Thursday, October 27, 2011


Amanda (bless her) bought me a new lipstick for me birthday, along with some foundation.
This new lipstick is AMAZING.

I wanted one that had the 'colourstay' ability. I had tried an older version of 'Colourstay' before and it came off fairly quickly, wasn't impressed.

But, not this new one!  It is totally different from any other lipstick I have ever used.   It goes on like a paint, you have to let it dry then put gloss on top.  It feels totally different on ya lips too... but not ikkky unless you put too much on.

The first day I tried it I put too much on and it felt weird all day.   Yesterday I only put on a thin application and it lasted ALL DAY and felt fine.   It's AMAZING!

You can kiss ya kids (and man) and you leave NO LIPPY on them at all!  You can eat your breakfast, lunch AND dinner and it's still on!

So, this is what I am now using:

ABOVE:  REVLON ColorStay OVERTIME.  It's awesome.

RIGHT, enough effusive praise for the lippy... it's time to make a start on today.   BUT... before I do, here's a photo of a house in our area last night:

ABOVE:  I must say, it looked better in person...

ABOVE: their chandelier is GORGEOUS!!!  Again, it looks better in person.

TODAY: It's Griffin's Speld lesson out Pukekohe way, so that's the first part of today taken care of.


ABOVE:  New lippy on...  I love it.

I had a lovely time at Pukekohe today... shopping for a baby gift for our friends Jackie and Marty, who were blessed with a baby girl yesterday after a few years of trying.  Sofia Grace is an IVF miracle girl!  She snuck in just before they were about to say "No more trying"... clever wee girl.

ANON:  you really should have signed your name No# 2, it is so obviously YOU.   Learn to spell would ya?  And have a nice day.

Off to have some lunch now... it's well after lunchtime and I'm starving...

MARY H:  no it won't have been my ex.  And when we lived in Palmerston North we were about a one minute walk from Dittmer Drive, and would also walk along the river bank!   I presume it's the same Dittmer Drive you are talking about!

Thank you for the lovely comments about me eyes!  I can't take any credit for them obviously... they are in the family!  Some of my kids got them too... and some didn't.

The colour of the lippy is:  FOREVER PINK
I am going to buy another real soon for my back up... sometimes you find something that you just love, but when you go back for more it's no longer sold.   So I want to get a few actually!

End of Day:  usual evening, watching the tv, dinner... Stew, Steve and Griffin took the dogs for a walk.  I stayed at home with Brylee who has a cold.
nite nite.


  1. Pretty! I'd hate to have to clean that thing though lol.

  2. I absolutely LOOOOOVVVVVVEEEE chandelearays (thats what I call them) and I have my grandmas one, its well packed in a box AND one day WHEN I have a house of my own, It will be back up a house I rented they let me put it up in the lounge/kitchen area I loved it.

  3. Very cool color lippy :-)

  4. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Off all the faces to blurr........try that 1 wants to see it.......

  5. I have a nother lippy which is colour stay but I cant remember the brand! How helpful am I!

    The house does look nice. Wonder why it's all it up like that?? Party perhaps?

  6. testing... 1.36pm

  7. nice house chris maybe they were all lit up for diwali?
    have a nice day, and no anon no blurring allowed that face is far too friendly

  8. Anonymous2:39 PM

    Well done on the walk yesterday Love the house pics. I am always amazed at what you see when you walk & also who you get to talk to. I go for a walk down to the river @ Dittmer Drive then along the riverbank It is lovely.
    Your lipstick review is interesting. Do you lips stay moist or dry out?
    Are you sure anon isn't your ex husband?
    Mary H

  9. Wow, that is a BIG house! I wonder what the occasion was for all the lights? It's pretty, whatever the reason. And I like your new lip color...that pink goes really nicely with your skin tone!



  10. Thanks for the tip on the lip color....I can never find one that stays on.

  11. I will have to try and find that lip stick. Looks nice on you, My hubby loves that pink!!! What is the name of the color?
    No way Annon, we don't want to blurr that pretty face up!!! Chris, your eyes are gorgous!!!

    God Bless~

  12. Chris you have the most amazingly blue eyes, they are just stunning!

  13. O yes, the house is beautiful. I loved the review about your lipstick and I chuckled to myself that you like the same colors that I love to. : )

    I got a Big kick out of the dog sign- yep that would be me for sure. LOL
    O, my knee is soo much better - I guess keeping my big bum off of it really did help it to regroup. Hard to do, but well worth it. I am treating it "gently" though just to give it that extra edge. LOL Then I can return back to my walking -yea.

  14. Seriously, your eyes are stunning! You must get a lot of comments on how gorgeous they are. Tempted to go get some of that lippy. Good work on the walking too!

  15. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Yep thats it They have extended it to the old dump now so can do a round trip either way from home.
    Mary H

  16. Hi Chris Just wanted to say your photo is just Gorgeous :O)

    Michelle x

  17. What great blue eyes you have. I will go and try those lippy's myself. Cuddles to the doggies !!


  18. Sue from Cyprus6:29 PM

    Hi Chris

    Lovely bright eyes!

    It seems that someone is real jealous of you. They are mean and nasty and quite frankly I don't know why they bother reading your blog. If they don't like it.... LEAVE. I really don't understand why people leave hurtful, nasty comments on people's blog.

    Keep it up Chris.... we love you anyway!

    Sue from Cyprus x x x

  19. Anonymous7:21 PM

    that lipstick looks too pale on you

  20. Anon, please refrain from unpleasant comments to MY mother, it is not nessecary, and MY mother is of course GORGEOUS, and very happy with her lippy I got her.
    Sooo happy mummy you like your pressie :) xo

  21. Anonymous10:38 PM

    it wasn't an unpleasant comment - I just think it looks too pale and when she has AMAZING eyes - I think she needs a darker lipstick to bring it all together better.

  22. Lurveeeee the lippy, it so suits you :-)

  23. I'm the complete opposite when I buy lipstick on account of my having very dry lips. I always ask for the ones with the most moisture which means they don't stay on for long. I like the colour you chose. It suits your skin colour and eye colour. Pink on me would be lost as I have dark eyes and I'm between fair and tanned. I like to wear lip gloss which is just a lot of gloss with little colour. Korean make-up is really hot in Singapore. I usually buy my lipstick from Korean make-up shops.

  24. Chris, if you email me - maggannie2@gmail I can let you know where you can get some of those lipsticks for $6.00 each plus postage.


  25. OOOOOOOOOOOOO I love your lippy stuff!!!!!! My friend YOU have the MOST GORGEOUS eyes!!!!!!!!


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