Sunday, October 09, 2011



I have a PC. It keeps crashing.  Getting a blue screen with warnings on it... then dying.  OVER and OVER again.

My laptop.... overheats all the time and dies.  OVER and OVER again.

If I take them in to be fixed the bill will no doubt be near enough to the price of YET another NEW COMPUTER... which will probably do the same thing in one year and one month... YOU KNOW, just out of warranty.

It does my head in.

So, I don't know what to do.  Keep using the ones I have... and get madder and madder.
Or bite the bullet and buy another one?

While I ponder this...  it's Sunday.  No plans for the day.

GILLY:  thank you for that link yesterday.  I did indeed lodge a complaint with 'Scamwatch' and I sent a copy to the Decal Company that had taken me money and NOT sent the decals!   I heard from that company late last night!!!  Seems he had been "on holiday" and had just got back!  YEAH RIGHT!!!  Anyway, he is going to send me the decals...  We will see!  I can always go ahead and make his life miserable if he doesn't!  I am so nice like that.  lol  So THANK YOU for your help.  (edit:  I made a mistake with the cost of the decals, seems I  had ordered larger ones, so the cost was more.  I did this almost 6 weeks ago, so memory failed me in this instance!) 
It still galls me that I had to get really nasty over the net to get him to make contact.

ABOVE:  LOOK what I made last night!  A dress for Rena, part of her Christmas present... I haven't made kids clothes in YEARS.  It was so much fun.  Now I'm going to make some for Emily and Sienna too.


Well I've been sewing today... almost finished another dress for Rena.
After lunch we all went over to Devonport for a drive, the kids had a play at the playground... then cos it was warm we drove to Mission Bay for an icecream from Movenpick.  There was a queue out the door but nevermind, an icecream from there is worth queueing for !
Now home and it's almost time to start getting dinner ready... but before that I think I will try and finish that 2nd dress...

JACKIE:  OMG... you know me TOO WELL!

End of Day:  I couldn't bear to watch the rugby tonight... I just want to know if our guys won at the end.  I went down into the garage and thought about some more wee dresses to make  for the other little girls in the family, but didn't start any as I'm a bit tired.
nite nite.


  1. Personally I would never get a laptop again, they fizzle out to quick....... I now have an Imac and love it, and my darling husband got me in Ipad yesterday so that pretty much does everything a laptop does, well all what I need. I love my Apple products, I also have an iphone which I love as well lol.....

  2. Get a Mac - seriously they are the best, no viruses ever on mine and I've used them for ten years now. Even a little iPad would suit you I reckon. I'm using one now and it is perfect for blogging etc.

  3. Are they going to refund the extra $72 they took Chris. Love the dress. It's gorgeous.

  4. Those are the hassles of computers THEY can be so darned frustrating! Rena's little dress is cute as hope you gey yje Decals soon you shouldemail him and say nice now the RWC is nearly over.

  5. I just paid big bucks to have my PC fixed and now our internet keeps having to be reset to keep it working. Aargh! So far so good with my laptop (maybe I shouldn't say that).
    The dress is really cute!
    I hope your decals show up and that you don't get overcharged.

  6. We took my laptop to PB Technologies in Penrose when I spilt wine on it and fried it. They couldn't save the laptop but they got all the data of the hard drive. Here are there contact details:

    The Penrose location had a superstore as well as a big warehouse of technicians, who were really good to deal with. Not pushy, and just knew what they were doing, and let you make the decisions. I don't know about the other locations. We just noticed they have opened up on Queen Street but it looks more like just a store, not the support.

    Having said that, David is saying a blue screen often indicates a hard ware issue. Mmm. Don't you love how they come up with this stuff? He is currently pacing back and forth trying to figure out a programming assignment for university.

    Good luck! Penny xo

  7. I recommend some Death by Chocolate cake to get over those negative feelings of wanting to smash your poor, innocent computer. It's not fattening... ;)

  8. There's a program called Memtest 86. You download it free, create a CD from the image, and boot your computer from it and it tests your memory.
    You can also try Linux. You can install it along side your windows and when it boots, you choose windows or linux. I have been very happy with linux.nIt is easy to install and I can help you from here.
    Always have you laptop on a hard, clean surface, never on a tablecloth or any fabric. The fan may suck the cloth up to the vent and make it overheat. (This happened to my wife when she took my laptop to Costa Rica, and it got really hot and just shut down abruptly.
    Or, buy yourself a new Android tablet that does everything your laptop will do. You'll love it!

  9. I've used Dell for a very long time and they are the best. They have extended warranty so I don't have to worry at all. Cheap too. Thing is you have to assemble it yourself.

  10. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Restart it in safe mode F8.Then step by step

    Prob need todo a disk clean up also

  11. Lol I thought you would be telling us about a new computer you had got...... Thought you would have been out shopping for one.

  12. I know it is horrible to think of the outlay of a new computer - can you get someone to look at yours or maybe build you one ? They can sometimes work out cheaper than a new of if you know someone.

  13. The dress looks gorgeous Chris.

    Re the laptop, have you considered getting a cooling pad to put under it? Chris (my husband) swears by them - and he's a computer nerd. Haven't had a problem with either of our laptops since he's been using the cooling pad.

  14. Hippygal - snap! Exactly what I was expecting Chris to say too.

  15. we have a desktop. They seem to last us about 5 years or so. I need to get a laptop for Jess though.


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