Tuesday, December 06, 2011


There was an interesting item on a TV news programme the other night... about how there are far too many people on 'happy pills' in this country.

AND how quite a few people have committed suicide ... with some medical professionals believing it was down to them being on anti depressants!

What shocked me was the stats on how many people were on them... and get this:  there were 12 kids in New Zealand YOUNGER than 6 on anti depressants!  WTF?  That is so sad, and my god, what are these kids going to turn out like as adults if they are on anti depressants that young?

I'm on anti depressants... for two reasons.  I suffer from bouts of depression (usually 'situational' depression) and one of the side effects of them is that they help me sleep through hot flushes at night.  

I don't tell people usually, as there is a stigma surrounding depression.   Like it's not a 'real' sickness, and some people think if you are depressed you are 'weak', 'pathetic' etc.

My mother does not know I am on them... as she is one of those people who look down on depression, like there is something wrong with your character if you suffer from it.  Makes me so mad.

So, I ain't telling her.  NEVER.  

Now that I've got that off me ample chest... I have to go out today to get me prescription... ran out of me pills.  And if I don't take them even for a couple of days the hot flushes get 10 times worse.... and OMG they are just the pitts.

I swear to God, I'm coming back as a bloke!    Stuff going through puberty, child bearing, 'girly problems' and menopause again.  Guys have all the fun and none of the pain.  

Coming back as a man?   Yeah, maybe NOT!  lol

Sorry... I had no other photo to share yet today!  

JACKIE:  you know, it hadn't occurred to me (like a twit) that kids could be put on them for 'other' reasons!  Thanks for putting me right on that score.  I had been genuinely shocked by the  knowledge that little kids were on them!   

When I worked in a Decile 1 school in Hamilton years ago I was also shocked to the core to see over 60 children line up at lunch time for their Ritalin pill!   That school had a roll of 280 predominantly maori and pacific island children who came from very low socio economic backgrounds.      

I also worked at a Decile 10 school... that school had a roll of 680+ predominantly european and asian children, and 3 children were on ADHD medication. 
Thought provoking?

Steve was taking the kids to school for me this morning, and as he went out to the car Coco escaped. AND TOOK OFF....
It took Steve a while to catch her... I was frantically getting dressed to go and help him when he finally came back with the little shit in his arms.
ABOVE:  in the submissive pose ... I smacked her with a rolled up newspaper.. I did!   She knew she was in trouble.  

My biggest concern this morning was that she didn't have her collar/tag on... I took it off last night as she needs a new, bigger collar.  I must get one today and put it on her.  If your dog is found without it's registration tag on it costs you a hell of a lot to get ya dog back from the pound!  

Back to the anit depressants:  Jackie was right, the programme I saw was very one sided, and did not elaborate on why that many adults, teenagers and pre-teens were on that medication.  Certainly was a bit biased and got a lot of people concerned, including me.

I only talked about it here as I too am on them... but for depression/hot flushes.  I have had them in the past for depression, and found going off them 'cold turkey' worked for me without any bad side effects.  I was lucky I think.

Just back from shopping.  Got quite a few Christmas Presents sorted today.

Got some really good comments re: anti depressants!  I was worried I'd get home and find I had opened a can of worms, and have lots of negative comments.  So relieved it didn't happen.  Thanks!

I went mad this afternoon.... and will show you what I got up to tomorrow.  

End of Day:  it's been a busy afternoon/evening... got a good job done.  
nite nite.


  1. That story on TV I felt was very one sided, yes the odd person does commit suicide on them, they made out like there were many, but like in the case of the young fellow he also had been drinking alcohol the night he committed. We all know the two don't mix especially to the extent the young ones drink. It is well written on the medication about the suicide thoughts..... well on Chris's it is. Also with children a GP can not just prescribe them like an adult, he has to go through vigorous tests and be seen by a psychiatrist. Chris has been on them since he was 9 because of his OCD, they are not always used for depression....... Chris I doubt would be with us today without them.... he is now weaning himself of them as he wants to and he is old enough to make that decision..... just because he needed them for a rough few years to help work through the OCD does not mean he will come out the other end a bad kid. And this is what I hate people judge before they know a full story especially when the media gets involved.... we have no idea why those children under 5 could be on them, OCD maybe, Tourettes etc..... and if so once they get through those rough years they usually are able to come of a lot of the meds at a later age once they learn how to deal with the OCD, Tourettes or whatever. I would say these kids are not on them for depression but for other mental health issues, just like you use them for hot flushes as well.

  2. I saw that story too and was genuinely shocked by the statistics too, my BF and ex BIL are severe depressives they get lots of help and support though so thats nice...

  3. Leigh8:06 AM

    There are a lot of reasons to be on anti depression meds. eg; My mother is on a type that reduces her incontinence!!
    With children there is usually a lot of other stuff going on too. I remember a friend taking her boy only about 9 or 10 to Dr he was suicidal because he knew he wasn't right (ADDH & OCD) so what are you going to do? Of course you are going to let them take drugs, cause you want your kid to live. That said I'm glad that I didn't go on them when I had post natal depression, as people I know say it's the pits getting off them.

  4. Hi. back from the wherever I've been.

    Would you like to visit us and put up my tree. You do such a fabulous job. Beautiful and festive. Where do you get the energy... I will do something simple... a poinsttia pot plant lol.


  5. I'm in two minds about anti-depressants. I can see they have a place, and I have been on them twice. The first time, they helped me calm down enough to respond to counselling and make practical changes for me to learn to deal with my problem (OCD and contamination/germ phobia), and I came off them successfully when we decided the time was right. This time, I have been on them since May 2008 for quite profound depression which has improved in the last couple of years. I am slowly coming off them now. I Do think they are over-prescribed but agree we can't make judgements about why particular individuals are on them (its like when I was at high school and some girls went on birth control to improve their skin issues).

  6. Apart from people being on them for other reasons, though, one thing that makes me wonder is those who stay on them long term - that may be necessary in many cases but I wonder if people stay on perhaps a basic dose of the relatively safe medications, for example, rather than deal with the cause though counselling or other means? Having said that, it is also true that there are people with basic chemical deficiencies/makeups that make antidepressants a sensible long term option for managing it. I just hope people aren't on them solely as a default in cases where there are other options. I have been told it is safe for me to be on them long term, but I do want to check I can cope without them. I'll go back on them if it proves to be the right decision. Thanks for the chance to rant Chris! I saw the program too. Penny

  7. I know I am seriously looking to put Dobby on them for a short period of time. It's not just for depression, but they also help with anxiety, and that's what she needs. She is suffering (which means we ALL suffer!) from stress and tension, so lets see what her psyche appointment on Saturday recommends.

    My husband is also on them for the same reason. When he doesn't take them, we all know it, and I know our marriage would never survive without them!

  8. Ahhh, so you have a "runner" too huh??
    As soon as Bella gets a sniff of freedom, she is OFF at full speed right down the road, and she has absolutely NO road sense at all! All you see is a flash of white fluff and she is gone!
    We have tried everything to stop her from doing it.... she is just too DUMB to learn I reckon!
    Lucky she is pretty *wink*

  9. I am very open about my depression. I feel that there is so much ignorance and discrimination out there. Also, once I mention it it's amazing how many people say they have it too.

    Severely depressed people are at risk of suicide as the meds begin to work. It's not the medication that causes it but the lifting of the inertia that can come with severe depression.

    If I had diabetes I would have to take meds .... ditto with my depression - it's an illness.

    Yes, I'm a bit of a fanatic when it comes to this and all the misconceptions out there.

  10. Chris, I am on antidepressants, they keep me sane. At present I tried to reduce my dosage and as a result. I personally always keep I should be able to cope, but if I had high blood pressure, I wouldn't hesitate to take them. Sometimes Chris, I wish you werent so far away. We could have a tipple and sort out the world's problems. Love to Teddy (always my NO 1) and Coco. Martine xz

  11. Anonymous1:24 PM

    I believe to admit I'm on antidepressants makes me strong. I have been amazed when the subject arises how many of my friends admit they need them too. It's nothing for anyone to be embaressed by. I have low mood disorder but my 'happy' pills stop the drastic highs and lows. People aren't scared to say something smart to me anymore. I'm a real nice person that people like having around... Yay for happy pills. yay for Chris... you rock girl!! Kayjay at work hehe

  12. I think we have to give people credit for knowing what is right for them.....whether it is medicine for depression or high blood pressure. I know a few kids that are on medication for ADHD and similar things and I don't think any of the parents did it without a great deal of thought.
    I have no doubt that you know what is right for you and that you are doing exactly that.

  13. I agree with everyone who says there is no shame, although I also understand why people are often discrete about it - you don't always know who is going to get it and who is going to judge you. But I am generally pro-sharing. Hope all of you have had positive, improving experiences with yourselves or your loved ones or both. Penny xo

  14. Oh, anti-depressants. I have been on the on-and-off over the last 5 years, mainly due to the overwhelming sadness when my parents died, but also for anxiety (and mild depression). I went off them during my pregnancies, but am back on them now... I am on the lowest possible dose and am thinking I should take more as they don't seem to help as much.... Also, looking back, I think I probably had a touch of post-natal depression. Sigh. It's a hard road when your a girl sometimes...

  15. Sorry for commenting YET AGAIN but Jeanie, I think you are right. Everybody is different, and as easy as it is to say "try counselling" it is hard to find the right counsellor, and it is still very expensive to access. I was seeing someone through my work for free and they introduced a significant charge. It really made it difficult for me to continue with it productively: read often. And I am on a salary. Plus there is the basic chemical thing that may not have anything to do with your life situation and how you are responding to it. I do hope however that people get access to the right help for them whatever form it takes. A very thought-provoking post of yours Chris!

  16. I'm on anti depressants as well, although not for depression. They are to help me with anxiety attacks. I'm now on half the dose I started with and hope to wean of them and see how I go. Would rather take them though than suffer from thos damn anxiety attacks.

  17. I don't have an experience with them but I do have a friend that takes them. Not sure if it really helps her or not though!

  18. Hey Chris...great topic for discussion today. I thought everyone was on anti-depressants! No, just kidding. But I am on them and have been for years. My brain doesn't make enough serotonin and without the anti-depressants, I would constantly be depressed. I do take a very low dose and it's been enough to keep me in balance. My hubby also takes them...he suffers from OCD and anxiety/panic disorder. He absolutely couldn't function without them. I'm sure they aren't for everyone...but for those of us who need them, they are a Godsend!



  19. Yep- me on them too! :) Mine are for post tramatic stress, anxiety and fibromyalgia pain. Our world we live in can be very challenging to deal with and I believe our bodies just plain let us know they need some HELP! : )

  20. I took them for 6 months once years ago, very interesting effect!

  21. Ah, the happy pills. When I was suffering from myofascial pain a few years ago, I had to take them as they helped me cope with the pain. Taking them long term was not for me tho' as I found myself looking at the clock every day just so I could take the pills. During those hours of waiting I would go crazy. The few months getting off the pills was very difficult but I had the willpower and a very forgiving family. Kids on happy pills need to be watched very carefully tho'. You know they don't test these drugs on kids? Plus kids are emotionally immature to handle the stress. These drugs are very powerful.

  22. Looks like I missed a busy week. Lucky you almost ready for Christmas. I have yet to start on one darn thing. Take care.

  23. I've suffered from very bad depression 3 times in my life and got no help. It's horrible and something that shouldn't be harshly judged from others. I've been there.


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