box with my old diaries and a couple of treasures with special memories but I have nothing at all other than that!

    It really does feel good to start afresh and perhaps that too in what your mother did. I'm glad you had a nice chat though - I'd love to have a chat to my mum but she's been gone now for 33 years :(

  12. He looks really hot in the last pic!! I like my men with a bit of meat on their bones. A guy at went on a lifestyle change of eating and he's like a bag of bones. Ick.

  13. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Steve should be a model! Your mum might be starting to get homesick and wants to move back to NZ eventually! WOMBAT

  14. I saw that guy when he starred in the movie "Terminator"

  15. Anonymous3:46 AM

    Hi Chris, Nice photos of your boy.
    I received your lovely card with money for the lippies, thankyou. The card is gorgeous. I just got a new lap top and lost everything on my old one, so could I please have another link to you know what.


  16. Great photos! Glad to hear all is well with him. Lucky you finished everything for Christmas. Cold and dreary here, still waiting on the snow though.

  17. Your son is looking good. You're a good mom for still cooking for him. I plan on making my kids cook for me when they're older.


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