Saturday, December 03, 2011


Expecting our usual weekend ahead.... off shopping/lunch out/chores around the house.

Steve is working, and he's not going to Hamilton this weekend... which is nice.  We get to spend some time with him.  And he's so good with Emily.... and she really loves him too.

ABOVE:  so cute!  She's trying to scrag him.

ABOVE: a semi decent shot of the hair after me latest colour.  It's pretty much how I want it .... a good deal of blonde and some brown peeping through.  

I was horrified by a couple of the photos taken of me back... my weight is certainly showing now!  I wish it inspired me to do better with the diet.... I just don't know what will?

Oh well... I can just keep plodding on and hope at some point the motivation really kicks in.

I'm hoping Stew will come with me next Tuesday to Weight Watchers.... we couldn't go last week as he was out till late at a Managers meeting/dinner.

So, I got a sleep in this morning!  Stew got up and fed Emily, looked after her and put her back to bed just as I emerged from me slumber!
What a treat!

AND he's done all the little jobs on his 'list' too!
Wow, what a great start to the weekend.

We expect Miss Emily to wake up shortly... Oh hold on... she is up!  Now we can go out to lunch... hmmmm... wonder where?

Sylvia Park, lunch was nice. The crowds were not.  Returned Griffin's Birthday helicopter for the 2nd time since he got it... not impressed at all.
While walking though the mall we came acroos two ladies giving away Granny Smith Apples... promoting QCard (like a credit card)... though what apples had to do with it is beyond me!  Anyway, we were given an apple each... by both ladies.... and on our way back to the car we were given more!  So:
ABOVE: Enough free apples to make another pie!     Not bad considering getting anything for FREE nowdays is pretty rare.

ABOVE:  cooling off in the spa pool before her afternoon nap.  She wasn't too happy in the water to begin with, but add some wooden play blocks and she was happy again.

End of Day:  I made butter chicken for dinner... which was nice. Amanda turned up to take Emily home, so Stew can look forward to a sleep in tomorrow!
I thought about making the apple pie... but it was so hot tonight I decided not to.  Much to a few people's disappointment.
Oh well... they could have offered to help with peeling and cutting up the apples if they really wanted pie eh?
There is always tomorrow night.
nite nite.


  1. Emily is so darn cute with Steve that smile your new colour is getting there samuel got his hair done yesterday after getting back from camp it looks great.

  2. Adorbs! Does Emily's parents work on the weekends? Nice of you to take her so much.

  3. O I love your new hair!
    That little Emily is a real heart-breaker! She loves her Uncle Steve , doesn't she. Wish they could all have an Uncle like that.

    I understand exactly how you feel about weight! Gosh we need enough of it to just keep us from floating off into outer space-but?????? Welllllll?

    A friend gave me a new book called , "Cook Yourself Thin" and it looks interesting. She gives some good tips
    She wants you to keep a food journal for a week.Then they talk about each pound of body fat you carry has an energy content of 3,500 calories.So if you want to lose a pound a week, the amount most experts say is realistic and safe, you'd need to cut your calorie intake by 500 calories a day(500x7days+3.500) We use this equation: your goal weight x 10+the number of calories you can eat per day. Take a look a your food diary and see how many calories some of your "guilty pleasures: contain and you'll see that cutting 500 a day is easier than you think.Add a little calorie-burning exercise and you'll be shedding pounds before you can say Wow, that was easy.

    I wish it was that easy. : )

  4. gorgeous, gorgeous family

  5. You look great! Though I know that feeling. WHAT ON EARTH will move my butt into eating less and exercising more? Huh?

  6. I hate crowds.....

  7. Gee Amandas hair looks FANTASTIC, (oh and yours too darl) but had to comment as I saw her photo and thought how well the the blonde suits her.

  8. Your hair is beautiful!
    Uh-No! Purebred apple pie eaters cannot assist in cutting the apples.

  9. Free pie :) Now if only they would make it for you lol.


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