Friday, December 23, 2011



Cos Stew gets home tonight, and for the first time in at least 10 years he is getting the time off between Christmas and New Year!   He will be home for 11 whole days.  Unheard of.  AND... he's trying to get another two whole weeks off sometime in January.  He has about 7 weeks holiday's owing!  

Today:  well I am going to finish tidying up the linen cupboards, I didn't get them finished yesterday, what with Griffin's toe incident, cooking dinner,  then a very long phone call from me niece Christina in Australia, and CORONATION STREET!  lol

I want all my housework up to date so I can enjoy the weekend/Christmas Day with family.

ABOVE:  what the HELL possessed me to decide to have a massive re-arrange NOW?
I am stressed out now.
I just made a t-shirt for Steve's sorta brother-in-law... and it's a mirror image of the words.  So I have to go out and buy more photo paper and do it again... on ANOTHER t-shirt!  At least next time I will know to flip the bloody photo eh?
I'm getting crabby...

Griffin and I just spent an hour and a half searching in 5 different shops for photo transfer paper to do a shirt for Steve's bro-in-law.  NONE anywhere.
Came home and found half a page of the transfer paper in the garage... so I cellotaped it to a normal page and did a half page photo... and it worked!  Luckily I bought another white t-shirt while I was out, so problem solved. 

NOW I can get on with the housework!  And soaking Griffin's toe.. it's caked in blood.  Ikkkky.

ABOVE:  I love these plastic bags!  You fill them, then suck all the air out!  Makes storing extra blankets so much easier.
Must buy more of them this afternoon.

IT'S DONE!  After hours of sweating and swearing, I have bagged up all the blankets and sucked the life outta them, reorganised the two linen cupboards... and now I actually have MASSES of spare room in them!  I'm wrapt.  It was worth the friggin effort.

I've still got a fair bit of housework to do and things to find places for that came out of the cupboards... but it's all good.

Stressful afternoon due to Lacy and her issues.  Just what we need at this time of the year... NOT.
Par for the course though, and what we have to live with and have lived with for years.

END OF DAY: Done the very last of my Christmas Shopping tonight at Sylvia Park Mall.  It wasn't even that crowded and the road had very little traffic tonight!  Amazed I am.
Time to just relax and hope tomorrow goes well in many ways.   Dropping off presents tomorrow to various people and then just chillin at home.
nite nite


  1. This is a very special holiday season for your family. I can imagine your joy at having Stew on a decent holiday from work.

    Have a super wonderful time together.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    Love to you all.

    Blessings from Anne and John

  2. How nice for Stew and you too do enjoy your xmas and family time hope Griffin is feeling better today.

  3. I'll say an ouch!! for Griffin. Nasty things ....stubbed toes. Hope it feels much better this morning.

    Tell him he has my sympathy.

  4. Anonymous8:48 AM

    How exciting for Stew! I also have between Christmas and New years off for the first time in 5 years yay! I still have to work today but then I will be cleaning like a mad lady when I get home ahhhh the joys hey! Merry Christmas Hun I hope you and the family enjoy your time :)

  5. Deep breaths & concentrate on how nice it will be to have Stew home.

    If some of the housework does not get done it s not the end of the world :-)

  6. Man you going out in the shops again this afternoon lol..... Bugger that. I am done and dusted for the year and if anything is missing tough shit now lol. Have a wonderful Christmas and awesome that Stu is home for the holidays, will actually feel like a holiday then :)

  7. My very special Chris, have a wonderful Christmas. I haven't commented of late, have had some personal issues (death in family and some major issues with my nephew)> May 2012 be a fabulous year, I adore reading your blog - it is my No 1 Blog. I promise to update mine soon and am going to do my own private blog - so in 2012 will send you an invite. Cuddles to my Teddy and Coco. Martine

  8. You have my uttmost empathy for this time of the year. It seems like we are chasing out tails- like the pups can do. I am smothered under wish I coulds and dreams of what I wish to accomplish. Not at all like I had planned all year long. Where did my good intentions run off to ????

    But, I am thrilled for you that you can have your DH to enjoy for a while! WooHOO! That is the best news I have heard today!

  9. HAve a great day - hope its not to hot and sticky for you!

  10. Anonymous4:03 PM

    another lot of earthquakes in chch :(

  11. Anonymous5:05 PM

    Appears you have a lot going on!! lol How nice to have Stew home for 11 days! That's never happened here for sure! Hope you got all that 'Stuff" cleaned up and back where it belonged!! lol Have a wonderful Christmas! ...debbie

  12. Yes Anonymous, very bad news for Christchurch yet again, and right before Christmas too. I hope everyone else is safe from such drama. Yay about Stew being home and hope you all have a great rest - and I'm guessing a tipple tonight Chris? Hope Stew is not too buggered to enjoy the feeling of a holiday! Penny xo

  13. Lacy needs to realise who brought her into this world and who has spent so much time running around clearing up her messes! So hard for you Chris....i cannot imagine the pain, and I don't even know the story or the extent. Silly girl needs to grow up

  14. Need your own reality show lol

  15. Just to wish you a wonderful Christmas weekend with those you love and that the New Year brings only good things.
    That toe looked sore .....i would have yelled too :)
    Big hugs Chris and enjoy the special time having Stew at home :)

  16. Those bags for your blankets etc look great Chris. I could do with buying some for my place. Where do you buy them from please? Thanks :)

  17. I'm hearing there are more earthquakes there, hope you and yours are OK.

  18. Anonymous4:46 AM

    More like crazy house!


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