Thursday, October 06, 2011


I totally forgot to show you these!  I got them at the Hospice shop yesterday too....

ABOVE:  virtually brand new!  Will go with some of my new summer tops that have bits of red in them... $3 !

ABOVE: this really cute necklace.. it needs to be cleaned... I'm pretty sure it will come up looking really nice.  Someone is going to get it for Christmas.

TODAY:  taking Griffin to his Speld Lesson... last one for a couple of weeks as school finishes tomorrow for 2 weeks.  Yaaaaa, I am actually looking forward to it! 

Not sure if I will read... or shop while he's having his lesson....

 ABOVE:  Teddy checking out the puppy while he's busy playing with Coco...

ABOVE:  safety on the couch from that little pesky puppy.... 

*** Small EDIT on PEPSI. ***

Remember me saying I hope I didn't regret having that burger last night?  Well I do now.  I got awful acid reflux in the middle of the night, thought I was going to throw up too.  NOT doing that again.  So was not worth that.

I went to Pukekohe while Griffin has his lesson.  I made a start on my Christmas shopping...

ABOVE:  Quite happy with what I found today for Christmas presents.

ABOVE:  I bought these plants from a road side stall.... Hopefully one of my 'men' will plant them for me.


So glad I didn't hang out the washing today... as it totally poured down this afternoon!  Massive rain, coming straight down... it sounded awesome.

End of Day:  tried something new with dinner tonight.  Made a mince and bacon mix...rolled out some flakey pastry... covered it with the mince/bacon mix and grated cheese, rolled it up... cut the long 'sausage' into smaller lengths and baked them... YUM!  A bit like home made sausage rolls, only nicer.   The family thought they were 'AWESOME'... Steve even gave me the thumbs up.  Awwwww.
nite nite.


  1. LOL thats what Biscuit does when Chico is annoying, but it wont be long till Chico can jump on the couch, then poor Biscuit will be in trouble :-).

  2. Cute stuff! I should have taken a picture of the goodies I bought yesterday. It was mostly fabric. I keep finding nice vintage pieces for super cheap! I got about 4 yards for $2 yesterday.

  3. oooh that last photo of the puppy is SO cute... i love his wee bum. very cute...

    Oh well... off to school - only TWO DAYS LEFT - yay!

    Have a good day.

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhh that is so not fair that puppy he so wants up there on that couch!!!

  5. What a Way to Go! You find the greatest things at that little shop. I Love that necklace! I have never seen anything like it before.

    Your shoes are "snazzy"

    Aren't pups just so precious.LOL

  6. ohhh I so love the shoes !!

  7. Of course we will still love her if she goes white. :-)

  8. I love the spring trees :-)

  9. The home made sausage rolls sound delicious, did you just cover the top with pastry.


  10. I love hearing about your spring while almost everyone else I know is whining that the weather is getting cold!

  11. Cool - summer for y'all!


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