Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Yes I am!  Indeed I am.... I even went out yesterday and bought some muffin thingees... made of Silicone no less.  I really wanted to find some bigger muffin pans, but no one had any ... oh well... I will keep me eyes peeled for some.

I have some lovely cooking books... I had to hunt for them last night too!  I found them in a linen cupboard of all places.... I'm going to find a new home for them today.

I want to make nice savoury muffins for Stew (Husband) and Steve (Son) to have for their lunches sometimes.  Making sandwiches every morning sucks.  I bought those two muffin cook books years ago, I'm sure there will be some really nice ideas in there for me to try.

I almost feel INSPIRED to make a cake or two as well!
Must get my sugar urges satisfied before the New Year!  I am going to be full on : 'ON A DIET' come the New Year I tell ya.

Well actually, I am going to do what I know works for me.  Diet carefully 6 days a week, and have a little splurge on the 7th day... that way I don't feel deprived all the time and then fall off the wagon totally again!  

2012 is going to be MY YEAR... in many ways.  I am turning a new leaf in me book. 


Griffin and I went down to the local mall to get ingredients for baking, and a new phone adaptor thingee so my new phones will work.

But, the new phone adaptor thingee did not fix the problem. So now, instead of having 4 working phones in the house, we have 1.  And it's in the garage.  Not happy.  Hopefully on of the guys can get it sorted when they come home.

BAKING:  is on hold till this afternoon.  I just remembered it's the Hospice Shop Christmas lunch today.  I've quickly done some ham/cheese crackers and we are almost ready to go.  20 minutes later..... I got the day wrong. Sheesh, I really should learn to check the blasted calendar eh?  It clearly says "Thursday, 12 noon",  DOH.

Griffin is really enjoying all the ham/cheese crackers. He's got a jar full of Piccalilli in front of him too... he rather likes it.

I have success with the phones too.  I took the new one down to the garage and plugged it in there as that phone line seemed to be working.  And YES, it works!  I now can use me new phones.
BUT, it means the phone connection thingee in the house is not working.  *sigh*
That means probably having to get someone in to sort it out.  DRAT. 2 Loooooong hours later... I have personalised the new phone system... taken a couple of calls, made a few... and it's all systems GO!  
It's a neat phone, I love it already.

I know... it doesn't take much to make me happy sometimes!

NOW I am going to bake...

So, I get out all the ingredients, turn the oven on and start to get ready to mix stuff together.  BUT ... there is that smell?  Like burning.  I open the oven door.... to be swamped in plumes of smoke!  Massive plumes of smoke.  Like MY GOD what is happening in there?
Once the smoke clears a bit I peer inside me oven.  Ahhh Haaaa... something has spilt onto the bottom of the oven and is getting ready to burst into flames by the look of it.

SO.... cancel baking for now...

ABOVE:  waiting for the oven to cool so I can clean it....THEN bake me friggin muffins!  The fan is just to hasten the cooling process...

I REALLY felt like cleaning the oven today too.... NOT!

Using the fan was a good idea if I do say so!  The oven was cool enough to clean in half an hour... and now the muffins are cooking.  Must keep an eye on the time, don't want to burn them now!

ABOVE:  before and after.   I wasn't sure how much mixture to put in each dish... so I only filled them 3/4's, and it's worked out fine.

Now I have to turn around and make dinner. Wonderful.

End of Day: I didn't make dinner afterall.  Stew brought home chinese.  Spent the evening watching telly, there's quite a few really good programmes on a Wednesday night!
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:31 AM

    Looks like your getting ready to be very busy!! I just strung another 2 sets of lights on a bush that's beeen driving me crazy because it doesn't light up like the rest. Not sure why it wasn't lit like the rest. ...debbie

  2. The whole way through my new eating plan I know I can "slurge" at any time - it is something Stu and I said we could do but the funny thing is we have never felt like it yet! A low carb expert I saw the other day did say that you can do like 6 days low carb and then a normal carb day. I'm having a higher carb day on Christmas that is for sure!!

  3. ohhh I love savoury many yummy recipes out there, enjoy your cooking spree.

  4. Anonymous11:51 AM

    I love how you can make a big batch of muffins and freeze them and then just get them out when you need them.

    My baking this week is naughty Christamas treats like rocky road and chocolate truffles - lucky hubby eats most of it.

    Look forward to seeing some of your baking later today!

  5. It sounds like you handle a calendar about like I do....I am always getting the day wrong for things. It sounds like it worked out great for Griffin though. I hope your baking went well. Some muffins sound pretty good right now.

  6. Umm at least you have a nice new calendar to write things on so you don't get the dates wrong - see a silver lining to every cloud :-)

  7. O, I totally love muffins! Yummy! All this talk about food and now I am craving sweets! When you are an only child you do not have to worry about eating too much at kin's houses.I wish I did have friends or family that love to cook - so I could go sample their creations-but , sadly -no. I guess it is a good thing because I really love sweets. : )
    Good luck with your muffins - I bet they turn out terrific!

  8. Hi Chris,
    Sounds like you are having a much better day today. Enjoy yur baking. It is great to keep muffins in the freezer, and cut down on lunch prep time.

  9. Oven cleaning - right up there with shit jobs that is for sure!! About my hot flushes, I've had them for awhile and the HRT makes them go for a few months. I hate taking any medication but this time - with the night sweats - I'm taking the pills!! It is insane waking every hour on fire and drenched, life is too short :)

  10. Bugger about the oven, god I hate that when I am already and something like that happens, there is always tomorrow to bake if you run out of time... But don't forget the hospice lunch :), and like Tracy said good thing you have a calendar now to write it all down on for next year lol.

  11. I so hate cleaning ovens. I'm naughty but I pay someone to clean mine. And I keep foil trays on the bottom to catch all the drips and spills.

    Happy baking!!!!

  12. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Your muffins look scrumptious! nom, nom!

  13. Anonymous5:34 PM


  14. WHAT??? Oh my goodness what a disaster ha ha ha!! I have never seen such an adventure, just getting round to baking muffins. You just gotta love your blog for stuff like this! You make me smile!! :)

  15. You've had some talent when it comes to baking huh. :)

  16. I made bacon and egg pie pasta salad, potatoe salad, rocky road, AND fudge all today then also did 6 loads washing and vaccumed I am stuffed!!

  17. I made bacon and egg pie pasta salad, potatoe salad, rocky road, AND fudge all today then also did 6 loads washing and vaccumed I am stuffed!!

  18. Those muffing look fantastic! Almost makes me want to bake something ....ALMOST! hahaha

  19. Mmmm the muffins look yummy! Had to smile at the picture of the fan near the oven. When I first saw it I thought it was a little brown dog with a fan on its head!!! x

  20. Silicone muffin thingies! I think it's ok for women to have silicone muffin thingies!

    Sorry about your fire in the oven!

    O Gawd! I love women with fires in the their ovens too!

    You've turned me into a sex pervert with this post!

  21. Somedays are certainly a test of patience. Glad to hear you got the phones working and the muffins cooked. Happy Holidays.

  22. YUMM!
    Glad you got there in time to save the day with your quick thinking!

  23. Your muffins look really good! My oven has a self cleaning thing on it but I have no idea how to use it lol.


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