Saturday, December 31, 2011


And true to the norm, it's raining!
Most years it rains over Christmas and/or New Year!

That is so sad for everyone who goes away at this time of year, especially those camping.  
I can't remember the last time we holiday'd over Christmas/New Year!
This year, when Stew gets a two week period off we are hoping to go down to Palmerston North to see our youngest son, Mike.
We miss that little bugger so much.
I've tried convincing him to move up here, but it isn't going to happen by the look of it.  
So, we just continue to miss him I suppose.

Not long now before Stew and I will start Weight Watchers together.  I have been a MONUMENTAL pig over the holidays, probably thinking ... enjoy it before you have to diet !
Bad thinking I DO BELIEVE.  But there ya have it.

Today we are heading out to get Stew some new exercise singlets...  can't think what else right now....

The bloke who bought my old phones finally turned up this morning... so at least that is done and dusted.
My god it's so wet today!  And sticky.  My arms are sticking to the leather on me lounge chair.  Wonder if it's worth making some arm cover thingees?  

ABOVE:  yaaa, got Stew his new exercise singlets (half price)... ones that I like!  *smiles*.   We got them at St Lukes Mall, then we went to Manukau Mall and we got a new frying pan (half price) and two Pyrex dishes for the microwave (30% off).  It sure is the best time to be shopping!

After shopping we went down to Mission Bay for lunch at our favourite Indian restaurant, Masala.    It was very quiet down by the waterfront, the weather is keeping everyone at home or in the Malls!

End of Day:  we had surprise visitors this afternoon, my friend Jacqui, her hubby Martin and their two kids Joel (7) and Sofia (9 weeks).... it was lovely to see them.
After dinner they left and now it's just us and the two kids.  I doubt we will stay up to 'see in' the New Year.  Just not bothered nowdays.
I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's Eve and gets home safely if out and about.
nite nite


  1. Pissing down here and OMG it is so hot and muggy..... I am over it already lol..... and I will join you with WW like you have been a pig but starting tomorrow back tracking :)

  2. Yeah bummer about the weather! - Hope you have a great day today - I just reweighed myself - not pretty up 2kgs to what I thought it was!
    Back on the wagon today!

  3. Anonymous8:23 AM


  4. I've been eating everything in sight too! Happy New Years to you and yours :)

  5. We always have a fine xmas and new year BUT not this year it is torrential rain here YUCK we are selling "Thundersticks" at the NYE concert in town at the covered in great lake centre (venue change), I am not keen to travel around this year with all the crazies on the road!

    Wishing you Stew and all your exended Whanau a Happy New Year..

  6. Hot and sticky weather is the worst. It's like 40 and clear here, though very hot!

    You're right about your thinking being unhelpful. It's setting yourself up for another cycle of diet and binge mind cycling.

    Hopefully weight watchers will help with the idea that dieting is restriction. I've never been myself but I know they have made great improvement in that area. You know, the whole lifestyle, not diet thingy.

    Have a wonderful 2012 Chris. I've enjoyed reading your blog this year:)

  7. You will love that Tefal frypan - I have them and they are fantastic!! Isn't the weather crap? Never mine, it is passing and will be fine soon I'm hoping.

  8. Happy new year to you mate. you're brave facing then sales, but glad you got what you wanted.

    We went camping for a few days after christmas but glad to say it started raining when we pulled in the driveway. Since then it hasn't stopped. Hope it stops soon as Mr T and I are going camping by ourselves next week.

    All the best and wish you all the motivation you need to succeed for the new year.

  9. We're having a little sunshine here for a change but I see some dark clouds too. I lost some weight (2kg)recently (gained 1kg back) and it's motivated me to keep to a diet(from 2012) and exercise more. As I grow older, I've become beefier and I hate it. I'm going to lose some serious weight next year. I've used Tefal but have avoided it since. The coating comes off within a year. I use other brand now. Happy New Year.

  10. Seems as though you and Stew were able to make the best of a rainy day! Wishing you and your family a blessed and wonderful New Year, filled with good health, peace, love, and joy! See ya next year! :o)



  11. Happy New Year Chris. May 2012 be peaceful and drama free. I am getting serious about weight loss (sigh again) Good luck with WW, I think going with Stew is a good idea. Need photos of Teddy at some point. Love Martine xxx

  12. Happy New year! You're the first one I know celebrate the New Year!

  13. Yeah it was kind of gross here on New Year's Eve too but we woke up this morning to a whole day of sun. Best start to 2012 that I could have asked for.

    How exciting that you're doing WW together! My hubby is a friggin' beanpole so there's no point for him which makes it hard for me. Good luck to both of you!!


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