Saturday, October 29, 2011


I said to Stew late last night:  "I feel peekish now"... and this is what he plonked on me lap:

ABOVE:  I didn't make much of a dent in that lot I can tell you!  lol

I am well overdue for a hair re-colour.... so I finally made an appointment and am getting foils again today.  More blonde... yaaaa... hopefully in a few more months I will be back to the 'right' colour for me.

Usually on a Saturday we go out and about, but as my appointment is at 10am... and it is bound to take about 3 hours, we will have to go out this afternoon instead.

I will leave darling Stew a little list of things he can do while I'm 'busy'.  hee hee.

Actually, Steve (son) is not working today, so he can help his Dad.  I am so lucky with my guys, they always do what I ask of them with such good natures.  Sometimes I have to 'hint' a few times that they need to move it...and do it... but mostly they are just lovely.  "Hint"  means "nag" to a man...really!  lol

I had planned to take lots of photos of the new baby last night, but there were so many people in the room it was just not possible!  Jackie is so lucky ... she has a private room!  But it wasn't that big... last night there were 10 adults and one child in the room... and the infant!  So, photos will have to wait until she's home.

Once I'm back from the the hairdresser I will post a photo of me hair.... I hope I'm as happy with it as I was last time.

SUE FROM CYPRUS:  you clearly do not know that ANON (Lacy) is my daughter.  We are raising her two children, Brylee and Griffin.  She is going through a tough time right now and is clearly taking it out on me.  Not a new situation...and one that will resolve itself one way or the other.  Oh and Sue, how did you find my blog, and do you have one?  Edit:  of course I don't mind you reading and commenting on my blog!  Silly girl....*smiles*

Righty ho.... off I go.... to do a wee bit of housework, make that list for me men... then go get pampered for a few hours!  NEAT!


My hair took 3 hours!  I also got Steve to come down and get his done too... I didn't feel like doing it for him this afternoon!  lol
I don't have time right now to finish drying my hair and straighten it... so you have to wait for the photo... LUNCH next...

ABOVE:  well... there's the hair... Stew took these photos... I just could not get a half decent shot myself. 
We had lunch at Masala in Papakura today... it was a little bit different from Masala in Mission Bay, but not by much.

Stew is out doing the lawns right now... Steve has gone to Hamilton to see his girlfriend... YES!  He has a girlfriend again.  And he's happy.

Dinner is in the oven... a roast of beef.  YUM.
Not much else to report for now.

I must credit Stew (hubby) with making a wonderful dinner tonight.  He is now going out to buy dessert... as we both feel like something sweet.  I am taking today off dieting obviously!

Steve (son) and Mike (son) are NOT twins!  Steve is older by 2.8 years!    I know they look similar, but to us not at all like twins!  lol

I just remembered why I hardly ever wear my hair down!  It is so bloody hot with it down.  I am off to put it up again.  Too many hot flushes this afternoon.  Making me crabby.

End of Day: very happy with my hair colour right now. 
nite nite.


  1. Sue from Cyprus7:25 AM

    I'm sorry Chris.... I didn't mean to step on anyone's toes. No, I didn't know that ANON (Lacy) was your daughter or that you were raising her children. It just upset me that she was writing these awful comments on your blog... or for that matter, anyone writing nasty comments on other people's blogs. It's just not nice. No I don't have a blog. I found your blog on the Sew It's Finished blog and often pop in to see how you are doing. Hope that's ok?

  2. Ummm that looks delish! Enjoy your hair appt!

  3. Oh Chris, you need to educate darling Stew on the propoints - that was a small feast for an army he prepared for you. Glad to hear you didn't make much of a dent into it as weigh in wouldn't be a happy time. You enjoy your pamper session at the hair salon.

  4. It looks like Stew was giving you quite the choice!!

    Would love to see pics of your hair so I can swoon over how beautiful and thick it is:)

  5. Good work for not doing much damage to that tray of goodies - I would have eaten the lot!

    Hey, those golliwogs you have in your car, did you make those? They're lovely! xxx

  6. Enjoy your pamper...

  7. Enjoy your Saturday! I'm hoping it's going well with Steve's job and I'm just so pleased that your puppy litter turned out so well, you have the house to yourselves again, and despite a little drama in there things are looking beautiful for springtime. :)

  8. I too had the hairdresser today - feels so good to get pampered doesn't it - I also had the beautician for bows and lashes.
    Enjoy your saturday

  9. O Man- I LOVE the pictures of your kids and who they all belong to or with or what ever! LOL

    Waiting to see your new hair???? : )

  10. Love the hair, stunning colour.

    I am glad all is going well for Steve, he deserves to be happy.

  11. Leigh6:46 PM

    Are Steve & Mike twins? they look so alike. Love the photos it makes it easier to workout who everyone is! (from someone with a small family)!!

  12. Anonymous7:21 PM

    Beawwwtiful hair! Love it, Krissy (Singapore)

  13. It looks great Chris - it really suits you. That dinner sounds great, making me hungry... mmm... Good news about Steve having a girlfriend!

    Penny xo

  14. I love your hair!!!! It has been a couple months for mine and it is due too...actually waaaay OVER DUE!!! And....that lap full of food looks so yummy!!!!! Excited to see pic's of the sweet baby.......

  15. LOOOOOVE the hair!! And i'm with you about not wearing it down. My hair feels like a doona on my neck no matter how frequently i get it thinned out.
    I didn't know Anon is your daughter either, but i'm not apoligising for for ragging on her. I care about you, you do a fantastic job with her kids, and you deserve way more respect!! In saying that, my own daughter [DJ's mum] does that to me :o/

  16. That tray of food the first thing for my weakness is those blardy bagel chips THEY are soooooo morish... Your hair is looking nice and getting long I must say.

  17. Hey Chris! Your hair looks GORGEOUS! I really do like you as a's so becoming to your coloring. I think your hairdresser did a great job...and I am jealous of your lovely, thick hair! :o)

    I'm also happy to see the photos of your kids on your blog now. Quite a nice looking group you have! (And I apologize, too, because I didn't know Lacy was "Anon"! :o(




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