Saturday, December 17, 2011


In fact, most day's I have bugger all to 'report', it's just normal everyday life around here.

I'm thrilled to bits that I am on top of the Christmas shopping/wrapping for once in my life. There is nothing worse than having to spend hours on Christmas Eve wrapping all the presents.

Today we have no plans ... Steve is working, so he's not heading down to Hamilton to see his girlfriend for once.
I feel like we should stay home and do some serious housework ... there's quite a few things I don't get around to during the week that could certainly do with being done.

Ever gone around the house just looking at the doors?  MY GOD!  Talk about filthy.  Fingermarks all over them.  Freakin kids with their grubby hands!

AND BOYS.  Ikkkk, messy things boys.  

Someone did ask me if I was doing the big 'Christmas dinner' thing this year?  Well I'm darn happy to say NO!  We are going to Stew's sister's for Christmas dinner.  I only have to take a salad or two and something for dessert.  That's gunna be easy.
It will be the first time in years I haven't had to do it.  
ABOVE:  I'm going to make Ambrosia for dessert.  There is nothing easier than that!  It's just whipped cream, yogurt, fruit and marshmallows all mixed up and allowed to set!  YUM!  Sometimes I add little meringues too. 

See, clearly I have nothing to yabber on about today yet!  I'm just filling in space lol!

Righty ONWARD...

WARNING! DO NOT start cleaning your doors .... cos you will then see that EVERY WALL in your house needs cleaning too.  
Stew and I slaved away for a good hour cleaning all the doors in the house, what a shitty job.
Now that I KNOW all the walls need cleaning too I will have to do them.  
Maybe one wall a day?

So, a good job done for the day.  Had sweat dripping off us by the end of it.  It is hot and sunny one minute, then pissing down with rain the next today.  Like living in a sauna.    Nice.

We are going out for lunch soon. Coco has outgrown her collar, so we will get her a new, pretty pink one from Animates too. 

Heard of 'Road Rage'?   I have a new one.  'Pedestrian Rage'.  Got to any Mall now and you too can catch it.
The mall's are diabolical.  And I'm sure almost everyone is feeling rage by the time they leave.  There's just too many people trying to shop.  
We went to Sylvia Park for lunch, bought a collar for Coco from The Warehouse, it was a full $10 cheaper than Animates!  And seems to be a better one too.
Then we went over to Botany Town Centre and had a wander around.... bought a case for my prescription sunglasses and finally came home.  
I'm now sitting with me feet up (cos they hurt) and eating chocolate (cos I'm crabby)... with the fan on full blast (cos I'm hot).  Bliss.
Now I hope no one annoys me cos I'm likely to bite their head off. 

End of Day: we've had a totally lazy afternoon and evening, watching some movies on the telly.  Off to bed, it's rather late!
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous9:30 AM

    I love ambrosia particularly little bits of meringue in it that sounds devine. and perhaps some little white chocolate melts as they would probably stay quite hard. You deserve a Christmas off cooking for all - I feel for the mum's who have such a big day in the kitchen. we just have a BBQ - just like any other summer day. No fuss here!

  2. ohhhh that ambrosia looks sooooooooo yummy...

  3. You've just made me so glad I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet, because I hate crowds at the best of times, but I am not looking forward to it, and soon I will have to do it. Maybe in Dunedin it will be a little quieter (she hopes)... yes, it's humid and sticky out there! Another thing I won't miss while in Dunedin... hope you feel better soon and no-one gets caught in the crossfire in the meantime!

  4. Best time to go to the mall is early. I was in at 9 & out by 10 this morning, hardly anyone about. Braving the roads especially in the rain was a whole different story. Not looking forward to the drive to Pokeno tomorrow if the rain keeps up.

    Chritmas + rain = special kind of stupid on the roads.

  5. I love Ambrosia its my fav dessert we are having 4 seasons in one day here I hate door wiping its an evil job!!!!

  6. My mom makes ambrosia but I think she uses cool whip instead of yogurt and a can of fruit cocktail. It's delicious!

  7. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Our daughter went shopping the other day and came home without finishing because she said the people were CRAZY!! Ho HO HO!!! Merry Christmas! ...debbie

  8. That dessert sounds lovely, might give it a go too. Normally I just do a berry trifle. As for shopping still got a few things to get for the grandkids and a few small things for some adults. But we mainly buy for the kids.
    The weather here in Sydney is just as bad.


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